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söndag 18 oktober 2009

The allegiance - Dont bother me (1989)

01. We wont go away
02. America for sale
03. Rise above
04. Under my skin
05. Whatever happened to Oi!?
06. Here they come
07. It wont work
08. Power & glory
09. Ugly
10. Suburban slut
11. Deathtrap

Last record released by this band. Also this one on Rock-O-Rama.

This time they actually sound like Oi! but dont get me wrong they are far from good.
More racial ignorance, agonizing lyrical delivery and more reasons to despise them.
There is about 2 ok musical tracks (Deathtrap & Under my skin) but thanks to Dave Stallings on vocals and their horribly stupid lyrics they go straight down with the others.
It gets a higher rating then the other albums but thats only because of Brian Carlson on drums.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Love what you do with this blog, much respect, but I cant say I agree with the Allegiance reviews. A lot of these songs are real sing-a-long anthems to all the "oi nerds" here. Not saying your in any way wrong with your opinion, or that I'm right with mine.. I guess I'm saying the sound is an aquired taste, you either love them or your just not into it.

    If I was forced to come up with a comparison on what I'm trying to explain for a Swedish band, I guess I would say Dirlewanger. Most oi collectors love Dirlewanger, while some people cant stand his voice/style of singing/cheesy lyrics/and politics. Not saying the bands are remotely musically comparable, just saying its a love/hate relationship

    C'mon- "America for Sale", "Rise Above", "Whatever happened to oi", "Rough Justice", "Never Stop the Violence".. love it!

    Cheers though, keep up the blog, its getting pretty popular here.

    -Tim(currently in NJ)

  2. Really, never listened to them much before, but I think it's actually pretty good