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tisdag 5 januari 2010

Oxblood - Crime stories (1998)

01. Our city
02. In the first
03. Justice
04. Wanted man
05. Revenge
06. Ruthless violence
07. The other side

Released by Punkcore records in 1998.

So with a new drummer, guitarplayer and Mac on vocals they went into the studio to resurrect the band that most people thought was dead after Franks departure.
Even if Frank's voice and character was missed in the group Mac & Paul managed to hold the ground with this new line-up and continued to be one of the top performers in New Yorks late 90's Oi! scene.

Still got a distinct English Oi! sound and my favourite track from this recording Revenge sounds as british as it can get.
Even if i prefer Frank on the vocals Mac has qualitys that Frank never posessed. He has a way of "attacking" when he sings, giving it a really aggro edge.
Best tracks are Revenge and Wanted man.

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