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lördag 17 maj 2014

Murderers Row - The Bully Breed CD (2011)

01. The bully breed
02. Piss poor working class
03. Might makes us right!
04. Hudson suds
05. With us or against us
06. Rat poison
07. Plunder and pillage
08. Our time is short
09. Hell bent for rock'n'roll
10. Train wreck
11. Stupid mother fucker
12. Weight of the world
13. Never drink again

Released by Durty Mick Records in 2011.

Even though the cover tells a tale of genre clichées this latest adventure by MR is far from generic Oi! for both good and bad (sadly enough mostly bad).

Murderers Row is far from favourites and i have gone on about their tired songs about drinking on other reviews. This might sound a bit doublestandard since i love bands like Bovver Wonderland and The Loose Skrews whose whole existence as a band revolves around hefty amounts of alcohol and lyrics about it. Gladly MR has left their boozeinfested lyrics (to some extent) and try new ground like Viking-raids and Might makes us right about the superiority of Oi! amongst subculture scenes filled with emo's and corpsepainted kids. With new lyrics though i can search elsewhere for things to rubb me the wrong way and this time around it's their attempt to make some Country/Hard rock/Oi! crossfaded bullshit filled with awkward guitarmasturbation and songs that the band take to serious (track8).

The mess comes next to some actually awesome songs though so all i can do is give them a patt on the back for trying something different. This band has proven themselves with their two first albums and have "punkpoints" enough to go experimenting. It might have failed (for me) this time but with songs like The bully breed, Might makes us right and Plunder and pillage i can forgive them for songs like Hell bent for rock'n'roll (what the fuck where you guys thinking?).
Be on the lookout for their latest album called Liberty denied out now on Skinflint Records. I will surely ggive them a second chance.
Promo for 2014 album

tisdag 13 maj 2014

Back from Spain.

So with way to little goat in my stomache (never knew Spain was obsessed with eating Rabbit..), skin that makes me look more Nubian than Swedish and one more year on my back (turned 32 over there) i will start uploading some stuff again. Noticed "blogger" as a forum is dead though since only 2 of the punkbloggs i follow had updated their flow in two weeks (what the hell happened to blogger anyway?). As a diehard soul i'll go against the flow and try to keep at least this little blogg alive (since i deleted VHS-ploitation).

söndag 27 april 2014

Mountain man

Will be going away to the sunny mountains of Frigiliana come Thuesday. Feasting on goats, drinking cervezas and terrorizing the locals will be the main event so no uploads for a while. Will upload some Spanish tunes on Fuck Yeah 'til then though.
So long suckers.

tisdag 22 april 2014

National pride worldwide Vol.2 - The spirit of St George CD (2014)

The most epic album serie gets even more epic as Bernando Says!!! (me) delivers the second installment of National Pride World Wide to the shores of the saxons. Brutalising and forcing patriotic passion down the throats of the weak and unaware. This could very well be the most free, illegal and patriotic bootleg that has ever been produced.
Happy St George's day!!

Resistance 77 - The spirit of St George (drunken madness)

tisdag 15 april 2014

Roadside Bombs - Bring 'em home 7'' (2011)

01. Bring 'em home
02. Tax revolution
03. My side
04. One two

Released by Chapter Eleven in 2011.

Band from California made up of members from various punk/streetpunk bands like The Randumbs, Bodies and The Feelers. I also think a member of the band is behind the labels Chapter 11 and Corpitus which stood for the release and distrobution of this album and a label i have had issues with since the day they popped their heads out of whatever stinking hole they might have hidden before (but more on this as i do Randumbs discography in the future).

The smell of pink bubblegum is strong in this band as most of their counterparts from the westcoast. It's catchy streetpunk made by shaved punks and might not suit the overall genrespecific site that i run but i sort of like the band so i'll add them nevertheless.

Just like other softer punkbands they rise above when they deliver great choruses and with a competent singer they actually rise above even in the verses. First of is the titletrack and the best song on the album Bring 'Em Home. A song about bringing the troops home from foreign wars which might seem like a dreamy liberal confucion in itself since the few i know  in active duty of US Military do it by their own free will and see it as a job. I dont think this is the case though and since the song is fucking awesome i dont really care even if it is. Rest of the album is far from as good but My Side stands out for the same reasons i love Bring 'Em Home, namely the singer holds his ground and its just to catchy to ignore.
Pop punk or not, this is one great EP.

Bring 'em home

lördag 12 april 2014

The Outsiders - From liberty to death CD (2010)

01. Don't tread on me
02. What ever happened to the boys
03. Veterans day
04. The wanderer (Dion cover)
05. Better life
06. The crisis
07. Somewhere
08. Do you believe
09. Frankie
10. Constitutionalist
11. Runaround Sue (Dion cover)
12. Freedom
13. Hot rod crazy
14. A number without a name
15. Time and again
16. Wonder years
17. Greasers
18. Somewhere (Split 7'' version)
19. Best things are free
20. Outsiders
21. Merry Christmas
22. Frankie (Split 7'' version)
23. American dream

Released by Working Class Records in 2010.

Another great discography record released by WCR in 2010. This record just like Squiggys is easy to defend since the original songs are next to impossible to buy these days. I own their 7'' and have their split 7'' in digital form and that sort of sums up their discography. All other songs are taken from longforgotten demos and various compilations, it was about time someone collected them all on one record.

Outsiders sum up most things i love with flagwaving and patriotism with their songs about the constitution and respect for generations that came before all done with a lot of love and very little hate. They might sound like a slower version of Squiggy but listening to their discography as a whole i must say that a slight resemblance to Degeneration comes to mind. I guess Outsiders was a big influence on that band, dots i havnt connected until now.

Most songs deal with working class life, the nation and those who fought and died for it. Another side of Outsiders is their fanatism for Dion and The Belmonts. A fandom i can shamefully admit that i share with them and even if it was a long time ago i pulled the old records out both The Belmonts and Del Shannon has honored places in my crates. I love how these versions of old Italy-American boybands can get past so many hard Oi!heads without notice. The genres are so far inbetween but still blend perfectly together. My dream is to one day hear an Oi!version of Totos "Rain down in Africa". One day......

The original

måndag 7 april 2014

White Flag Down - Malcontent killing machine CD (2010) +introduction

01. Malcontent killing machine
02. We turn our backs
03. Losing card
04. Easy is her name
05. Hollywood hell
06. LA was built for me

Released by Safety Pin in 2010.

A young band LA band with old members is probably the best way to describe this band. The band itself has only been around since late 00's but their frontman Sean "Coop" Cooper is somewhat of an embodiement of punkrock and has become just as known for his music these last years as he used to be known for his numerous facial tattoos and lack of teeths in his mouth. Other than Coop on vocals the band consists of Jason Dissent on guitar, Ian Down on bass and Ryan Cox on drums.

As grim as Coop might look this band is far from grim and comes in on more of a Clockwork Orange streetpunk level but more clean shaved and "Oi!-ish" than the Lower Class Brats (though just as good. This album was the bands first release and has since released an LP and a 7'' that i will upload in 2016 according to my 3-year rule. Coop also banded together with Cliff Warby (Condemned 84) last year in a new band they call Para Elite.
The opening track features an intro from Clockwork Orange. This might seem as original as a band doing a cover of Skinhead Girl but it's actually to good to be shitted on. Losing card goeas way to Rancid for my taste but can easily be ignored as soon as i hear their song Hollywood Hell. Hollywood Hell is just a damn near perfect punksong but since i have a fetish for piano in punk i cant pass the thought of how awesome it woul be with an uptempo piano in the background, or at least a midi-piano or a sample of a piano or whatever as long as it recembles a piano. Few share my fetish for piano in punk but if you do you know what i'm talking about.

As little as i like American streetpunk and as unoriginal as i think Clockwork Orange bands are it's still a damn good release from a proper good Westcoast band. And who knows maybe one day we can hear a re-recording of Hollywood Hell with piano in it?

Hollywood Hell (live in 2012)

söndag 6 april 2014

Violent knights - Demo CD (2011)

Thanks to Jesse H for sending it.

Iowa's Oi! bands are few and far between and this is Des Moines only one if i got everything right. They got together in early 2010 and are still around today (i think). Band has tight connections with the bands Victory and 99 bottles with whom they have done numerous gigs with.

A wierd little band to say the least and i can't really get my head around to any names i can drop in a "sound like" fashion. The singer is fucking pissed and screams like a nutter all songs through. This makes for an interesting experience but at the saame time a little bit to noizy for my taste. I don't know what to say about them. They aint bad but they sure as hell aint good. I'd say give them a proper recording studio and one or two more years of experience. Give Des Moines a chance.

Performing another song live

torsdag 3 april 2014

The allied - Introduction and songs

Viewed by many as Americas first proper Oi! band. Formed in Detroit around 1981 by Rob Michaels on vocals, Pete Zelewski (bassplayer in Negative Approach) on guitar, Doug Basha on bass and Bud Burcar on drums. They mixed the current "skinheadsound" from bands like Iron Cross with English punk and Oi!, something that was quite daring in the HC-frenzy that was sweaping across the states. With some line-up changes and a ton of bigger shows thanks to the fact that Pete played in the band they continued until their breakup in early 1983. Nothing really became of the band and the 6 songs that they recorded where never released other than these 4 songs that where featured on the "I Estimated Your Worth Today" compilation released in late 1982.
01. Cover up's
02. Into the 80's
03. Leave my life alone
04. Hidden violence

This will not be one of those moments where i go on about how sad it was that a band "never happened". Because to be quite honest this is garbage music from the scrapheap of mediocre sounds. A singer without a voice and a band that seems conflicted about what the hell they are doing. On top of this the soundquality leaves much to be asked for and out of the 4 songs only one is even remotely listenable (Leave my life alone). They might have been the first one but i know i'd rather wait 2 years and give Killroy the crown of "First proper Oi!band"

onsdag 2 april 2014

Squiggy - All seven inches CD (2010)

01. Journalistic truth (Journalist)
02. Jack
03. Pulling on the boots (Romper stomper cover)
04. Your attitude
05. My way
06. Double standards
07. This land is your land
08. Stand up
09. Middle Class Rebellion
10. Johnny
11. Block by block
12. Born again
13. Pull the trigger
14. Score one
15. Whats goin' on
16. Hang the lawyers
17. Corporate
18. Jack
19. Dead end kids
20. Anti-Establishment
21. Boots and braces,studs and leather
22. Go home
23. What are you fighting for
24. Jack
25. Score one
26. Squatter punk
27. Just another punk band
28. Whats goin' on
29. Corporate
30. Hippy hatin band

Released by Working Class Records in 2010.

Out of all the bands releasing greatest hits this is probably the one that is easiest to defend. Black on white like this one sees what a tremendously awesome band Squiggy was and the fact that all of their old EP's where impossible to get your hands on at the time of this release makes it one hell of a release. For 9 dollars you can download all the albums that some of us ran around the globe in search for, it might be digital but with no other choice this is one hell of an alternative.

I have reviewed all of the EP's back in 2009 so wont go into detail more than recollect how awesome the songs Block by block, Your attitude and Pull the trigger are and how distinct their sound was. Cant think of a single band today that sounds like them except for maybe Major Dissapointment.
The album contains one "brand new" previously unreleased song (Hippy hatin band) and some livesongs from CBGB's but none of them are really that interesting when compared to the good old songs.

Good collection and if you like it you should support.
or support them by downloading from

Block by block

tisdag 1 april 2014

Marching on - March to kill 7'' (2004)

01. Politically incorrect
02. Some days
03. Roasting mongrol babies over a pagan fire while dancing naked under a pale Westchester moon

Released by Hang 'em high Records in 2004.

When The Unruly disbanded in 1988 the band branched out into two new projects both a bit to rightwinged even for Oi!. Brian Dana started the nazi-band Kick To Kill and Dave, Owen and Scott went on to form the band Marching On. Kick to kill is as extreme as any band might become and when not knitting swastika banners they record songs about hanging black folks and gasing jews. Most of those bands are all on a shockvalue level but Kick to kill has always sounded a bit to sincere for me to enjoy them let alone upload them on a site that i try to keep as far away from extremism both left and right (something that seems hard to do when making a discography page about skinhead music). For this reason i wont feature Kick to kill on the site. Not out of "PC" but because i simply dont enjoy hannging black folks nore do i enjoy listening to songs about it.

Marching On stated their change in their bandname and on their first album in the song Attitude Now with the lyrics "It's not enough for me with patriotism/Now the attitude is nationalism". They keep up that attitude on this release as well and though they try hard to shock it sounds like a later release by The unruly, which is good since i just loved that band.

First song is the best and even though its about their "march on" towards more recht thinkings i can respect it for what it is and what it represents. And lyrics like "You're always preaching unity for the entire human race/But then you go and tell the world that i'm a disgrace/If they where in my shoes they would feel the same" doesnt only sum up why i count myself as a true liberal and respect all views but it also takes up an interesting point in how peoples thoughts are formed. I havnt been in Dave's shoes and cant judge the guy because of it. This might all sound a bit to bookclub and psuedointellectual for most of my readers but its just how i feel about this band and "politically incorrectness/correctness" in general.

Last song lightens the whole debate about politics since its an instumental for pagan bloodrituals (dear lord.
Fans of The Unruly and the Vulture era of Oi! should download it and give it a try no matter what douches they might be sharing a split with.
7/10 (for Marching Ons side)

The Unruly - National pride (for good old times)

måndag 31 mars 2014

Noi!se - This is who we are LP (2011)

01. Living for today
02. Brothers in arms
03. Warrior down
04. Take 'em all (Cock sparrer cover)
05. This is who we are
06. On the outside
07. What happened to the kids?

Released by Longshot in 2011.

First of all i dont know what crack i was smoking when i took the photos yesterday. Out of focus and no lightning but i just cant find the strength to do it all over again since i took pictures of about 20 albums all in all. Expect horrendous coverarts to come in the future.

Excellent 10'' release by the band. Starts of strong with the youthful Living for today and even if the rest of the A-side is below good they look good when compared to the cover of Cock sparrer (seems they really lacked inspiration when they decided to make this song). Anyways the b-side more than makes up for it.

This is who we are, On the outside and What happened to the kids are in my eyes all modern classics and to throw them on a B-side is wierd when they kick the shit out of tracks 2to4. Guess most songs on B where a bit old at this time but still deserved the A-spot if one asks me.
Good and solid streetpunk with a heap of slingalong anthems. One of those records that i probably wont ever stick in the back of the crate and well worth your cash as well.
Can still be bought at:
This is who we are (live)

söndag 30 mars 2014

Brassic getting ready to drop 7''

Brassic with new guitarist performing Justice which will be on their upcomming 7''. More info on label and distros soon.

lördag 29 mars 2014

Court Street - Demo (2012)

01. Dance with the devil
02. Scrappers 'til we die

Court st scrappers have recently changed name into Court Street and are releasing a record solely sold through Bandcamp. This means all money straight into their own pockets just how punk should be. If this band sells 1 record they have instantly made more money than any band that "sells" it through Longshot and some other shady labels has since they get 0 money for every sold copy of any records but instead get "the promotion" that they could get for free if they sent it out for free to zines and  sites. No sucker deals and no need to censur anything so someone else can make money on your music. It has my support thats for sure.

Like their old release this is skinhead hardcore a genre i am far from comfortable with but have come enjoy more and more the last year. I think my main problem with the genre was that the majority of the bands where making this instead of pure Oi! but now when most trendy bands play Mods-influenced Oi! i can relax and quench my loathing.

Both songs are fast and rely quite heavily on good guitarparts that wont let you down. On top of that they both use audio from Batman (1989) which any kid of the 80's-90's can enjoy in the old "hey i know this" kind of way. Personal favourite is Dance with the devil which sort of reminds me about the hoodie hardboy stuff that came out of NYC in the 90's. Good and hard somethingcore that even i can enjoy.
Download from me
or give them a dollar over at

fredag 28 mars 2014

Almighty Lumberjacks Of Death - Always out of control but never out of beer 7'' (1989)

01. Almighty lumberjacks of death
02. Devil girl
03. Drink beer
04. Motor City trick or treat
05. Voices of the dead

Released by Force Majeure Records in 1989.

Classic band with a classic record that was included in the ALoD's discography album from 2005. This is the proper vinyl rip though and with full coverscans some of you out there might be interested in it.

Won't go in on the album itself since i already reviewed the discog-cd. Devil girl is still the best track and all of that.
Click Almighty Lumberjacks of death for review of disco-album and one of the most nerdy bandintroductions ever

New 7'' from Concrete

First EP in connection with their CD entitled We are all subculture street troopers has just been released. Rebel Music does the pressing and it's called Subculture Street Troopers (yes it's awesome). It can be bought here for the time being but will probably end up on Rebellion Records and Rebel Sound in the future.

Subculture Street Soldier (live)

söndag 23 mars 2014

Broken Heroes & Armed Suspects - For the punks and skins LP (2011)

01. Armed supects - Broken & bruised
02. Armed supects - For the punks and skins
03. Armed supects - Leather tramp
04. Armed supects - Regret
05. Armed supects - ...and on the speakers
06. Armed supects - My life
07. Armed supects - Left to the sharks
08. Armed supects - Viking quest
09. Broken Heroes - Zero tolerance
10. Broken Heroes - Newton mutant
11. Broken Heroes - Oi! don't pay the bills
12. Broken Heroes - Park west diner
13. Broken Heroes - PC bastards
14. Broken Heroes - Rich mans war
15. Broken Heroes - Skinhead Rock'N'Roll
16. Broken Heroes - Sick
17. Broken Heroes - Cougars
18. Broken Heroes - You Suck!

Released by Oi! The Boat in 2011.

One of the albums i was most psyched about before it's release. Broken heroes which is one of my favourite oldschool US bands hadnt released a proper album for over 6 years and Amred Suspects had just released their phenomenal acoustic album the year before. So.... on paper this looked like the perfect split but as soon as i watched that awful musicvideo that was supposed to spark some interest before the release i knew something was a bit of. First of all i noticed that AS vocalist had started rapping in the songs and secondly this album entitled "For the punks and skins" seemed to cateer for everyone except the diehard punks and skins.

Armed suspects might be a bit to soft for me but i have always liked them and their East Coast attitude. This time around they really let me down and i cant understand what went through their heads when recording these songs. One proper good song in the bunch (Left to the sharks). AS are all nice guys the few times i have talked to members but this is one of those albums that should be dismissed and forgotten for the sake of everyone involved.

Broken heroes didnt get their comeback with this album but the reason was not really "bad songs" but instead "old songs". Most of these songs are re-recordings of old songs or songs that had already been released on comps by Neck Records etc. Broken heroes DID prove that they still deserved the scenes respect in 2012 when they changed vocalist (Scotty Violence who actually played in Armed Suspects before) and released what in my oppinion is a modern classic called "This is Oi!". Superb album and the comeback this band of old needed.

Weak A-side and a good but far from exciting B-side resulted in the biggest letdown of 2011. Stay away from this record and purchase "This is Oi!" from 2012 instead.
Or buy it from:
Oi! the boat
Black Hole
Armed suspects - For the punks and the skins
Note to US Oi! bands: Don't look at what retards like Skinhead Rob does and copy it.

fredag 21 mars 2014

The Booked - Harbor City Rock and Roll (Music video)

Awesome song from their 2012 album called On the attack. Has that distinct sound of other Texas bands like Roots of Exile. (Review and upload comming according to the 3-year rule i have)
Purchase the album at Cadre

lördag 15 mars 2014

V/A - A Better Tomorrow 7'' (2011)

01. Noi!se - Idle Action
02. Razors in the night - Frustration
03. The broadsiders - The good men do
04. Sydney ducks - Brannan's fall

Released by Longshot Records in 2011.

If modern hitrecords in Oi! is a thing then i guess this is it. A little ep that sold out almost at the same time it hit the distros. For good reasons since its a damn good comp but also much thanks to the fact that it gathers up all sides of the more comercial Oi! in the states today. Compare this compilation to the Werewolves in the city LP released around the same time and you will realise that there's two degrees of Oi! in the current scene. One is stillstuck at streetlevel and is as uncomfortable and politically awkward as the bands of old in the UK where. This EP gathers up the bands that you can easily bring home to your mother for dinner. It's easylistening with few nails in the eyes of the listeners. It might sound like i see this as something negative but it's a ying/yang thing and i'm happy these bands exist to the degree they do. It can't all be about killing politicians and marching on Washington with the head of your local sherrif as a banner.

Starting the comp of is one of my favourite modern US bands Noi!se with their now wellknown streetOi! sound. Band needs no introduction and if i have to pick favourites this would be the one.

Second band is a band that i might have been shitting on when they first came out. This is for the sole reason that i never liked their sound and couldnt understand what all the fuss was about. Calmed down a couple of years on and i can understand it (even though it's still not my thing). They play rough Oi!core (if that still is a genre in the 00's) with the typical stops, breaks and shoutouts. It's what it is and people seem to be all over it like fat kids on cake so hey who am i to judge.

B-side is more for the rockin crowd and has the southern kings of Rock'n'oi! delivering an awesome and brand new song then handing the torch to Sydney Ducks that finnish things of with their more mods influenced sound. It's a good combination of what modern US Oi! is and the varied sounds that coexist but i feel that it somehow skips the sound that is the most important. The unpolished and Oi!-sounding Oi! and if they would have featured any of the werewolf bands from the eastcoast or some of the classic bands that where all doing comeback albums around this time i think it would have gone full circle but for now it's an almost perfect representation of the modern US scene (with some of the best coverart to ever leave the presses at the Longshot studio).
Or buy it from Corpitus.
Noi!se - Idle action

lördag 8 mars 2014

Empire Falls - Terror Born CD (2011)

01. Terror Born
02. Seekers of truth in an age of lies
03. My Eternal Antagonist
04. Left Wing Nuts
05. Fresh Blood Invite
06. Coup Detat
07. Where do i turn
08. Intolerant Crew
09. Death by Omission
10. 15 Years
11. I stand in Defiance Alone in the crowd
12. Harder they fall
13. Distant hopes, Immediate fears
14. Written Word
15. War is Inevitable
16. Deity
17. Sacrifice (Flipper cover)

Released by EF Records in 2011.

A real new record from EF with only one old song? It sure is and even though it's far from Oi! i am happy to announce that it's far from crap.

EF is one of those bands that many like me just can't stop to be facinated about. They often go out of their way to annoy their own "crowd" and in some mission to become the ultimate outsiders they burn all bridges and as soon as you think you got them figured out they jump out of the shower and smack you over the head with the biggest fuck you ever. It's not in the way Anal Cunt annoyed their crowd with Picnic Of Love but in a way they tend to piss of even their most devoted listeners when flipfloppin back and forth between genre's and pissing everyone of with their anti-PC rethorics (me included at times). Once pissed of though you can take a step back and just enjoy the music wether it be metal/punk/hardcore/rac/oi and realise that they are actually a bunch of quite competent songwriters and musicians.

I am not a huge fan of guitarmasturbations or lyrics about world conspiracys but even so i like this record. Songs like Terror Born really gets addictive with it's pure hatecore sound mixed with some (what i think is) distand bongodrums going on all while Bryan shows of his skills of 15 years as a hardcore singer. Add the anthemtrack Intolerant Crew and the metaldownbeat madness of Fresh Blood Invite to the mix and you got one hell of a reason to get this album. It's far from Oi! with many songs like Alone in the crowd falling flat before they even start it's far from perfect, but still.

Empire Falls might be dicks but with this album they're a dick i'll gladly have poking in my ear for the comming months.

Terror Born

onsdag 5 mars 2014

More issues with uploads (perhaps).

Seems most folk get their downloads without any issues since i switched to uluz but some are still having problems it seems. Got this message today:

"the fucking uloz.to site wont let me download anything since tropel. everyting from tropel til now comes through into my downloads, (im on a mac) with the file name "Ps", and when I click on it to convert from rar to mp3 the file opens with textedit and looks like ten million lines of code. ive tried copying the code and inserting it into my rar decoder (UnRARX) and the decoder wont let me."

Are more having problems of the same nature or even more importantly a solution for the problem? My technical skills end somewhere  around uploading music and downloading pornography so not my strongest side really.

Noi!se - How we made it through (musicvideo)

From their latest record The Scars We Hide.

fredag 28 februari 2014

Cunt Sparrer - Live in Oakland (2011)

01. Sound check
02. Where are they now (Cock Sparrer Cover)
03. Runnin riot (Cock Sparrer Cover)
04. Take 'em all (Cock Sparrer Cover)
05. Some kinda hate (Misfits Cover)
06. A.U. (Cock Sparrer Cover)
07. Working (Cock Sparrer Cover)
08. We're comming back (Cock Sparrer Cover)
09. A New England (Billy Bragg Cover)
10. Riot squad (Cock Sparrer Cover)
11. Because you're young (Cock Sparrer Cover)
12. Oakland belongs to me (Cock Sparrer Cover)

First of all thanks to Brian Guy for sending me this record.

This is the band that makes tradfags and Oi! purists piss their pants in anger. How does a bunch of cute hipsterchicks DARE to start an acoustic band making Oi!-covers. Well i for one welcomed it with open arms back when i first heard it but sadly enough the band doesnt exist any more. The band never released any material and with the exception of a song on the Cashing in on christmas compilation and a bunch of youtube videos this is the only audio you will hear from them. Today the girls have started a streetpunk band called Bad Cop/Bad Cop and moved on from the angry internetskinheads with Jenny Woo posters in their bedrooms sending hatemails. Good on them and all the best of luck.

Sadly enough this livematerial is just like all other livematerial, namely weaker than actual recordings and most of the time Sara's singing is a bit to pitched and the drums are a bit off the beat but the girls have one hell of an attitude and charm me in an instance as soon as i hear their version of A.U. As i listen to that song it strikes me why i love this band so much. The girls are actually doing exactly what they want free from subcultural laws and they are having a hell of a time while their doing it. The fact that they dont do the whole skinbyrd thing with boots and braces makes me respect them even more since they're not trying to fit in or collect punkpoints they simply love the music. Something that SHOULD matter more than buying expencive clothing and looking like you're hiding sausages in your jeans.

Because you're young

söndag 23 februari 2014

Just stumbled upon a new blog that needs promoting. Nice personal reviews and a good taste in music. Go check it out at Out of The Darkness

lördag 22 februari 2014

Empire Falls - From Sheep To Wolves CD (2011)

01. From sheep to wolves
02. This is defiance
03. Fight dirty

04. Truth is our weapon
05. Your grave is my freedom
06. For stable ground
07. War is inevitable
08. Absorbed
09. As one
10. The underdogs
11. Defiant til the end
12. The quick and the dead
13. Fleeing the enlightenment
14. Sign of the times
15. Traitor town USA
16. Rebirth
17. Foreign policy
18. The way of the world

Released by One People One Struggle in 2011.

Another year another 20 something greatest hits albums from Empire Falls disguised as new records. The old songs ARE great and some of the new ones are ok i guess but since i've heard these fucking songs on every new album for the last 10 years it's getting annoying. I know "stop buying the records" and as a matter of fact i have stopped buying EF records, but folks from around the world keep sending them to me even before they have reached the stores so yes in a way these old songs ARE being thrown at me from all directions. Sometime listening to the later EF records makes me feel how a pornstar in a blowbang must feel when 20 guys keep shoving their cocks in her nostrils and earholes. Fucking enough already, put that dick in your pants and wait your fucking turn Empire Falls! You guys are turning into The Eagles of the udnerground and to believe i once was a collector.

With that out of the way, hey i notice one of the guys from Antiseen is playing bass on this record (as if i even have the strength to deal with these fucking albums any more)
Old livefootage of The Underdogs (back when the song was new and interesting)

söndag 9 februari 2014

Noi!se & The Gestalts - Split 7'' (2011)

01. Noi!se - The comming storm
02. Noi!se - Reality T.V.
03. The Gestalts - Reckless cheat
04. The gestalts - Borderline

Released by Oi! The Boat in 2011.

Noi!se is a band i guess most are familiar with these days unless you are new to the scene or have been living under a rock for the past 4 years. The gestalts is a whole new matter though and as out of place as they might look in "skinhead associations" its nice to see a brand new band get a shot at some underground fame.

The gestalts is a 5-piece band out of Indiana playing "clean punk" with some skinhead rock'n'roll vibes thrown into the mix ending up somewhere inbetween The Broadsiders, The Truents and Tommy and the terrors. It's nothing to go apeshit about but at the same time they do their thing without trying to be something they're not. Good solid band which got their debut through this split and ended up releasing their own little 7'' called "Bloodshot eyes" last year through Randale Records.

The split starts of with what i consider the best song, namely Comming storm by Noi!se. The song has that perfect mix of two vocalists who actually know what they're doing and when put together it's just absolute killer. The gestalts side is a bit weaker though this might be because i'm not really a huge fan of their sound. Their song Borderline is nice though and a good introduction to a band i will be looking more into (got their 7'' but havnt given it a proper listen yet).
Can still be bought at:
Oi! The Boat

EP teaser

onsdag 5 februari 2014

This means WAR

WAR Records is in the process of releasing Crucial Change's latest LP entitled So It Begins. Those familiar with the band wont be dissapointed. Planned to be released by the end of this month.
American Heart

Also to be released by the end of February is the debut LP of the Jersey based Combate 49. Along with the re-issues of First Stike's old records this label is sure looking better and better each day that passes.

Since no promo of the album exists i post a Skinhead MMA video that has a song by C49 around 8:30 (and one of the members fighting towards the end)

lördag 1 februari 2014

45 Adapters & Stomper 98 - Split 7'' (2011)

01. Stomper 98 - Antisocial
02. Stomper 98 - ISP One Crew-One Family
03. 45 Adapters - What's right?
04. 45 Adapters - Nothing to prove

Released by Randale Records in 2011.

Never been a huge fan of Phil's German sideproject Stomper 98. To be honest i feel sick most times i have to sit through a record of the subgenre that is "German saxophone punk" wether it be Stomper 98 or Stage Bottles (at least their debut album was good). Only thing worse in my ears is the new Dutch/German metal-Oi! but i wont go on about that right here.

The record starts of with "tze germanz" and to my surprise both songs they deliver are actually quite good, especially their ISP anthem. Sure it has saxophone and might be a bit stolen on some edges but it does the job right.

45 adapters always deliver and always make me smile a bit. Few skinhead bands can sound so happy and positive without sounding weak. Best song on the split is Nothing to prove. A song that should speak to most grown men and women wether it might be about not mowing that lawn cause the neighbors did it yesterday or simply walking away from drama. Living for one self basically, killer song.
Can still be bought at:
Black Hole Records
Pirates Press

45 Adapters - Nothing to prove (Live 2010)

fredag 24 januari 2014

Klase Dirigente - 100% Poder Latino Oi! 7'' (2009)

01. Fuerza Nacional
02. Jovenes Skinheads
03. Homicidio En Primer Grado
04. Viejo Amigo

Released by Shout Proud Records in 2009.

Update 29th Januari: Some corrections to the bandinfo that a member posted (sorry for not posting it sooner, been busy:) " Klase Dirigente was stablished in 1997 by Wilson A and Nestor R. Both members and founders of what is known today as Batallon 49. Wilson was and still is the vocals and Nestor was in charge of drums, bass and guitar. We started as a band for b49 members only ( studio band ). We published 100% poder latino and stop playing for 10 years.

In 2010 we decided to give it another try so we got together with two other members of Batallon 49. They are our newest and younger members. Niko L (drums) and Agustin M. (Bass). Both from Uruguay. Niko and Agustin had their own band back In the days and currently playing in other bands like venganza tatuada! That is the new line up. Minatta took the bass and Nestor went to play guitars and write lyrics.
There was never a William Minatta on our band and also we are not affiliated with the 211 crew in any way.
Another thing!! The album "marcando la historia" is a new one! With new songs and old unedited songs.
We also have a new album coming up soon on "this mean war records" which is basically a re-make of the 100% poder Latino album. But this time is gonna be called "jovenes de las calles". It has a fresher and stronger sound.
But that's not all...We are currently working on a new album which hopefully will come out by the end of 2014 summer!!
Again! Thanx for the great review and we hope this has been helpful for your blog! Cheers! La Klase Dirigente!"

A band made up of members from both America and the Dominican Republic but since the band later transformed into an "all American" band i will add them to the site anyway.

Band started in the late 90's with Nestor on guitar and bass, Wilson on vocals and William Minatta on drums. Known affiliates and some claim founding members of skincrew Batallon 49 (hell if i know i live in Sweden) and just like most other bands involved or surrounding this South/North American crew very few records and demo's was released but instead they played with and for most of their members giving little notice to the scene on the outside. In 2003 came the end of the band in a physical form when both Wilson and Nestor left the band (and the crew). William Minatta went on to form Combate 49 and  Venganza Tatuada.

Dead or not (are they back together?) they have graced us all with songs on the fantastic 2012 comp "Werewolves of the city" and got their first full-length just weeks ago when WAR Records decided to release their discography LP called "Marcando La Historia" (excellent by the way).

I often have a hard time enjoying latino Oi!bands since they seclude themselves by singing in a tongue i am far from familuar with (even if my nickname is Bernando) but this band doesnt only include a translation to their songs on this release but they are also such a tank of a band that they break down any speechbarriers in their way by pure force. One just have to take a listen to their first song "Fuerza National" that in a minimalistic (heavy bass, no guitar and snapping drums) way give the term brutal a whole new meaning. It's some of the hardest shit i have heard since i first heard Condemned 84's first demo and decided to cut my hair short. Those into the "new US Oi!" sound like Harrington Saints will probably get their bubblegum stuck in their throat when they listen to this. It's raw, nationalistic and violent to the core without becomming to much of a tough guy act, fucking perfect.

As todays 211 crews and the whole werevolf scene in Jersey and NY are really simulair to the old B49 attitude many bands such as Combate 49, Venganza Tatuada, Lonewolf NYC and The Wolverines have possibly all heard and taken some inspiration from this band. Don't know if they got back together last year or not but even so it only goes to show that even a dead wolf can bite harder than most barking dogs.

Fuerza National (live)

måndag 20 januari 2014

The Barons & The Incited - Songs from the Mason-Dixon CD (2011)

01. The barons - Flash mob
02. The barons - Dollar store
03. The barons - Comes around, goes around
04. The barons - Come on, honey
05. The barons - Kicked out of this bar before
06. The incited - Spirit of '76
07. The incited - The tradition (Anti-Heros cover)
08. The incited - Hooligans life
09. The incited - 29 let's go!
10. The incited - Raise you're glass
11. The incited - Stand alone
12. The incited - Armageddon

Released by Neck Records in 2011.

A Delaware split between the bluecollar rockers of The barons and the flagwaving youngsters of The Incited. Without being mean to any side it's sort of an experience.vs.youth compilation, something that easily can be heard as you listen through the album. The barons used to be one of my favourite bands and their "American beer drinking songs" record from 2008 is a record that keeps spinning in my recordplayer even in 2014.

Some years ago their vocalist Dusty left the band though. Dusty had the perfect vocals for the band, full of passion and desperation. All that is gone now and no matter how good the rest of the band is their new vocalist just can't deliver the way Dusty delivered. Songs like Come on Honey are still good songs much thanks to Kurt, Ed and the rest of the band but on songs like "Kicked out of this bar before" i just wanna turn the thing of. Where the hell did you guys find this redneck and where the hell is the piano?

The incited is a younger band and has a more distinct Oi!-sound both lyrically and musically. I wasnt all that impressed by their debut in 2008 but this time around they have taken a harder approach putting most of the streetpunk stuff behind. First song Spirit of 76 sets the theme right of the bat with it's lyrics about nation, constitution and pride. This is a theme that continues all the way through with it's highpoints on the WWII anthem "29 lets go" and the excellent "Stand alone".

Fans of Headwound, Loose Skrews and Niblick Henbane will probably love The Barons songs and with the Incited reminding me about early Crucial Change this sure as hell caters for me to. A good release with two great bands (even with that new singer).
Still available at:
Pure Impact

Incited - 29 let's go!

tisdag 14 januari 2014

Headwound - Anarchy in Midgetville (music video)

Lowbudget (or insert "workingclass") musicvideo from Headwound featuring their song Anarchy In Midgetville from the 2008 compilation Sounds Of Wierdness (which i'm still searching for by the way).

lördag 11 januari 2014

Templars & The Clichés - Split 7'' (2011)

01. The Clichés - Promises
02. The Clichés - We won't change
03. Templars - Posers
04. Templars - It's all about you

Released by Randale Records in 2011.

Two small skips on the Templars side that i tried to avoid but they where just to deep. Don't blame me, blame Randale for their poor production value on the record. Other then that it's a decent rip if you ask me.

Two great bands that somehow deliver a halfarsed split way below their other stuff. One good song on both sides but somehow i was expecting more from this clash of titans. Well at least from the Clishés who in my oppinion are way to unknown commercial when considering the amount of superb songs they have pushed out. Templers just keep on falling in my eyes and i have gone from being a hardcore fanatic to not even getting my arse out of the house when they play a show in Sweden these days. Don't know if it's the band just growing old (or me) or if it's the realisation that all their songs basically sound the same and they aint really saying shit anymore. Some grow old and bold while others just turn old i guess. At least i have their old records to enjoy.
The record is still available at:
Noise Of Sweden
Runnin Riot

torsdag 9 januari 2014

Sydney Ducks - Stray Ducks 7'' (2011)

01. Stray Dogs
02. He lives for today

Selfreleased by the band in 2011 under their own label called Sydney Town.

One of 2011's best releases and one of the reasons i want this band to be the "opening drug" for future Oi!-addicts. Why? Because it's so bloody easylistening it almost makes me sick and happy at the same time. They know what they do and i can really see this band opening the door to many who didnt know Oi! existed before. I mean it's not Oi! in the old fashion but to outsiders it sure looks all "skinhead" and "dangerous". They do all this without any judgemental attitudes towards anyone either political, oldshool or freshcut. I hope this is the band that brings in the new crowd and not the baseballbat bubblegum Oi! that those other casuals make.

Rant out.... The EP is next to perfect, atleast as perfect as a non-Oi! Oi! record can get when reviewing Oi! (it made sense in my head). Bringing my favourite track from their old demo "He lives for today" as a B-side and even tops it with the fantastic "Stray Dogs" on the A-side. With these rockin songs about growing old and walking your own path giving fuck all about the blind masses these boys have my money whenever they feel like releasing new stuff. Superb so keep them comming!

He lives for today
Record can still be bought at:

tisdag 7 januari 2014

Sydney Ducks - Esprit de corps 7'' (2011)

01. Esprit de corps
02. Jaoquin Murrieta

Released by Pirate Press in 2011.

Sydney Ducks second EP released in 2011 and my least favourite of the two. Even though least favourite it's far far from bad and like most of the stuff this band puts out it rocks the socks out of most other mods-crossover hybrid punk that seems to be so populair today. More Templars than Birds of Prey which can be nothing but positive if you ask me.
Can still be bought at:

söndag 5 januari 2014

How to download from Uluzto

If someone has any problems using this Russian (i think) site then here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to use it.

1. Once you click the DOWNLOAD button you will be taken directly to the site where Russian words (i think) will assault your western eyes and cause confucion.
What you wanna do here is click the yellow button called "Stáhnout" which i guess means download.

2. When doing so a pop-up will appear looking like this (pic below)
Ignore the box on the left and concentrate on the four-letter code in the middle. These codes are not case sensitive so don't use capslock or anything like that simply write in the four-letter code in the nlank box below and then press the "Stáhnout" button on the bottom.

3. This will make the box dissapear and instantly give you the file to either "un-zip" directly or download to your computer. There might be pop-ups for comercials if your not a member but simply ignore them or install a "add-blocker" on your computer.

Nobody should have any problems with this new file-sharing site. Who knows someday in the future if im unemployed, "self-employed" or simply sadisticly bored i might even throw up all the old uploads to.

lördag 4 januari 2014

Frontline Soldiers - Oath of Loyalty 7'' (2011)

01. American Boot Squad
02. World War 3
03. Warrior Rising
04. Oath of Loyalty
05. Frontline Soldiers

Released by United Riot Records in 2011.

A New York band that took up arms at the same time US Oi! was in a decline on the East. Brothers Joe Poppa & Mike Poppa (would later play in Offensive Weapon) decided to keep the spirit alive and together with Avi on bass (would later play in Skin Disorder) and Vic on drums they started Frontline Soldiers. The band was shortlived and only recorded a handful of songs which recieved no release in any way or form except a track called Reclaim Strength that was featured on a comp album around the same time the band broke up. Even though they never released anything they made a name for themselves and in 2010 URR got their hands on these 5 tracks.

A reminder of days gone by or an EP released to fill out a void created by modern days uninteresting bands not givign respect to the old ways? No matter what i can't do shit but love the release all the way from the red-white-blue cover, the in depth bandinformation written by Muma and the fantastic sound the black brick creates when put under a needle. The rip i made might not be the best one but it's free from skips and free from bumps.

The sound is a typical 90's Oi! sound mixed with hardcoreinfluences (typical of the 90's NY scene). The songs are patriotic, violent and non-pc like we all love. Even though Joe sometimes make the band sound a bit like early Patriot this is mainly for the fans of Oxblood and the East Coast sound in general. No garbage "spirit of 69" preachings just damn good street-oi! unpolished and raw, something we're not all that used to these days. Thanks for another intresting and superb release United Riot!

Record can still be bought at:
United Riot
Pure Impact