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lördag 16 januari 2010

Slow period.

I am currently waiting for records i have ordered from different distros and people around the world all comming in next week (hopefully).
So i am taking a break (working and having a life) untill i get them.
The records i am waiting for are (so you know whats comming on the blogg in the future).

Aires & Graces/Broadsiders - Longshot Split 7''
Better dead than red - Smash the reds
Bleach battalion - Model citizens
Boils/Disorderly Conduct - Split 7''
Bricktop - Born To Brawl
Broken heroes/Weekend warriors - Split CD
Counterattack - The Last Stand 7''
Crucial change - 33
Empire falls - We live to be hated
Empire falls - The underdogs
Empire falls/Antagonizers - Split CD
Fighting Chance - Terror Hate Fear
Garage Rats - Fuck Everything 7''
Garage Rats/Spat & The Guttersnipes - Split 7''
Hated & proud - American blood
Heidnik Stew - Trials And Tribulations 7''
Jacks - Concrete Death 7''
Loose skrews - More then a few
Lousy Break - Crappily Ever After 7''
Second To None - Wreck Of Rock N Roll
Skin Disorder - Scars And Stripes 7''
The trouble - Crime and punishment 7''
Total annahilation - The great patriotic war
Toughskins/Broken Heroes -Heroes Split 7''
Traditionals - Generation Of Today
V/A - 4 bands from jersey (Damn hard to find)
V/A - Backstreets of american Oi! Vol.2
V/A - Battle For The Airwaves Vol.2 7''
V/A - Better scene then heard
V/A - Fuck America 7''
V/A - No one gets out alive
V/A - Oi! dont pay the bills
V/A - Streets of america
V/A - Superyobs Vol.2
V/A - The east coast of Oi!

All these records costed me whole heap of money so think of me and all the overtime when you download them in the future. (Let me know with one you would like to see uploaded first)

5 kommentarer:

  1. If this stuff takes a while or you just get the urge to post something...shoot me an email, I've got a bunch of these.

    Oeb Madskull posted "4 Bands From Jersey" over at Down Underground Network if you wanna give it a listen 'til it comes.

    I wish I knew you needed some of these, I coulda saved you some cash!

  2. Had most of them on mp3 but i want them for my collection. The only ones i didnt have was the 7''s from my wishlist.

  3. Yeah, I know what you mean. It's nice to own the actual records, but that's a lot of shit! I'd probably do it more often, but I have to eat. lol.

  4. Hmph eat?
    What kind of hippiestuff is that ;)

  5. Forgot to say...
    Aires & Graces/Broadsiders - Longshot Split 7'
    Bricktop - Born To Brawl
    Jacks - Concrete Death 7''
    Skin Disorder - Scars And Stripes 7''
    Toughskins/Broken Heroes -Heroes Split 7''

    That's a couple I'd like to grab (there's more, I'm sure). I need to order one of those Broadsiders splits before they are gone. Have you checked out the new Traditionals stuff? Good shit.