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lördag 30 januari 2010

Bovver 96 rare tracks from 1997.

I uploaded these two tracks since they was never released on any of their albums. The songs are Piece of American Pie and Rest In Pain and was featured on Helen of Oi!'s compilation Punks, skins and herberts Vol.2 in 1997.
Rest in pain is about a crazy woman locked up in an asylum and how she got there.
Piece of American pie is about choosing not to fit in and not striving towards the same goals that others seem to do.

Bovver 96 - 96 bottles of beer (1998)

01. Bonney & Reed
02. Gruss dick Klauss
03. Hammer and brickwall
04. High treason
05. Desentisized
06. The city of brotherly hate
07. Mischief night
08. ETOH
09. The devil went to Jersey
10. Numbskull
11. Trouble
12. Late to work
Released by Walzwerk records in 1998.

(Update April 7 2012: Uploaded the album again and added full coverart this time.)

New bassplayer and a little bit more relaxed Diedre. To bad both those things are negative. Jeff still plays bass on 4 of the tracks (the better ones).
I miss the raw and dirty sound from their old EP's and this is a good example that cleaner and produced songs often are negative when it comes to Oi!.
In no way is this a bad album, it contains my favourite track by the band called Hammer and brickwall and atleast 3 other superb songs but something is just of with many of the songs (Desnetisized to name one).
The band went their seperate ways after this release.

Bovver 96 - Knuckle girls 7'' (1997)

01. Rage
02. 1408
03. Stuck in a rut
04. Knuckle girls

Second ep by the band and they are now as they proclaim themselfs "the band that putts the cunt back into country music".
Andrew adds some nice backing vocals on two of the tracks but besides from that its just Diedre shouting, this time even more pissed then before.
First (and the best) track is about Rage and the way that some get hooked on it like a drug. The best lyrics is found on 1408 where we can find Diedre laughing at the statement that skinheads stand united with the chorus "On the westcoast their fighting gang versus gang/on the eastcoast its fighting race versus race.Skinheads united HAHAHAHAHA".
The last track entitled Knuckle girls Diedre hands out punches to the ubermacho skinhead scene and makes it clear that she and her friends are more then some piece of ass.
Top girl, top band, ugly coverart.

Bovver 96 - Ghetto Oi! 7'' (1996)

01. Ghetto Oi!
02. Remember the day
03. Clockwork chameleon
04. 96

Released by Steelcomb Records in 1996.

Classic Oi! band from Philadelphia that had a female vocalist. Where around in the glory days of Us Oi! in the mid 90's. The band consister of Jersey Diabla aka Diedre on vocals, Juston on bass, Andrew on guitar and Jeff on bass (left the group in 1998 and was replaced by Nick).
Some of the members later went on to form The breaker boys.

I dont usually like punkbands fronted by a female vocalist since most of them never produce that intense anger that a good vocalist needs (with some exceptions). Diedre on the other hand must have constant PMS and could even shout the shit out of Roger Mirret.
Best track is Ghetto Oi! that is a song to infiltrators in the scene and an anthem to all dirty skins that live the life instead of dressing up as if they did.
Even if its not the best they have released its a solid first release.

Various artists - Oi! its party time...... Volume one 7'' (1995)

01. The wretched ones - Killing for fame
02. The choice - Trendy girl
03. Dickheads - Dont care (France)
04. The service - Never trust the press

Released by One by one records in 1995.

A nice collectable EP by French label One by one that came out in 3 pieces. This one had 3 American bands, volume 2 had none and volume 3 that came out in 1997 had 2.
The long title for this release was Oi! its party time for real workingclass kids but i dont really understand the title cause none of the tracks are really "partysongs". If i was to make a party oriented album with American Oi! i would have added Patriot instead. All these songs was released on the artists albums so there is really nothing exclusive for this record either.
Great selection by The wretched ones and The service added one of my favourite tracks to finish the album of.
Since its nothing exclusive on the EP its for collectors only (the mp3's are for free though).

fredag 29 januari 2010

The choice - Sunday soccer (1994)

01. Sunday soccer
02. Lost generation
03. Punks, skins & herberts
04. Dump the congress
05. Homeless in L.A.
06. Underdogs
07. 19 & bored
08. Not supposed to be
09. Alcohol abuse
10. The garage
11. Woking class stress
12. Free flight (instrumental)
13. Tonight

(The last tracks have wrong file-names and due to lack of intrest for the album and band i wont put down the effort into changing them. D.I.Y. after download)

Released by Helen of Oi! in late 1994.

Not the best quality since its an old rip of an old and scarred LP (not mine by the way i have better things to put my money on) but even great soundquality wouldnt have made me like it.
I know i will get hatemails for this but i am one of those that never understood what the whole thing with The Business was. Only their first LP was truly good and this one reminds me of their later things... not good.
Just naming the album Sunday soccer is enough to put me off. If your gonna be an American brittband you could atleast have named it Football sunday.
3 good tracks on the album. Punks, skins and herberts, Homeless in L.A. and the last called Tonight but except for those its not much of an album.

The choice - Looking out my window 7'' (1994)

01. American Oi!
02. Looking out my window
03. Trendy girl
04. R.P.V.

Released by Brapp records in 1994.

This is definitely not my favourite band and i never really understood how this band could get the cultstatus it got.
Heavily influenced by the "kinder" British Oi! like Cock sparrer, Cockney rejects and the sort. The band is a bit to pop for me and even if the band is better musically then most other bands its just not my thing.
The song R.V.P. is ok. A fast and catchy tune that stands apart from the rest of the EP.

The choice (Introduction)

A band from Los Angeles that was active in 1992-1998. The band released one 7'' and a full-length album through british label Helen of Oi!.
Band consisted of Smitty on vocals (also played bass in Prop 13 at the same time), Miguel on bass, Mike Snow on guitar and last but not least "Screwy Louie" on drums.
In 1993 Tim from minor Brapp records found out about these guys and helped them release an EP in 1994 (would later be re-released by Helen of Oi!). Somehow Bob Burridge in England heard the EP and signed them to his label Helen of Oi!. Later that same year they released their first and only LP called Sunday soccer that was a massive succes (in punk) in UK.
Hated by many in US for their "wannabe" british attitude they still got much love throughout the westcoast and toured with many other big Oi! names until the breakup in 1998.

After the breakup many most of the members went on to bigger (and some smaller) things.
Smitty continued on to play with his other band Prop 13 (great band by the way) and later played bass and vocals in punkband Crisis point.
Miguel went on to play bass with the punkrock band The bombshells (still active today).
Screwy now plays drums in the Disgustingtons and Mike went on to play in The generators.

torsdag 28 januari 2010

Update for the new month

¤I have today added a new section for links to online recordstores that sell Oi! and US Punk. Go there and get the real thing and support the artists.
¤I have also updated my wantedlist that seems to be getting longer and longer every week. (Check bottom of the page)

Weekend bowlers - What are we gonna do about this? (2001)

01. Feminazi
02. Break it up
03. Drinkin with the boys
04. We'll still be here
05. Too deep
06. Strut
07. I know who my friends are
08. Answers
09. Carried away
10. Brown paper bag (The bruisers cover)
11. Drinkin with the boys (Live)
12. Thin line (Live)

Released by Haunted town records in 2001.

Damn this is a great record!!!!!
A bit more melody on this record and hell of more Bruisers influences this time around. This is yet another punkalbum that i cant understand why it never broke through its underground fan-base. The "hitpotential" on songs like I know who my friends are and We'll still be here are the kind that makes you question what the fuck the musicindustry is shooting up its arms. Give those fuckfaces a shovel so they can digg up some truly great bands for a change.
Personal favourite is the scene oriented song Break it up.
If it is brutal and violent Oi! you are looking for you will probably not like this album but if you give it a chance you will probably find yourself singing along on a lot of the tracks.

onsdag 27 januari 2010

Weekend bowlers - In over our heads 7'' (1999)

01. Stick shift
02. What's it all about?
03. We've been had
04. Thin line

Released by Cyclone records in 1999.

Talk about having a missinformational bandname. A weekend bowler is someone that does something like an amateur without having a clue what he is doing and this band is deffinetly no weekend bowler.
Think a mix of the Ducky boys, The bruisers and Bonecrusher and you come close to what these guys sound like. One of the most dedicated vocalists i have even heard and a talanted band to back that up. I dont know much about this band and it really ticks me off since i want to know what happened to the members after the bands demise.

The 7'' come with a great foldout cover in hardpaper that contains all lyrics (nowdays most bands just throw the vinyl in there and writes the bandmembers on the sleeve).
Three first songs are the best and its all originality the whole record through (even if Stick shift reminds me of an old Blitz track at some points hehe)
If you have any info of the band please mail me or comment.

Weekend bowlers (introduction)

Great band from New York that was formed around 1998-1999 and was first featured with 2 tracks on Cyclone records compilation CD from 1999 called Pure Punk. Original members was Chris Keller on vocals, Chris Brown on drums, Sean Canada on lead guitar and Al Mead on bass. Later on Al startedplaying guitar for the band and Tom Keller started playing bass instead.
They where only around the scene for a short time but released a 7'' in 1999 and a full-lenght in 2001.
They went on and off and did some gigs here and there but i dont believe we can see any new record/reunion anytime soon.

Vanguard - Hard road to travel (2008)

01. What we bleed
02. Brand new boots
03. On the run
04. Glory
05. United
06. PLC (Power, corruption, lies)
07. We are Vanguard
08. Patriot action
09. Working man
10. Fencewalker
11. The horoor show
12. Culture war
13. Fuck the blues
14. Fight to win

Released by Dim records in 2008.

Gotta love Dim records for releasing another great American band. Dont understand why many US bands have to send their demos oversees to get their stuff released.
This time the band has expanded and picked up many of ATF's old members to fill the ranks. Nathan, James and Joseph are still in the band and they have now added ATF's old vocalist Luke on guitar and Ross from ATF on lead guitar.
This made a more complete sound and even if many songs lack the quality that they had on their first release the album is smacked full of great song both lyrically and musically.
Best tracks are Fence walker, Brand new boots, Fight to win and the anthem We are vanguard exlaining ones and for all "We're not sharps and we're not racists".
Thsi record is still available in many distros so go pick one up if you like it.
Then buy it at..
Pure impact
Dim records

söndag 24 januari 2010

Vanguard & ATF - Stronghold split LP (2006)

01. Vanguard - Survival of the fittest
02. Vanguard - They want me dead
03. Vanguard - We wont believe you're lies
04. Vanguard - Blowing the lights out
05. Vanguard - Underground
06. ATF - Suffer the children
07. ATF - Hands of the few
08. ATF - Anti-U
09. ATF - A plague in our land
10. ATF - The hidden hand
Released by American defence records in 2006.

(Update 30 March 2012: Uploaded the album again)

Vanguard (not to be confused with the old American WP band with the same name) was formed in North Carolina around 2003 by Nathan (bass), Joseph (drums) and Joseph's brother Justin on vocals and guitar. They where featured on the Street Anthem release Backstreets of American Oi! Vol.2 with an early version of their track Survvival of the fittest. After this release Justin left the band and was replaced by James that was currently the lead singer of the Oi! band Beatdowns.
They released this split and a full-length in 2008 called Hard road to travel and are currently working on a new album to be released in 2010.

ATF (or American Terror Force for long) was formed in North carolina in 2005 by Luke (vocals/guitar) that would later go on to play guitar in Vanguard as well. With him was Big Chuck on bass that he had played with in the band The hooliganz some years before. Realizing the fact that a two piece band never really works they added Brandon on guitar (Luke currently played with him in a band named The Aggro-Vators) and Ross from Beatdown on drums (also Ross started to play for Vanguard later). The band was supposed to be an outlet for political anger and Luke's somewhat paranoid fight against the "New world order" but ended up being some of the best new Oi! relesed from the states. They where supposed to release a EP called A plague in our land through American Defence records but the label was shut down before the relese could become reality. The band featured some tracks on the 2007 compilation Skinheads armed with the truth Vol.2 but agfter that i guess the band just died out and most members moved on to join the ranks of Vanguard.

Enough of nerdy know it all scenism. Lets talk about the album.
5 tracks each of 2 great bands and production values of top quality it cant go wrong.
Both bands are a breath of not so fresh air in a time when all US skinbands seem to play irish folkcrap, ghetto HC or streetrock instead of Oi!.
They keep it simple and original and knock the shit out of most competition. This album sounds like Amerikan skinhead music used to sound like (the sound that this site is dedicated to) before PC punklabels talked groups into releasing shit that actually could be sold to the masses and everybody suddenly found out about there o so proud irish roots.

There is not one single bad track on this release but if i have to name a favourite of each band it has to be Survival of the fittest by Vanguard (even if i like the one with Justin on vocals better) and Anti-U by ATF.
These bands came from nowhere and showed that just because it has been done before doesnt mean you cant do it better.

torsdag 21 januari 2010

Hated and proud - American blood (2008)

01. We're not the enemy
02. Fight for your country
03. Police aggression
04. Come back
05. Everyone gets what they deserve
06. Youngblood (Keep the flame alive)
07. American blood
08. V.F.W.
09. Across the sea
10. H&P bootboys
11. Double standard
12. Red skin
13. N.B.C.
14. Newfound glory
15. V.F.W. (V.2)
16. American blood (V.2)
17. Spirit of 89
18. National traitors
19. Disorderly conduct (Arresting officers cover)
20. Around the world (The uprise cover)
21. Newfound glory (V.2)
22. Wonderful world (4-skins cover)
23. Shell of a city
24. Patriotic trend
25. Come back
26. Police aggression (V.2)
27. Keep the flame alive
28. Still skins
29. #4699 Daniel Faulkner
30. My nation
31. Strength & honor

Released by Diehard records in 2008.

This album is basicly their discography of early versions and unreleased tracks but compared to their older releases i like these versions better (even if the quality is 1/3 of the mastered ones).

The first 10 tracks are from one of the first bandpractices in 1999 (you can guess the soundquality). Tracks 2, 9 and 10 are the best ones.

Tracks 11-15 is the first demo they ever recorded called "89 in 2000" and was recorded by Scruff from Rival in 2000.

Tracks 16-19 was supposed to be released on a compilation album by the old site Realskinheads.net in 2000 but like most other good things that never happened. (I absolutely love this version of Spirit of 89).

Tracks 20 and 21 are two tracks that was cut out from their 2001 album Let freedom reign. Not the greatest tracks but probably the best soundquality on this album.

Track 22 is a 4-skin cover from 2001 that never made it on any album (i can hear why, not the best version i have heard).

Track 23 and 24 are from a bandpractice in late 2001 and i dont know what to say about them since the soundquality is shit and you can hardly even hear what Joe is singing.

Tracks 25-27 is the 2003 Cant hold us back 7'' that i uploaded before. A little bit better quality on this album though.

The last 4 tracks are from the demo they recorded just before the final breakup. These are the best and probably the most intresting. My personal favourite Still skins is a sad reminder how good it could have sounded if they never would have broke up the band.

Bandmembers WP connections and the fact that most song actually sounded like crap. This is a band that just has to have a place on the webbsite.
(31 songs and all in 320 kbit/s so the file is a crushing 170mb so download only if you know you want it)

Hated and proud - Cant hold us back 7'' (2003)

01. Come back
02. Police aggression
03. Keep the flame alive

Released by Barracuda records in 2003.

In 2002 the band had broken up and Andy had gone on to play in Max Resist. Not willing to let the group die Joe made another attempt to reassembel the original line up. The result was Joe, Andy, Abbot and Jeff on bass.
This was not a permanent line-up cause in 2003 Abbot left the group and they recorded the last 4 songs ever with a standin drummer (these songs later released on the 2008 American blood collection).

The songs on this EP might not be of the highest quality but in many ways better then the ones on the first release. A lot harder and way better drums and more lyrical diversity.
Best song in the bunch is Police aggression about..... police aggression.

onsdag 20 januari 2010

Hated and proud - Let freedom reign (2001)

01. Red skin (Red scum)
02. Spirit of '89
03. Double standard
04. V.F.W.
05. Disorderly conduct (Arresting officers cover)
06. Traitors
07. Citizens arrest
08. American blood
09. Natural born citizen
10. Red, white and blue (Cold as life cover)
11. No choice
12. You dont want us around (+hidden track)

Released by Dim records in 2001.

Even without a full band and some internal strife they managed to record some awesome songs in the early 2000. This is patriotic and in your face so if you dont like this kind of punk stay away from the download. The album is not in any way advanced musically but they deliver some great songs that fill their purpose. Best songs are the veteran anthem V.F.W., Citizens arrest and National traitors. They also take a stabb at the media and political police in their song Double standard (probably the be song lyrically).
This is the best album they released when it comes to production value but not instrumentally or lyrically.

Hated and proud introduction.

Something as rare as an actually good band from Detroit's scene.
Formed in 1999 by Joe on vocals, Andy on guitar, Abbot on drums (former vocalist of The catfish) and John on bass.
After playing some smaller gigs John was kicked from the band and replaced with former The catfich bassist Dolsen, though after some more shows both ex-Catfish members left the band cause of musical differences. Even with a lot of new members comming and going they seemed to form a solid sound that they would stick with until their breakup in 2003.
In early 2000 Scuff (from Rival) helped them record their first demo that they called 89 in 2000 ( a tribute to 77 in 82 by Special duties).
This demo contained many of their most famous songs like Red skin and AFW and because of the lyrical content of these songs they where banned by most promotors and pub-owners (cant be called Hated and proud for nothing haha). They also seemed to get more enemies then fans in their hometown and this was something that would continue untill they broke up in 2003.
In 2001 Dim Records signed them for a record and they got some promotional help in US by Dennis Chance from Bricks and bottles and Red, white and black. The result of their sudden musical fair wind was the Let freedom reign LP.
The band was dragged down by political differences and finally broke up in early 2002 just to get back together and release a single through Barracuda a few months later. In 2003 they recorded a 4-track demo but before anyone could hear it the band had split up for good. Many of the members went on to bigger (and not so good in my point of view) things. Joe the vocalist went on to front the RAC band Blood in your face and other members played on in bands such as the highly overated WP band Max Resist.

In 2008 Diehard records and Joe got together and released a CD packed with all their rare/demo recordings. Even if the members made shady carrer choices after the breakup this band was always a non-political political band.

lördag 16 januari 2010

Slow period.

I am currently waiting for records i have ordered from different distros and people around the world all comming in next week (hopefully).
So i am taking a break (working and having a life) untill i get them.
The records i am waiting for are (so you know whats comming on the blogg in the future).

Aires & Graces/Broadsiders - Longshot Split 7''
Better dead than red - Smash the reds
Bleach battalion - Model citizens
Boils/Disorderly Conduct - Split 7''
Bricktop - Born To Brawl
Broken heroes/Weekend warriors - Split CD
Counterattack - The Last Stand 7''
Crucial change - 33
Empire falls - We live to be hated
Empire falls - The underdogs
Empire falls/Antagonizers - Split CD
Fighting Chance - Terror Hate Fear
Garage Rats - Fuck Everything 7''
Garage Rats/Spat & The Guttersnipes - Split 7''
Hated & proud - American blood
Heidnik Stew - Trials And Tribulations 7''
Jacks - Concrete Death 7''
Loose skrews - More then a few
Lousy Break - Crappily Ever After 7''
Second To None - Wreck Of Rock N Roll
Skin Disorder - Scars And Stripes 7''
The trouble - Crime and punishment 7''
Total annahilation - The great patriotic war
Toughskins/Broken Heroes -Heroes Split 7''
Traditionals - Generation Of Today
V/A - 4 bands from jersey (Damn hard to find)
V/A - Backstreets of american Oi! Vol.2
V/A - Battle For The Airwaves Vol.2 7''
V/A - Better scene then heard
V/A - Fuck America 7''
V/A - No one gets out alive
V/A - Oi! dont pay the bills
V/A - Streets of america
V/A - Superyobs Vol.2
V/A - The east coast of Oi!

All these records costed me whole heap of money so think of me and all the overtime when you download them in the future. (Let me know with one you would like to see uploaded first)

fredag 15 januari 2010

Fear city - Our way of life (2007)

01. Old glory
02. Heros
03. Skinhead drama
04. South side pride
05. Side by side
06. FCS anthem
07. Beer goggles
08. Working class struggle
09. Chicago Oi!
10. Victory
11. Hippy scum
12. One more day
13. Dont turn your back
14. Fear city

Released by Nail wall records in 2007 (recordlabel started by the group).

Grant left the band cause his military service sent him to Korea and he was replace by EJ. Also new to the band is the rhytm guitarist Drew.
Contains all the songs from their demo except for the Romper stomper cover and a whole heap of new songs.
Dont really know what it is about this band that i dont like. I usually love this type of bands but i found myself turning of the cd and putting on Maddog surrender instead during the review.
All bandmembers are skilled as far as punkbands go and most lyrics are typical to Oi! but everytime i put on the cd i get stressed and want to turn it of.

Most tracks sound the same, Old glory is ok and Heros has a catchy chorus but thats as far as it goes.
Dont know if they are releasing anything new and simply dont care.

Fear city - Demo (2005)

01. Fear city
02. Pulling up the boots (Romper stomper song)
03. Chicago style skinhead Oi!
04. Victory
05. Don't turn your back
06. FSC anthem
A band from south side Chicago (and damn proud of it) that was started back in 2004. Original members and also the members on this demo was Nupe (vocals), Phil (guitar), Dave (bass) and Grant on drums. They later changed this lineup for the 2007 full release but the sound is the same. Hardcore influenced macho punk with a lot lacking in the lyrical department.

Not that i dont like aggro skinhead music but some can pull it of and some just sound childish (Fear city being the last). I dont really have the energy to spend on a description for this band but you can go to the Chech site called Backstreet Battalion for a good interview with the band.
The demo is great in production and has a good cover of the old Pulling up the boots from the movie Romper stomper with some lyrics replaced!?!? to fit their patriotic yet antiracist image. Also has a typical anti-terrorist/9-11 anthem called Victory where they talk about going undercover and finding militant muslims and killing them (something tells me that this is just more toughtalking from the band).
Much respect to Nupe for wearing an Effegies t-shirt (only wished that they could have sounded more like them instead).

torsdag 14 januari 2010

Strongarm and the bullies - Demo (2002)

01. Honor among outcasts
02. Gone
03. Tonight
04. Life down beer

A rare demo from Strongarm and the bullies that resulted in their 2005 release You had it comming.
Ericksons rare vocal ability is as good as on the mastered release. The demo features a song that never made it further then a demorelease called Life down beer. Its a drinkingsong with a damn catchy chorus like in the most of their other songs.
It has been a lot of talk about a new release the last months that is going to feature new versions of their old songs and some new old tracks that never made it to any recordingsession. Lets hope that some recordlabel catches up on this.

söndag 10 januari 2010

Beer mongers - The hungover Demo (2003)

01. American bombs
02. '57 ford
03. My own way
04. Dead end of the streets
05. Drunk bitch
06. Just wanna hate
07. I got a beer

Released as a free demo "EP" on their old bandsite back in 2003.

A band that originated from some drunken days in N.O.T.A.'s rehearsal studio. Three boys that found each other in a general loathing for the rest of the world and a common goal. To give the starving scene in Tulsa, Oklahoma something new.
They where supposed to be called Skippy's Hate Wagon at first but changed it to Beer mongers when they sobered up the day after.
The members whas Jeff on vocals/guitar (famous from his days in N.O.T.A.), Jason on bass/vocals and Mike on drums (used to play in Brother inferior and The scumbags).
In the summer of 2002 they added Chris on lead guitar and the year after they went into the studio to record this demo. In 2004 Chris left the band and they continued to do shows as a 3-piece band until they eventually went their separate ways.

A damn great demo and even if i aint no fan of N.O.T.A. i have always liked Jeff's vocals. Great soundquality for being a demo and there isnt a single song that i dislike. The best song is probably the mosty controversial one, American Bombs with the lyrics "We have come to wipe you out and we'll be glad, you got what you want now your gonna die, see them B52's up in the sky, Let them rain let them rain American bombs on you". Most will cast it of as racism and hate but you that can take it for what it really is will love the song.
Damn pitty they never released anything more.

(Update July 30 2011: The Chris that played lead guitar with the band from 2002-2004 was actually Chris from the infamous Midtown Bootboys.)

lördag 9 januari 2010

The few - Demo (2008)

01. England
02. The row
03. Working class
04. Loyalty

A band started in New York back in 1986 that was around for about a year but never released any records. Then years went on and Ron the old vocalist and guitarist kept on playing but in totaly other genres (jazz and metal). 20 years after the breakup of the first lineup Ron decided to start up the band once more, together with one of the founding members Mike Strummer on bass and a new drummer they recorded this demo.
Early in 2009 Mike Strummer was found dead and left Ron as a oneman band.
Ron refused to let the band die so he is currently looking for new bandmembers, writing new songs and playing with his other band (metalband DesDemon).

This band is heavily influenced by The Clash and it comes out quite obvious on this demo. They also blend in a bit of ska (England) and bit of metal (Loyalty) but when they really shine through is when they make popinfluenced Oi! (The row and Working class).
I cant really stand the song Loyalty but the other tracks make up for that. Its all very pop-friendly and the songs are the kind that get stuck in your head for days.
If he manages to find himself new bandmembers and a record deal i am sure it will be a hit even outside of the small Oi! cult (and i sure hope he does).
Much respect to Ron for not giving up.

fredag 8 januari 2010

American outlaws - Demo (2004)

01. Avenue A
02. All i want to do is drink
03. Mopar
04. Hold fast
05. Tattoo's and nothin' to lose
06. Dead end streets
07. Skinheads are on the street
08. East bank hooligans

(Update 16 March 2012: Uploaded the demo again)

A band from southern Louisiana formed in 2004 by Vince Knuckles (vocals/guitar), James Bridges (bass/vocals), Brady Armstrong (drums) and Ben Sidlow (lead guitarist).
They are a part of the East bank hooligans crew (together with AZ's and others) and like all skinheadbands they say they have a reputation for breaking up every place they play (a strategic action for getting gigs). They had the biggest shot in 2004 when they got the chance to open for Hudson Falcons but they actually ended up clearing the room and only 10 people stayed to see the Falcons (are they really that bad live!?!?).

They sound like classic Oi! with streetpunk influences but they also sound like shit....
They where supposed to have recorded an album back in 2007 but for apperent reasons it never happened. Maybe these guys have gone on to bigger things and maybe they are great in the new bands but i simply dont give a shit because this isnt good in any way.
Avenue A is a good song even if its in demo-quality but the rest..... no.

Lyrics for H.A.D. by Across the hudson

This song goes out to all the construction workers in 1970. They stood up for what's right, they stood up against the college elite, and beat their fucking heads in! COMMIE!!

A forgotten day in our history
Over 50,000 hardhats took to the New York city streets
And they where met with rocks and evil words of hate
But their later actions would soon prove to be great

H.A.D. - Back in 1970
H.A.D. - I wont forget my history....

These college hippies started it
With their cowardly attack
But these working men knew
It was time to take their country back
So the cops backed off and let these brave men through
And they all carried a flag and it was...
Red, white & blue - America!

H.A.D. - Back in 1979
H.A.D. - When the workingclass takes to the streets

Tradesmen stormed the dorm at the university of Pace
And these college cowards ran
No they werent even willing to face
Working men chased traitors down
And cornered them like rats
Then unleashed the fury of a New York city hardhat

H.A.D. - Back in 1979
H.A.D. - When the workingclass takes to the streets
H.A.D. H.A.D. H.A.D.

All they wanted to do
Was honor friends that served
And they where met with senseless violence
So they gave the traitors what they deserved
So i think of this day and my heart beats with pride
Off how these true patriots stood up
For their best friends that had died

H.A.D. - Back in 1979
H.A.D. - When the workingclass takes to the streets
H.A.D. - The way that i think it should be
For god and country
H.A.D. - When the workingclass takes to the street

Information for the song H.A.D. by Across the hudson

As i always say this site wont be an outlet of politics left or right. This is not in any way a political crusade from my part just a vote for the underdogs.

Before i write the lyrics i have to explain what the song is about and the story starts somewhere around 1970 at the today infamous Kent State shootings where 4 "peace" protesters was shot down by policemen. What the liberal media always forget was that these protestors was part of the Communist front group that had tight connections to the Vietnamese communist party that America WAS IN WAR WITH! They where shouting kill!kill!kill! and throwing bricks of concrete. FIFTY-EIGHT guardsmen was injured, knocked to the ground and beaten, they paniced and opened fire at the crowd for 13 seconds killing 4 of the rioters. Well maybe being shot is an outcome when beating on a uniformed man with a gun.... i dont know?

Some days later the mayor of New York John Lindsay ordered that the American flag on all city buildings should be lowered to half staff. Remember this was at a time when hundreds of Americans died in vietnam everyday and he decided to lower the flag in respect for some privilaged students that had conecctions to the group that the nation was fighting against.

Constructionworkers at the Empire state builing site found out about this and decided to show their friends in Vietnam the respect they deserved. When anti-war protesting students assembled at Wall Street (some flying the viet-cong flag) they didnt know that the REAL workingclass also had hit the streets that day. This was the showdown of one of Americas most forgotten events The hard-hat riots.

By noon thousands of workers from around NY had assembled (some flying signs like America, love it or leave it) and many of them had come to do more then support their troops. Around a hundred of the hardhats started moving towards the policeline that seperated them from the students. After some hateful shouting from both sides a man in his mid 40's (the man in the picture) spit on one of the workers American flag and all hell broke loose. The man was chased up on the Washington monument and beaten to a pulp by the angry mob. They chased and beat the students that wasnt used to any oppositions in their riots. After some sceenes that by vitneses looked like a warzone the workers decided to storm the building and raise the American flag to full staff.

The only thing the the media talked about after this event is the fact that the police stood by and never helped the students. Well maybe the guy throwing rocks at you aint the biggest priority when the shit goes down?

What i never understood is how come this day has been wiped out of American history and how come the Hollywood elite that loves these type of scenes hasnt made even 1 single movie about this event?

torsdag 7 januari 2010

Stormwatch playing their "reunion" show 2006.

From a show they did in Delavare 2006. The quality of the vid aint that good and the
soundquality is even worse but if its quality you want go buy some Green Day dvd or something. Some celebrities can be seen in the audience (Reverend Sinister from Hub City stompers taking the mic and mumbling something about PCP and chicks at one point).
Well fights break out and PC-punks shake their heads... nothing new since their old sets.

The songs in the set are:
Bring the violence
Night comes down
Teenage slag
Back to our roots
Wanna be
Will work for beer
The first time
and the alltime great Bootles are flying.

Across the hudson - Our side of the story (2000)

01. Across the hudson
02. Aware of our surroundings
03. Our side of the story
04. Ungrateful
05. H.A.D. (Honor American Day)
06. Average man
07. He's comming back!
08. Herman Achtzehn R.I.P.

Released by Pure Impact in 2000.

A sideproject with Joe Falzone from the infamous HC band Tears of frustration. The band consisted of members from both New Jersey & New York and therefore the name Across the hudson is a perfect bandname.
Cant say i know much more then the names of the other members and except for Joe i dont know the history of any of them so i will keep this short and concise.

The music is minimalistic punkrock and reminds me of early Skrewdriver and even a bit of Templars at some times. Dealing with issues like decline of the society, working class pride and offcourse the god old bond enemy "the commies".
The lyrics are simple but very genuine and the album seems personal especially the last song that is dedicated to a bandmembers grandfather that fought and died in WWII.
These are all the songs that the group recorded and i dont think that we will ever see a second album. Joe Falcone later went on to his new band called Joe frustration (yet again overhyped hardcore). Me being an Oi!-junkie i can easily say this is his best project.

onsdag 6 januari 2010

Oxblood - Thug rock music 7'' (2009)

01. Thug rock music
02. Clockwork legion
03. Only the strong
04. Always right

Released by Clockwork streetrecords in 2009.

I dont usually upload this new records but its to damn good to wait for an upload. It was only released in 200 copies worldwide so the chance of me bumming their sales is not so big (they will sell out sooner or later).

It has now been 10 years since they released a record and as we all know even a simple genre like Oi! changes a lot in that time. I was afraid that they would either shot for the stars and make streetpunk or make tired copies of their old songs. Not true at all. They are still pissed, underground and non-pc and deliver that New York sound as aggressive as before and even if their sound is very simulair to their old they have "evolved" musically (i know my friends not into Oi! are laughing this as they read).

I wont rant about the lyrical content or what song is the best , just download it and listen for yourself.
Or buy it from:
Oi!aintdeaddistro (Sweden)
Bid on it on ebay (USA)
United riot (USA)
Bandworm records
Contra online shop

Oxblood reunion 2008

Oxblood reunited and performing their old track Under the boot at 2008 East coast Oi! fest. I uploaded some more of their show for you all to download. A Skrewdriver cover, Traitor and many more tracks (all from ECOF).


tisdag 5 januari 2010

Oxblood - 6 hard years (1999)

01. Oxblood
02. Under the boot
03. Warpath
04. Traitor
05. Our colors
06. Working class hell
07. Die hards
08. Our city
09. In the first
10. Justice
11. Wanted man
12. Revenge
13. Ruthless violence
14. The other side
15. Law man
16. Traitor (Original recording)
17. Police (Original recording)
18. Under the boot (Original recording)
19. Oxblood (Original recording)
20. Working class life (Original recording)
21. Our colors (Original recording)
22. Die hards (Original recording)

Released by Punkcore records in 1999. (not in 2001 like most distro's seems to think)

A "greatest hits" record consisting of all their songs recorded from 1992-1998 and a bit of a goodbye album. It contains their old albums and 2 songs that was released through compilation albums but also contains 7 never before released tracks that was their first recordings.
If you own their previously released albums this is not a necessary album. Mainly just for nerds that wants to know how the songs sounded before they where mastered.

Best track in the bundle is the one that was on US of Oi! vol. 2 called Our colors. Its a patriotic "hippiesmasher" anthem that gives a good portrait of their violent nature that they where known for around NY (Dont you burn our flag, our colors will never run).

Since it a "greatest hits" album it wont get the same treatment as the original records and therefore a lower grade.

Oxblood - Crime stories (1998)

01. Our city
02. In the first
03. Justice
04. Wanted man
05. Revenge
06. Ruthless violence
07. The other side

Released by Punkcore records in 1998.

So with a new drummer, guitarplayer and Mac on vocals they went into the studio to resurrect the band that most people thought was dead after Franks departure.
Even if Frank's voice and character was missed in the group Mac & Paul managed to hold the ground with this new line-up and continued to be one of the top performers in New Yorks late 90's Oi! scene.

Still got a distinct English Oi! sound and my favourite track from this recording Revenge sounds as british as it can get.
Even if i prefer Frank on the vocals Mac has qualitys that Frank never posessed. He has a way of "attacking" when he sings, giving it a really aggro edge.
Best tracks are Revenge and Wanted man.

lördag 2 januari 2010

Templars & Oxblood - The powerfist split 7'' (1994)

01. Templars - Victim
02. Templars - Bovver boy
03. Oxblood - Working class life

Released by Vulture rock records in 1994.
The last album that Frank did vocals for Oxblood (wouldnt re-join the group until 2008).
A split with fellow New Yorkers and Oi! gods in Templars. Phil that plays drums in Templars actually played in Oxblood to around this time.
Both tracks by Templars are great but they where both released on another album (Reconquista) in much better quality (stop mailing me i will get to Templars soon but since they have released so many albums i am actually dreading to write their discography. Maybe my next vacation;)
Oxblood delivers a dirty track about the life as a worker and hits the spot with a lot of the lyrics (live for the weekend etc).
All in all a classic release but it lacks a bit in soundquality.

Oxblood - Under the boot 7'' (1992)

01. Traitor
02. Police
03. Under the boot
04. Oxblood

Released by Headache records in 1992.

Its aggro, brutal and as close to British Oi! you could get in USA around this time.
A strong and solid first release and i cant understand why Frank left the group after the feedback they got from the fans. And to persue a career in psychobilly of all genre's to choose from.
The first track is the best and even though it might not be any advanced songwriting behind it the message gets through. Only song i dislike on this EP is the selftitled track that i can imagine is a crowdpleaser when performing live but on an album it just sounds lame.

Oxblood (introduction)

Legendary American skinheadband from New York that has been around since 1992.
The band was formed by Frank on vocals, Paul on bass, Mac on guitar and Harry on drums. They only released one album under this original line-up before Frank left the band in 1994 to concentrate on his psychobilly band and Mac the guitarist took over the vocals instead.
Harry also left the band in 1994 to concentrate 100% on his job as a tattoo-artist and left a gap in the band that was filled by Phil from Templars until Kevin joined the band in 1996.
The band split up in 1999 but re-grouped in 2008 with Frank back on vocals, Paul still on bass, Kevin on drums and Alex joined them on guitar (also playes in hardcore band Fed Up!, Offensive weapon and Carnage Crew).
With this new line-up they released a new EP (on their self-made recordlabel called Clockwork Streetrecords) in 2009 called Thug rock music (damn great comeback).

Being known for their no nonsense nationalist stance and "nonwhite" lineup they confused a lot of people back in the days. Even if the band is known for hunting flagburners and wearing not so fashionable jeansoutfits during livesets they will always be more known for bringing brutaly good Oi! to a city otherwise overflooded with "toughguy" skinhead hardcorebands.

fredag 1 januari 2010

Belligerent 86 performing Its over live.

Even if the soundquality is awefull in this recording from 2006 you can easily hear Houston'd awesome voice break through the crowds shouting like a steamroller.

Belligerent 86 - Off the wagon (2007)

01. Punch out time
02. Belligerent 86
03. Its over
04. Fuckhole
05. Saturday night
06. Down & out
07. Face me
08. Good hearted woman
09. Constantly
10. It gets better
11. Walking mari gras
12. Yesterdays hero
13. Song about beer
14. All we know
15. Been drinking (Sam Cooke cover)

Released by Shattered world records in 2007.

(Update 23 Mars: Uploaded the album again)

Band started in Austin/Texas 1997 by some members from the locally infamous Contradicks.
The original lineup was Houston Ritcheson on guitar/vocals (also playes in Brewtality Inc.), Bobby Fuentes on drums/vocals (also plays in The Oistrs, Blunt force trauma and Knocked out stiffs) and Josh Nash on bass (later replaced by Josh Purrpura from Endless struggle). Playing around Texas for some years as a three-piece band they broke up in 1999 to focus on their more succesfull "side-projects".
Reuniting again in around 2006 they had replaced Josh with Mike Conklin (later played in the skatepunk band Knocked out stiffs with Bobby) on bass and also added Doug-O from Route 23 on lead guitar.

This band is total surprise for me since i never had heard them before this album was released. And damn what an album it is! They really remind me about Beltones and Those unknown but with a more modern sound.
I can easily say there is not a single bad song on the entire record and the way that Bobby and Houston shares the vocal duties on the songs gives some good variety to the album.
One of those few punk albums that gives me a happy feeling when i listen to it and if you like good old drinkingsongs or just plain good music you will love these guys.
The best of the best is It gets better, Beltones inspired track Its over and Yesterdays hero that i think i have listened to atleast ones every week for the last two years.