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fredag 2 oktober 2009

Career criminals - Roid rage skins DEMO (2007)

01. Jail bird
02. This fucking world
03. No feeling
04. I hate peace
05. No more fakes
06. Roid rage skins
07. Might makes right (Slapshot cover)
08. City life

8 track demo "released" by Shattered World Records in 2007.

A band from Texas consisting of members from hardcore band Pride kills (great band check them out) and the band Bitter tounges.
They formed in 2005 and describe themselfs as "Thin Lizzy meets Blood for Blood at an Agnostic Front concert hosted by AC/DC." and that pretty much hits the spot. I sometimes get a Templars-vibe (the song This fucking world) and sometimes a late 90 skinhead punk vibe with their take on Slapshots song Might makes right.

The albumcover might not be much to look at and most songs are a bit weak but considering its a demo it has high quality and atleast 3 songs of I-pod playlist value.

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