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lördag 9 januari 2010

The few - Demo (2008)

01. England
02. The row
03. Working class
04. Loyalty

A band started in New York back in 1986 that was around for about a year but never released any records. Then years went on and Ron the old vocalist and guitarist kept on playing but in totaly other genres (jazz and metal). 20 years after the breakup of the first lineup Ron decided to start up the band once more, together with one of the founding members Mike Strummer on bass and a new drummer they recorded this demo.
Early in 2009 Mike Strummer was found dead and left Ron as a oneman band.
Ron refused to let the band die so he is currently looking for new bandmembers, writing new songs and playing with his other band (metalband DesDemon).

This band is heavily influenced by The Clash and it comes out quite obvious on this demo. They also blend in a bit of ska (England) and bit of metal (Loyalty) but when they really shine through is when they make popinfluenced Oi! (The row and Working class).
I cant really stand the song Loyalty but the other tracks make up for that. Its all very pop-friendly and the songs are the kind that get stuck in your head for days.
If he manages to find himself new bandmembers and a record deal i am sure it will be a hit even outside of the small Oi! cult (and i sure hope he does).
Much respect to Ron for not giving up.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I can't get around the guitars on "Loyalty" and something about the vocals on "The Row" bugs me. The other songs are alright though.

  2. Haha yeah i know. There is something metal about Loyalty that bugs me to. Damn cathy songs though