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söndag 1 december 2013

Out Of Time - To those like us CD (2010)

01. A story of situation
02. Wasted generation
03. To those like us
04. At your low
05. One by one

Thanks to Eric W for sending me this one.

Unisgned and unknown band out of Oklahoma that plays singalong friendly streetpunk with Oi! influences. Band consists of Ryan Wallace on vocals, Mike Six and Joe Myside on guitar, Josh Lauder on bass and Russel Green on drums. As far as i know this self-released CD is the only thing they have released.

This is your average singalong punk that has become the "new Oi!" around the world these days. It has a distinct US sound and gladly i must admit that it rises above most other bands of it's kind. Best songs are To those like us (a skinhead tribute about standing for yourself and never giving in to those who go with the flow) and At your low that reminds me about early Dropkick murphy's.
A tip to other pub-bands. Do like this band and never go fully Irish.

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