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lördag 11 januari 2014

Templars & The Clichés - Split 7'' (2011)

01. The Clichés - Promises
02. The Clichés - We won't change
03. Templars - Posers
04. Templars - It's all about you

Released by Randale Records in 2011.

Two small skips on the Templars side that i tried to avoid but they where just to deep. Don't blame me, blame Randale for their poor production value on the record. Other then that it's a decent rip if you ask me.

Two great bands that somehow deliver a halfarsed split way below their other stuff. One good song on both sides but somehow i was expecting more from this clash of titans. Well at least from the Clishés who in my oppinion are way to unknown commercial when considering the amount of superb songs they have pushed out. Templers just keep on falling in my eyes and i have gone from being a hardcore fanatic to not even getting my arse out of the house when they play a show in Sweden these days. Don't know if it's the band just growing old (or me) or if it's the realisation that all their songs basically sound the same and they aint really saying shit anymore. Some grow old and bold while others just turn old i guess. At least i have their old records to enjoy.
The record is still available at:
Noise Of Sweden
Runnin Riot

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