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onsdag 11 december 2013

Stop asking for re-uploads and new links!!

Thought i made myself clear the first time around. Me keeping the links updated would costs about 20 bucks a month with the sheer size of all  records uploaded on my sites since 2008 and with shit getting removed here and there it will never be complete and i simply don't have the time to upload something everytime it goes down. Visit www.slsknet.com and download the software for free. Follow the step by step instructions and there should really be no problems with it. If anyone still has problems with understanding the basics of soulseek then contact me (but it's not that hard). The soulseek system should work and the more that get on the wagon the less money those fuckers at rapidshare etc will earn. If not for me then do it for satan.

3 kommentarer:

  1. are you in jail my brother? should we bake a file inside a birthday cake and send it to ya? get over that wall and give us the OI!