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fredag 1 januari 2010

Belligerent 86 - Off the wagon (2007)

01. Punch out time
02. Belligerent 86
03. Its over
04. Fuckhole
05. Saturday night
06. Down & out
07. Face me
08. Good hearted woman
09. Constantly
10. It gets better
11. Walking mari gras
12. Yesterdays hero
13. Song about beer
14. All we know
15. Been drinking (Sam Cooke cover)

Released by Shattered world records in 2007.

(Update 23 Mars: Uploaded the album again)

Band started in Austin/Texas 1997 by some members from the locally infamous Contradicks.
The original lineup was Houston Ritcheson on guitar/vocals (also playes in Brewtality Inc.), Bobby Fuentes on drums/vocals (also plays in The Oistrs, Blunt force trauma and Knocked out stiffs) and Josh Nash on bass (later replaced by Josh Purrpura from Endless struggle). Playing around Texas for some years as a three-piece band they broke up in 1999 to focus on their more succesfull "side-projects".
Reuniting again in around 2006 they had replaced Josh with Mike Conklin (later played in the skatepunk band Knocked out stiffs with Bobby) on bass and also added Doug-O from Route 23 on lead guitar.

This band is total surprise for me since i never had heard them before this album was released. And damn what an album it is! They really remind me about Beltones and Those unknown but with a more modern sound.
I can easily say there is not a single bad song on the entire record and the way that Bobby and Houston shares the vocal duties on the songs gives some good variety to the album.
One of those few punk albums that gives me a happy feeling when i listen to it and if you like good old drinkingsongs or just plain good music you will love these guys.
The best of the best is It gets better, Beltones inspired track Its over and Yesterdays hero that i think i have listened to atleast ones every week for the last two years.

2 kommentarer:

  1. sjukt bra platta. håller med, inte en dålig låt. bästa jag hört sen Templars "Phase II".

  2. Awesome... I'm truly honored that you like it. We are all back in the same city and will be playing some shows in the new year 2013! First show back is with M.O.D.!!! -danger(bass)