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fredag 16 november 2012

This weeks re-uploads

Sadly enough i have had to much of a social life this week to post anything new. Next week people will hopefully stop dropping by constantly so i can spend my free time uploading music, watching porn and spying on my neighbours.

On trial - Underage & full of rage CDEP (2008)
Wellington arms - Valencia DEMO (2011)
The Burnt - Where’s My Head LP (1985)
The Burnt - Social disease 7'' (1987)
Moloko men - Oi! working class 7'' (1997)
Moloko Men - Drunk and poor LP (1998) (added complete coverscans)
Those unknown (2000) - Malice and misfortune 7''
Broken heroes (2004) - Split 7'' with Toughskins (old rip with old needle so the files are huge and not of the best quality)

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