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måndag 19 november 2012

Total annihilation - St CD (their first album)

01. Break the system
02. ----- (Ok song)
03. Working class
04. -----
05. Smash the facists
06. -----
07. ----- (Actually a really good song)
08. -----
09. -----
10. -----

Unknown release. Probably selfreleased as a demo but the tracklist and the date is more then i know.

Holy shit this is fucking rare!!! A CD that not even the band mentions in their discography and  most people into US Oi! would give their left arm to have..... only problem is they would probably slit their other arm after listening to it.

The record was bought through a mistake by Ryan Reinbold who bought their The great Patriotic War at a vintage market... atleast he thought he did but when he came home he opened the tray and noticed this little strange CD inside. What he found was some obscure and atleast to my knowledge unknown first demoCD by the band. Tons of thanks for sending it my way Ryan.

At first sight one can clearly see the band is as confuced as their sound through the years. In their bandname they dont only include the anarchist symbol but through intense creativity and what i think is insanity they also manage to include the animal liberation logo, the chaos logo, an upside down cross and what i think is the Blair witch project A. Anyone into US oi! know the giant leap this band did going from one of the few American RASH bands to one of many patriotic and rightwinged bands. To see that they made an even greater leap from a crusty anarchoband is actually quite scarry and makes me quastion the mental wellbeing of the bands members. How about sticking to something ey?

The sound is that exact sound that their later incarnation spits at, namely a crusty, noisy and quite preachy leftwing punk. Most of the garbage on this cd was turned of after less than a minute into the songs but even so i found some songs that where allright i guess. We can hear early incarnations of Break the system and Working class that would be remade for their Glorious five year plan CD but not by far as good as the later versions. These two songs are also the only ones on the record with any sound even resembling what i call Oi!.
Its sure a fun addition to my US Oi! collection but it's far from good. I love me some crust and even enjoy some crusty Oi! influenced punk like the early Oi Polloi but this just isnt my thing.

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  1. Oh, cool man, THANX very much for the post, some interesting stuff, of course and for sure.
    ... damn it, don't really know what to think of it. I mean, musically this is damn different and I would say this is some Crass/Conflict like Anarcho Punk with some new breed of UK 82 HC Punk like Total Chaos from LA in it (not Crust, lacks the heavyness, atmosphere and the sinister attitude, in my opinion) and has nothing to do with something anyhow like Oi!, beside the song "Working Class" that is musically and lyrically very different than the rest of the album. Fits not really in there. Personally I like circa four songs, but "Break the System" and "Working Class" are basically the only two songs sticking in my head. The rest is more or less not that great or even good after all, and especially they should have cutted down the whole guitar solo playing to zero, it's terrible.
    But what's making me even more confused then their musically changes are their lyrically and politically changes. I somehow really ask myself how serious this band can be taken after all. At first, no problems, because I see in between their "Glorious Five Year Plan" and their "The Great Patriotic War" not so drastic changes, for sure they became a heavy patriotic and militant pro-US band but still remained Working Class, anti-capitalist and anti-fascist as fuck, so no problems with it for me, to follow their development back then. But with knowing (about) this one here...
    I mean, starting as a Anarchist Punk band (lyrically and musically) turning into a heavy Oi! playing Redskin band with also songs against Anarchists and Crusties is also already a big move to make, then going to be a militant patriotic band that then finally also did Skrewdriver covers and named even Landser back then at their MySpace site as one of their influences and this all just in a few couple of years, yehp, okay, that's a big move in a pretty short while to make. Okay, we all changed our politically views over the years, sometimes also in drastic ways, but anyhow and this heavily and in such a pretty short while, come on. Others would need a period of a decade or so to make such a drastic political move, in some cases a drastic change like this would maybe even take a whole lifetime, at least it's a heartfelt change of views and not just ''trendy turncoating'' or so. So I really ask myself what about this guys here?
    It's not that I ask their beliefs, but I ask myself if they ever had some valuable and reliable beliefs or if they just jump(ed) on the trends (musically and lyrically/politically) in their subcultural social environment?!? Then think for a moment what would have been up next: A White Power Metal album? Or a Anarcho Punk revival?
    Don't get me wrong, because, damn it, I still like this band very much, but I really ask myself how serious one have to take them and what about their sincerity and honesty?
    Strange things going on with some guys...
    - Manslaughter Andy

    1. Didnt mean crust as in Homolititia and their likes. Meant crust in its crusty punk form

    2. Yeahr, okay, crusty Anarcho Punk (like Oi Polloi), I got it... lately ;-)
      But anyhow, this album left me very confused about this band...
      They did with their "The Great Patriotic War" in my opinion one hell of an outstanding album, but all the background of the band how I know it by now leaves a foul taste in my mouth, like cheap beer leaves its marks after a drunken night at a hangover morning... no good taste anyway...

    3. I understand what you mean, their quite close shift is quite wierd. We all (me included) change our beliefs and orientations through the years to some extent, thats what growing up (and later growing old) is all about. But even so i have always had a hard time stomaching those who change every 2nd year like this band seemed to do.

    4. Yes, exactly, that's what I mean. Running with the pack, but okay, at least their later musical output is above any doubts... at least this;-).

  2. So a my friend Travis from American Defense Records forwarded this to me. Here's a short explanation.
    I'm Jimi, the singer of TA and the only one who was around back then. Yeah we started as a shitty UK82 type punk band and we all wrote different shit not to mention did too many drugs. Long story short i grew up, got a job, became a skinhead and went to college to get educated, wised up politically and otherwise and all the old members dropped off (i think there were like 7 or 8 different people who at one time or another were in the band). I basically became the asshole dictator of the band and took over all songwriting and most of the music writing. I don't really even remember when we did that recording to be honest but it was done for free (hence the shitty quality).
    As far as politics we don't have a specific agenda but we are patriotic/nationalist (no not racist) but are fairly tolerant of anyone so long as they tolerate us and don't shove their beliefs in our faces. I literally have good friends all over the political spectrum.
    We are currently on hiatus as i'm working on another degree and probably moving to Japan next year but i do have future plans for the band as well as some unreleased tracks.
    Anyone interested any further can get ahold of me personally yamamotojimi@yahoo.com i can send you a few interviews i did in the past to explain shit further if ya want

    1. Hope to see something in the line of "Patriotic war" and even if not then as ABBA would say "thank you for the music". All the best

    2. Yeah, all our stuff since around 2006 or 2007 seven has sounded like that. I probably should have changed the name of the band everytime drastic changes were made but i'm not that creative haha, also folks in Denver knew the name already and associated it with me. I guess i was too lazy to change names but we were effectively a new and completely different band.
      I have at least one or two unreleased tracks that you don't have on here, i could email if you like.
      I do plan to record a few more songs including a Sledgehammer cover or two.
      Our style will remain basically what it was on "The Great Patriotic War".
      I'm honored that you folks have kept up w/ our band history (even the more ridiculous periods haha).
      Keep up the good work with the site.


      oh, and how do i register on here? Unfortunately i don't speak Swedish so i don't understand some of the instructions

    3. To join there is a whole bunch of secret meetings one has to attend, nothing for the weak of heart. To be honest i dont relly know how it loks on your end but if you have a blogger account i think it's as easy as pressing the "Anslut dig till denna sida" button up at the members section.
      Love some Samurai SSS and only problem i have with it is i never seem to understand what the hell they are singing in the songs so an American version of SH's songs would be great. I always enjoyed your covers all from early Skrewdriver to the Hardsole one. Email away and also keep me updated on any future records and im sure to promote them on the site.

  3. Oh, and for the record, i didn't even know anyone still knew we ever existed so i guess i'm flattered.