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lördag 4 januari 2014

New filesharing system (happy new christmas and all that to)

Started using another uploading site called uluzto.net. Great Russsian (i think) site that works just like Mediafire before they got busted. Instead of paying 10 bucks a month i now pay about 7 bucks for a whopping 25GB of online storagespace to use as i see fit. Also no more fancy layouts that nobody underastands like on Rapidshare just plain and simple filesharing like it should be. Let me know how you like it and let me know if it works as soon as i have uploaded my first albums there.

Old files are featured on Soulseek so if you still havnt worked out how to use it my guess is you should figure it out instead of pestering me about re-uploads because they aint comming.

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  1. It's Czech I think, but it works. Thank you again for doin' a great job.