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fredag 30 oktober 2009

Limecell - Limecell 7'' (1994)

01. We need a raise
02. Marlboro miles
03. You're not punk, you're dirty
04. Lets do lunch

Released by Headache Records in 1994

Band from Philly formed by Kevin (vocals), Pat (drums), Bob (guitar) and Steve (bass) way back in 1993. Bob and Steve used to play in the Oi! band Arresting officers and joined up with Kevin that is Steves old brother that just got out of the marines. They all worked at the same warehouse loading trucks the first years the band was active and this was where a lot of the songs was thought up.
They took their name from an old torturesystem that prisons used back in the early 1900. They smeared lime all over the cell and hoosed the cell with the inmate in it and this created a gas that would get into the pores and create a feeling of thousand of knifes stabbing your body (sounds pleasant).
There songs are mainly about personal issues like work, drinking, and fucking and for a band that hates crusty punks and beggars they have gotten themselfs a wierd following of GG. Allin fankids and squatters all joining up around their fuck-all attitude. Steve the bass played said it himself in an interview "I dont down nobody for their political beliefs but i dont want to smell the fucks when they stand next to me".

The sound is very close to that of The wretched ones and if i have to pick a favourite track it has to be the scarry positive song Lets do lunch.
A strong first release.

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