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onsdag 20 januari 2010

Hated and proud - Let freedom reign (2001)

01. Red skin (Red scum)
02. Spirit of '89
03. Double standard
04. V.F.W.
05. Disorderly conduct (Arresting officers cover)
06. Traitors
07. Citizens arrest
08. American blood
09. Natural born citizen
10. Red, white and blue (Cold as life cover)
11. No choice
12. You dont want us around (+hidden track)

Released by Dim records in 2001.

Even without a full band and some internal strife they managed to record some awesome songs in the early 2000. This is patriotic and in your face so if you dont like this kind of punk stay away from the download. The album is not in any way advanced musically but they deliver some great songs that fill their purpose. Best songs are the veteran anthem V.F.W., Citizens arrest and National traitors. They also take a stabb at the media and political police in their song Double standard (probably the be song lyrically).
This is the best album they released when it comes to production value but not instrumentally or lyrically.

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