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torsdag 7 januari 2010

Across the hudson - Our side of the story (2000)

01. Across the hudson
02. Aware of our surroundings
03. Our side of the story
04. Ungrateful
05. H.A.D. (Honor American Day)
06. Average man
07. He's comming back!
08. Herman Achtzehn R.I.P.

Released by Pure Impact in 2000.

A sideproject with Joe Falzone from the infamous HC band Tears of frustration. The band consisted of members from both New Jersey & New York and therefore the name Across the hudson is a perfect bandname.
Cant say i know much more then the names of the other members and except for Joe i dont know the history of any of them so i will keep this short and concise.

The music is minimalistic punkrock and reminds me of early Skrewdriver and even a bit of Templars at some times. Dealing with issues like decline of the society, working class pride and offcourse the god old bond enemy "the commies".
The lyrics are simple but very genuine and the album seems personal especially the last song that is dedicated to a bandmembers grandfather that fought and died in WWII.
These are all the songs that the group recorded and i dont think that we will ever see a second album. Joe Falcone later went on to his new band called Joe frustration (yet again overhyped hardcore). Me being an Oi!-junkie i can easily say this is his best project.

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