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tisdag 27 november 2012

Antagonizers, new bandname and new EP

The antagonizers recently reformed under the new bandname Antagonizers ATL with a brand new line-up and a new sound.

The new lineup is:
Bohdan Zacharyj on vocals. Original member and played in such bands as Vibram 94 and Cut throat back in the days.

Richard “McDick” Henderson on guitar. Former member of The vaticans (i fucking love that band), Adolf & The piss artists, No holds barred and Radio nowhere.

Billy Fields on bass. Known Atlanta musician but i sure as hell never heard of him before.

Erick Antell on drums. Also he a former member of Radio Nowhere.

Band is currently recording new songs for a new release but until then this new EP can be downloaded for no less than 1,2,3,4 or 50 dollars at bandcamp (or for 0 dollars but thats just being disrespectfull). Go and get it at Bandcamp, or check out their new website.

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  1. http://www.emptyhandspvd.com/2012/11/antagonizers-just-my-luck-ep-review.html - i also did a review of this.

  2. Didn't Billy Fields sing 'Bad Habits?'....

  3. Antagonizers ATL hit the Studio, Engineered & Produced by Joe Queer (of The Queers), March 12, 2013. Then, hit the Studio, again, with Dan Dixon, soon after. 2 NEW E.P.'s will be released, in 2013, from the band- as well as Tracks on various multi-band compilations. To stay updated, follow on facebook-- facebook.com/antagonizersatl - or twitter. Below is a link to the song 'Hold your Ground' - http://youtu.be/QPLQ40R9HE0 to contact the band by email-- AntagonizersATL@gmail.com or message on facebook.

  4. Check out the newest item of the Antagonizers ATL clothing line- Hold your Ground design. http://antagonizersatl.bandcamp.com/merch

  5. Infa-Riot/ Antagonizers ATL July Tour dates.
    Antagonizers ATL will be launching a (Very) Limited Issue Version of the "Hold your Ground EP" on this Tour.
    Order 1 at http://www.antagonizersatl.com/, facebook.com/antagonizersatl, or AntagonizersATL@gmail.com
    Check 1 of the above sites for pics and details...

  6. The Infa Riot- Antagonizers ATL North American Tour, of 2013, was Great!!! Neither band wanted the Tour to end...
    We met MANY new people & heard MANY bad jokes-
    (The people were much better than the jokes!)
    Pictures & videos can be found on Google, You tube, etc...
    Hope all is well at USofOi!ofSweden!...

    1. Nice to hear that. Cant seem to find any footage from the latest tour only from the shows you did last year. Have you uploaded them on youtube yet?

    2. Check the Band page (&/or band member's pages) on facebook, Twitter, or Google+-