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onsdag 6 januari 2010

Oxblood - Thug rock music 7'' (2009)

01. Thug rock music
02. Clockwork legion
03. Only the strong
04. Always right

Released by Clockwork streetrecords in 2009.

I dont usually upload this new records but its to damn good to wait for an upload. It was only released in 200 copies worldwide so the chance of me bumming their sales is not so big (they will sell out sooner or later).

It has now been 10 years since they released a record and as we all know even a simple genre like Oi! changes a lot in that time. I was afraid that they would either shot for the stars and make streetpunk or make tired copies of their old songs. Not true at all. They are still pissed, underground and non-pc and deliver that New York sound as aggressive as before and even if their sound is very simulair to their old they have "evolved" musically (i know my friends not into Oi! are laughing this as they read).

I wont rant about the lyrical content or what song is the best , just download it and listen for yourself.
Or buy it from:
Oi!aintdeaddistro (Sweden)
Bid on it on ebay (USA)
United riot (USA)
Bandworm records
Contra online shop

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  1. Great to see some new stuff from these guys. Thanks, Bernando!