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torsdag 29 november 2012

New recordlinks

Uploaded a couple more from the list of requests and got well confuced by the new system Rapidshare has adopted. Dont have a clue what i am doing with these new features but hope the links work as they should.

Total annihilation - The glorious five year plan (2005)
The cuffs - The bottoms up LP (1998)
VA - American headaches vol.1 LP (1991)
Those Unknown - And They Give Us The Scraps CD (2003)
Headwound - The early years CD (2000)
The burnt - Charlie brown 7'' (1988)
The burnt & Deathrage - Split 6'' (1993)

tisdag 27 november 2012

Antagonizers, new bandname and new EP

The antagonizers recently reformed under the new bandname Antagonizers ATL with a brand new line-up and a new sound.

The new lineup is:
Bohdan Zacharyj on vocals. Original member and played in such bands as Vibram 94 and Cut throat back in the days.

Richard “McDick” Henderson on guitar. Former member of The vaticans (i fucking love that band), Adolf & The piss artists, No holds barred and Radio nowhere.

Billy Fields on bass. Known Atlanta musician but i sure as hell never heard of him before.

Erick Antell on drums. Also he a former member of Radio Nowhere.

Band is currently recording new songs for a new release but until then this new EP can be downloaded for no less than 1,2,3,4 or 50 dollars at bandcamp (or for 0 dollars but thats just being disrespectfull). Go and get it at Bandcamp, or check out their new website.

lördag 24 november 2012

Elite terror - Flame of pride LP (1990)

Provocative and quite political band that shared members with both The Uprise and New Glory. As The uprise might have been a non-political but right-winged band and New glory was proud nationalists this band went a step further and promoted their racialist beliefs both in lyrics and interviews.
This Philadelphia band started out in 1987 under the name United Noise with Steve Spagnola on vocals, Garret Kress and Gavin Perry on guitars, Doug Prusso on bass and Dan Walton on drums. In 1989 the band had some changes in their lineup bootin their bassist and replacing Dan on drums with former The Uprise member Rob Daly. With this change in lineup and a new bandname came a record deal with German label Rock-O-Rama that released a 7'' and this LP in 1990. Soon after this the band dispursed going their seperate ways.
01. Elite terror
02. Flame of pride
03. Working class men
04. Justice is dead
05. Communist expansion
06. Fall of this nation
07. Final solution
08. New day rising
09. Instrumental outro

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1990.

Just like Arresting officers this is a band that is really easy to like if one can overlook some of the more political themed songs. As much as i like the RAC and is no more than a fencewalking scumbag in most "real skins" eyes i can honestly say that there isnt much hate to be found on this release by a band calling themselfs Elite Terror. The racialism that can be found here is the same old "race & nation" themed lyrics that can be found on early Brutal attack records that i know the majority of all 30+ skins hide under their pillow. Even though it might cause a diversion i can still hear hip hop bands talking about black pride and latin punk & rock bands talking about the pride of aztec's etc so i cant really see the harm it will do anyone.

Musically it doesnt stray far from New glory's sound but with a bit more of a r'n'r twist in it. Since i'm not a racialist i find the more non-political songs like Justice is dead and Working class men being more to my liking with their today quite cliché lyrics about being on the dole and being harrassed by police.

It's not the greatest album and far from a classic but if you like in your face anthems with nationalstic messages or skinheads fighting with dragons in the streets this is for you.

tisdag 20 november 2012

The boilers - Wreck CDEP (?)

01. Jimmy The Gun
02. Wreck of ol '97
03. Pardon me
04. Strike
05. Bullet Bill

Selfreleased by the band.

Unknown band from Seattle that would later turn into more known Shot4Shot. Dont have any information on the band more than the fact that i know this was their only release.

With a bandname that sounds like some halfassed third division hockeyteam, Irish influences and a CD theme of union struggles this band wants me to hate them but thanks to the singers ability to hold his own and the fact that the sound is dipped in the perfect mixture of rock'n'roll it made an impact far from negative.

The first song is probably the best one with it's rhytmic tale about some guy named Jimmy who was a streetfighting one man army. This is the same old "Irish dockworker canr hold his booze and probably end up 6 feet under way to early" story we have all heard before butas a song its damn good.

The rest of the album continues in the same bluecollar rock'n'roll tradition as the first song and overall i enjoyed it which says a lot since im not really down with these sort of Hudson Falcon clones otherwise. Good skinhead r'n'r lets just leave it at that.

måndag 19 november 2012

Total annihilation - St CD (their first album)

01. Break the system
02. ----- (Ok song)
03. Working class
04. -----
05. Smash the facists
06. -----
07. ----- (Actually a really good song)
08. -----
09. -----
10. -----

Unknown release. Probably selfreleased as a demo but the tracklist and the date is more then i know.

Holy shit this is fucking rare!!! A CD that not even the band mentions in their discography and  most people into US Oi! would give their left arm to have..... only problem is they would probably slit their other arm after listening to it.

The record was bought through a mistake by Ryan Reinbold who bought their The great Patriotic War at a vintage market... atleast he thought he did but when he came home he opened the tray and noticed this little strange CD inside. What he found was some obscure and atleast to my knowledge unknown first demoCD by the band. Tons of thanks for sending it my way Ryan.

At first sight one can clearly see the band is as confuced as their sound through the years. In their bandname they dont only include the anarchist symbol but through intense creativity and what i think is insanity they also manage to include the animal liberation logo, the chaos logo, an upside down cross and what i think is the Blair witch project A. Anyone into US oi! know the giant leap this band did going from one of the few American RASH bands to one of many patriotic and rightwinged bands. To see that they made an even greater leap from a crusty anarchoband is actually quite scarry and makes me quastion the mental wellbeing of the bands members. How about sticking to something ey?

The sound is that exact sound that their later incarnation spits at, namely a crusty, noisy and quite preachy leftwing punk. Most of the garbage on this cd was turned of after less than a minute into the songs but even so i found some songs that where allright i guess. We can hear early incarnations of Break the system and Working class that would be remade for their Glorious five year plan CD but not by far as good as the later versions. These two songs are also the only ones on the record with any sound even resembling what i call Oi!.
Its sure a fun addition to my US Oi! collection but it's far from good. I love me some crust and even enjoy some crusty Oi! influenced punk like the early Oi Polloi but this just isnt my thing.

lördag 17 november 2012

V/A - American Warmachine Vol.1: For those who fought and died CD (2012)

A compilation i was supposed to do for the Memorial Day but ended up being to busy. Better late than never i guess. The tracklist can be seen in the top picture and all bands discography can be found on this site.

In disregard of politics and agendas some people go to their graves fighting for what THEY believe is right. No matter where you're from and no matter what your background is any man or woman with any sense of honor can respect that.
Some went so other could stay home and burn the flag, discuss racial equality and drink frappöchenos.

fredag 16 november 2012

This weeks re-uploads

Sadly enough i have had to much of a social life this week to post anything new. Next week people will hopefully stop dropping by constantly so i can spend my free time uploading music, watching porn and spying on my neighbours.

On trial - Underage & full of rage CDEP (2008)
Wellington arms - Valencia DEMO (2011)
The Burnt - Where’s My Head LP (1985)
The Burnt - Social disease 7'' (1987)
Moloko men - Oi! working class 7'' (1997)
Moloko Men - Drunk and poor LP (1998) (added complete coverscans)
Those unknown (2000) - Malice and misfortune 7''
Broken heroes (2004) - Split 7'' with Toughskins (old rip with old needle so the files are huge and not of the best quality)

onsdag 14 november 2012

Oi! will never die (22 Dec 2012)

Battle cry
Criminal Intent
Offensive weapon
Klasse Dirigente
Lonewolf NYC
The wolverines

Classic bands and some new and intresting ones as well. Only eight bucks to so if you live in the area you should check it out.

söndag 11 november 2012

New release from No Resistance

After the great 2012 release from Roots of exile Houston Dynamo gets another orangebursting crowdchant in the chape of the Time Immemorial LP. This new release by No resistance is still in the pressing stages and no said date has been set but be on the lookout and check them out on reverb in the meantime.

lördag 10 november 2012

Anti-heros - Murder one CD (1995)

01. Murder one
02. Back to Manzanar
03. Fuck Hollywood

Released GMM in 1995.

This little CDEP  caused quite a stur in many ways and it's not the obvious one i am talking about. As anyone might think a murdered black man on the cover of a skinhead band with the title Murder one might be taken as a call for racial warfare by those without a clue. Just like the bands cover of Rock'n'Roll Nigger i think it was intentional and made for chockvalue, something we who knew/know where the Anti-heros stood in politics can laugh at.
The big talk atleast in the US scene was the lyrics to the first track on the record. The song surrounds a murder of a homeless man who also was a vet and Anti-heros go rough by naming the names of the guilty murderers.... only problem was that the two guys called out in the song where innocent to the dead. Not only did the media destroy these kids forcing them to move but to put fuel to the fire this song is taken as the truth by most today. I am sure the song was made with all the right intentions but for me it just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

The other two songs are well known and probably owned by all who read this so i wont go into it anymore than saying that Fuck Hollywood must be one of the funniest songs of 90's Oi!.

torsdag 8 november 2012

New band: The wolverines

Another great and brutalsounding band out of the Eastcoast. This band will be releasing a 7'' through United Riot next year so be on the lookout. http://unitedriotrecords.bigcartel.com/

Real American Oi!


This city
 Anthem (Anti-RAF)

söndag 4 november 2012

New band: Lonewolf NYC

Brand new band from the backstreets of the big apple. Rough and violent sound with resemblence to other Eastcoast bands that has come before them. Buy their demo here

Rapist (Combat 84 cover)

Smash the ARA

Yellow Stitches - Queen City Eve (Music Video)

Not only is their new album fantastic but they also did something as rare as a punk video that didnt make me blush in embarassment (Evil conduct).

torsdag 1 november 2012

Toughskins - Raised in anger LP (1995)

Band from Los Angeles not to be confuced with the Florida band with the same name.
The band was formed in 1993 by Adrian on vocals, Mike on drums, Jody on guitar and Danny on bass. In 1995 they released their first and only full-lenght record through Vulture Rock (this one) and appeared on Backstreets of American Oi! and Superyobs Vol.2 before splitting up in 1996.
During this split the band branched out into two new bands as Adrian and Mike formed Fully Loaded and Danny & Jody went on to for the band Rot-N-Roll.

In 2004 Adrian and Mike reformed the band with a new guitarist and bass-player, this version of the band didnt stay around for long but got around to releasing a split with Broken heroes before splitting up again (album can be found here).

In 2010 Danny decided it was time to punch some life intot he corpse that was Toughskins and with some new faces in their line-up they started doing shows again. This new line-up is Danny (now on vocals), Mike, Chris and Chavlon (think she used to play in Strongarm and the bullies, stop me if i'm wrong).

The "new" Toughskins have just released an EP called Anger Management through Randale Records and have more releases planned in the future so to keep updated by visiting their facebook (anyone who has followed the site know my thoughts on facebook so find the link yourselfs).
Thanks to JayB and Danny for the info.

01. We are the Toughskins
02. Get drunk
03. Get arrested
04. I know you
05. School of hardknocks
06. Skinhead
07. 25 miles
08. Take the pain
09. Lucky to be alive
10. Strike

Released by Vulture Rock in 1995 and later re-issued by Dim Records on cd in 1998 (my upload contains artwork for both releases but audio tracks are from the CD).

This band is far from a new experience for anyone even remotly familuar with American Oi! music. These boys are legends and well deserved of their status. They have a distinct 90's sound going and play somewhat the same kind that Fatskins played (only thing these guys sound good while doing it).

The song opening up the album is in my oppinion the weakest and fail in the same way that Fatskins often failed, song sounds like a joke rap-song lets just leave it at that. Though on Get drunk they make a u-turn and  deliver what i think is one of the most iconic songs of the 90's scene (maybe because i grew up on the Backstreets album). Tightly followed by Get arrested and later crushed by the wonderfull anthem called Skinhead its not hard to understand why this band is one of the few who actually got a name for themselfs overseas.

As most probably allready own the record i will stop pestering you all with my thoughs and get on with my day.