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söndag 25 oktober 2009

The bruisers - Still standing up EP (1997)

01. Ode to Johny (Johnny Thunder cover)
02. Still standing up
03. Cant put your arms around a memory
04. Lunatic (Billy Joel cover)
05. Mainliner
06. Police oppression (Angelic upstart cover)

Released by Haunted town records in 1997 (Lost & Found made the European release with other artwork)

Before this album Jeff Morris (guitar), Robert Garceau (bass) and Keith Richards (backup guitar) left the band and the new lineup for the band was Scott Vierra on guitar (used to play in The System), Johnny Rioux on bass and former bandmember Todd Sealy returned to fill out the ranks.

This is the among the worst and most unimportant records i have ever heard. 3 completely unnecessary covers of 3 of the most overappreciated artists/groups to date. The rest of the tracks are just tired old radiorock (dont we all hate that).
This album marked the downfall of the group and what used to be a group of innovative artists that now sounded more like an assembled group of tired middleaged men.

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