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lördag 2 januari 2010

Oxblood (introduction)

Legendary American skinheadband from New York that has been around since 1992.
The band was formed by Frank on vocals, Paul on bass, Mac on guitar and Harry on drums. They only released one album under this original line-up before Frank left the band in 1994 to concentrate on his psychobilly band and Mac the guitarist took over the vocals instead.
Harry also left the band in 1994 to concentrate 100% on his job as a tattoo-artist and left a gap in the band that was filled by Phil from Templars until Kevin joined the band in 1996.
The band split up in 1999 but re-grouped in 2008 with Frank back on vocals, Paul still on bass, Kevin on drums and Alex joined them on guitar (also playes in hardcore band Fed Up!, Offensive weapon and Carnage Crew).
With this new line-up they released a new EP (on their self-made recordlabel called Clockwork Streetrecords) in 2009 called Thug rock music (damn great comeback).

Being known for their no nonsense nationalist stance and "nonwhite" lineup they confused a lot of people back in the days. Even if the band is known for hunting flagburners and wearing not so fashionable jeansoutfits during livesets they will always be more known for bringing brutaly good Oi! to a city otherwise overflooded with "toughguy" skinhead hardcorebands.

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