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söndag 10 januari 2010

Beer mongers - The hungover Demo (2003)

01. American bombs
02. '57 ford
03. My own way
04. Dead end of the streets
05. Drunk bitch
06. Just wanna hate
07. I got a beer

Released as a free demo "EP" on their old bandsite back in 2003.

A band that originated from some drunken days in N.O.T.A.'s rehearsal studio. Three boys that found each other in a general loathing for the rest of the world and a common goal. To give the starving scene in Tulsa, Oklahoma something new.
They where supposed to be called Skippy's Hate Wagon at first but changed it to Beer mongers when they sobered up the day after.
The members whas Jeff on vocals/guitar (famous from his days in N.O.T.A.), Jason on bass/vocals and Mike on drums (used to play in Brother inferior and The scumbags).
In the summer of 2002 they added Chris on lead guitar and the year after they went into the studio to record this demo. In 2004 Chris left the band and they continued to do shows as a 3-piece band until they eventually went their separate ways.

A damn great demo and even if i aint no fan of N.O.T.A. i have always liked Jeff's vocals. Great soundquality for being a demo and there isnt a single song that i dislike. The best song is probably the mosty controversial one, American Bombs with the lyrics "We have come to wipe you out and we'll be glad, you got what you want now your gonna die, see them B52's up in the sky, Let them rain let them rain American bombs on you". Most will cast it of as racism and hate but you that can take it for what it really is will love the song.
Damn pitty they never released anything more.

(Update July 30 2011: The Chris that played lead guitar with the band from 2002-2004 was actually Chris from the infamous Midtown Bootboys.)

3 kommentarer:

  1. The Chris guy that used to play with them was Chris of Midtown Bootboys. How's that for a bit of history?

  2. What Other Band's Did Chris Play On I Know he was allso on downright hateful?

    1. No idea. I didnt even originally know he played in Midtown bootboys.