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lördag 10 november 2012

Anti-heros - Murder one CD (1995)

01. Murder one
02. Back to Manzanar
03. Fuck Hollywood

Released GMM in 1995.

This little CDEP  caused quite a stur in many ways and it's not the obvious one i am talking about. As anyone might think a murdered black man on the cover of a skinhead band with the title Murder one might be taken as a call for racial warfare by those without a clue. Just like the bands cover of Rock'n'Roll Nigger i think it was intentional and made for chockvalue, something we who knew/know where the Anti-heros stood in politics can laugh at.
The big talk atleast in the US scene was the lyrics to the first track on the record. The song surrounds a murder of a homeless man who also was a vet and Anti-heros go rough by naming the names of the guilty murderers.... only problem was that the two guys called out in the song where innocent to the dead. Not only did the media destroy these kids forcing them to move but to put fuel to the fire this song is taken as the truth by most today. I am sure the song was made with all the right intentions but for me it just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

The other two songs are well known and probably owned by all who read this so i wont go into it anymore than saying that Fuck Hollywood must be one of the funniest songs of 90's Oi!.

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  1. Thanks for uploading haven't heard this in years! The insert you uploaded must have been from a later pressing because I had the first pressing of it and it did not give New Glory any mention in the credits. I wrote Mark Noah a scathing letter about it back then and he wrote back saying it was a mistake at the printing press and that they meant to give New Glory credit. I guess he was telling the truth, good to see they fixed it.