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lördag 10 oktober 2009

Brassic - Demo (2007)

01. Infestation
02. Warriors
03. Pride
04. Benders

Band from California created by military man and surfer Mongo with a dark and not so politically correct history. One of the members used to play in a band called Armed and ready though today he has denied any rumours of being racist and simply i do not care what he thinks as long as Brassic stays what it is, a good oi!band.
The bandname Brassic (slang for being broke in UK) was created by one of their original bandmembers that got deported back to UK before these recordings where made.
Mostly they formed the band cause most of the US Oi! bands didnt sound like original Oi! anymore (true) and they where sick and tired of all other bands being so politicaly correct (true).

How about the music you ask yourself. Fucking great!
Been a long time since i heard anything as great as this. Very un-american sound and the singing is just to damn good to miss out on. I mean even a crusty pc-punk must admit that these guys sound awesome.
The lyrics on two of the songs are a bit to "on the brink" even for me but dont get me wrong there is nothing racist or "evil" about them just as i said to much "on the brink".

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  1. Hello, could you please upload this and the second Brassic demo again?