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lördag 30 januari 2010

Bovver 96 - 96 bottles of beer (1998)

01. Bonney & Reed
02. Gruss dick Klauss
03. Hammer and brickwall
04. High treason
05. Desentisized
06. The city of brotherly hate
07. Mischief night
08. ETOH
09. The devil went to Jersey
10. Numbskull
11. Trouble
12. Late to work
Released by Walzwerk records in 1998.

(Update April 7 2012: Uploaded the album again and added full coverart this time.)

New bassplayer and a little bit more relaxed Diedre. To bad both those things are negative. Jeff still plays bass on 4 of the tracks (the better ones).
I miss the raw and dirty sound from their old EP's and this is a good example that cleaner and produced songs often are negative when it comes to Oi!.
In no way is this a bad album, it contains my favourite track by the band called Hammer and brickwall and atleast 3 other superb songs but something is just of with many of the songs (Desnetisized to name one).
The band went their seperate ways after this release.

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