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fredag 8 januari 2010

American outlaws - Demo (2004)

01. Avenue A
02. All i want to do is drink
03. Mopar
04. Hold fast
05. Tattoo's and nothin' to lose
06. Dead end streets
07. Skinheads are on the street
08. East bank hooligans

(Update 16 March 2012: Uploaded the demo again)

A band from southern Louisiana formed in 2004 by Vince Knuckles (vocals/guitar), James Bridges (bass/vocals), Brady Armstrong (drums) and Ben Sidlow (lead guitarist).
They are a part of the East bank hooligans crew (together with AZ's and others) and like all skinheadbands they say they have a reputation for breaking up every place they play (a strategic action for getting gigs). They had the biggest shot in 2004 when they got the chance to open for Hudson Falcons but they actually ended up clearing the room and only 10 people stayed to see the Falcons (are they really that bad live!?!?).

They sound like classic Oi! with streetpunk influences but they also sound like shit....
They where supposed to have recorded an album back in 2007 but for apperent reasons it never happened. Maybe these guys have gone on to bigger things and maybe they are great in the new bands but i simply dont give a shit because this isnt good in any way.
Avenue A is a good song even if its in demo-quality but the rest..... no.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, come on Bernando! This is better than a 3/10...now you're just being mean. LOL. There's some decent songs on here...some better production would help a lot, but it's not THAT bad.

  2. Someone who knows14 juli 2010 18:11

    What you don't know could fill a book, kid. This is a great American Oi! band, have no doubt. Other bands that have formed from this one are Ameriskins and Bite the Curb, whom are also good.

    Don't hate so much chief.

  3. Someone who knows14 juli 2010 18:14

    And by the way, the East Bank Hooligans of South Louisiana have absolutely no ties to a crew in AZ.

  4. As the man that booked that show in 2004. Two major things happened to kill that crowd. Counter Attack had to cancel and GBH and The Damned were playing elsewhere.

    Also that club sucked balls.


  5. Dont really see that me not liking the band has anything to do with me not knowing anything "Someone who knows".
    As i wrote the people in the band have gone on to other thing but that dont matter much because THIS is shit.
    I am not attacking anyone from the band (that i guess you play in) i am simply stating that this is shit music.
    Enough said.

  6. hahahahahaha, I played bass in american outlaws,and your info is a little skewed Our first show with hudson falcon's was actually packed and we've played with hudson falcons many many times since over the years. yeah this demo was recorded after four practices, by a hard of hearing cajun guy (sorry we aren't made of money we used what we had available at the time) I'm not sorry you never got to hear anything from us later either. Its funny how you feel comfortable talking shit about people and saying how bad things are without ever even talking to them. Its easy to type all this shit behind a computer

    1. I think your band sounds like shit. I write that i think the band sounds like shit. Where in all this do i become an arsehole? The fact that you played in this shitty band and take it as an insult when people dont like it makes me think all is not right in your head. What member of the band are you exactly or do you simply walk the line of anonymous online?