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torsdag 21 januari 2010

Hated and proud - American blood (2008)

01. We're not the enemy
02. Fight for your country
03. Police aggression
04. Come back
05. Everyone gets what they deserve
06. Youngblood (Keep the flame alive)
07. American blood
08. V.F.W.
09. Across the sea
10. H&P bootboys
11. Double standard
12. Red skin
13. N.B.C.
14. Newfound glory
15. V.F.W. (V.2)
16. American blood (V.2)
17. Spirit of 89
18. National traitors
19. Disorderly conduct (Arresting officers cover)
20. Around the world (The uprise cover)
21. Newfound glory (V.2)
22. Wonderful world (4-skins cover)
23. Shell of a city
24. Patriotic trend
25. Come back
26. Police aggression (V.2)
27. Keep the flame alive
28. Still skins
29. #4699 Daniel Faulkner
30. My nation
31. Strength & honor

Released by Diehard records in 2008.

This album is basicly their discography of early versions and unreleased tracks but compared to their older releases i like these versions better (even if the quality is 1/3 of the mastered ones).

The first 10 tracks are from one of the first bandpractices in 1999 (you can guess the soundquality). Tracks 2, 9 and 10 are the best ones.

Tracks 11-15 is the first demo they ever recorded called "89 in 2000" and was recorded by Scruff from Rival in 2000.

Tracks 16-19 was supposed to be released on a compilation album by the old site Realskinheads.net in 2000 but like most other good things that never happened. (I absolutely love this version of Spirit of 89).

Tracks 20 and 21 are two tracks that was cut out from their 2001 album Let freedom reign. Not the greatest tracks but probably the best soundquality on this album.

Track 22 is a 4-skin cover from 2001 that never made it on any album (i can hear why, not the best version i have heard).

Track 23 and 24 are from a bandpractice in late 2001 and i dont know what to say about them since the soundquality is shit and you can hardly even hear what Joe is singing.

Tracks 25-27 is the 2003 Cant hold us back 7'' that i uploaded before. A little bit better quality on this album though.

The last 4 tracks are from the demo they recorded just before the final breakup. These are the best and probably the most intresting. My personal favourite Still skins is a sad reminder how good it could have sounded if they never would have broke up the band.

Bandmembers WP connections and the fact that most song actually sounded like crap. This is a band that just has to have a place on the webbsite.
(31 songs and all in 320 kbit/s so the file is a crushing 170mb so download only if you know you want it)

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