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lördag 23 november 2013

The Broadsiders - Live at The Liquid Lounge (2011)

01. Defense of Cales
02. Castle Law
03. Big Boy
04. The Good Men Do
05. Modern Times
06. Southern Identity
07. Downtown
08. Old Country
09. 1836
10. Lion's Den
11. Mid-City Martyrs
12. We've Got the Cannon
13. Booze, Sex, and Breakin' Necks

Released for free by the band in 2011.

Thanks to Jay IRC for sending it and the band for giving the thumbs up for upload (even though i forgot to upload it).

Recorded at a gig in Dallas and unlike the last record i uploaded this is a proper bootleg doing what bootleg's should do. Giving free stuff to the masses without profit.

The Broadsiders has been known for making some sick liveshows and what better way is there than to actually record one and pass it out to those who couldnt be there. Not much for liverecords and the band DOES sound better in studio butas far as recorded shows goes this is one of the best that i have heard. Their guitarist is nothing but sick (for Oi!) and his southern rock roots go buckwild on some songs like Lion's Den Modern Times with high pitched guitars doin that "Lynyrd Skynyrd thingy". A nice addition to their discography and gets even better since they unlike most other bands dont charge folks for their liverecordings.

The good men do (Liquid Lounge 2011)

Stars and stripes - Shaved for battle 7'' (1998)

01. Skinheads on the rampage
02. American Oi!
03. Shaved for battle
04. Nothing to fight for anymore

Released by Gang Riot Records in 1998.

A release that screams unofficial moneygrabber bootleg from start to finnish. Some guy in Italy made this aweful artwork and printed 500 copies of the record under the name Gang Riot Records. He put some phony Japanese adress on the release and laughed all the way to the bank. The record contains classic songs by the band but since they have just been grabbed from the CD and put on vinyl without authorization from the band there is no way anybody should support this. Bootlegs should be fanmade or bandmade and should never include profit. If this was printed behind the bands back and given away for free then i would be all for it but since the guy made money on it i put it in the same folder as punk-websites putting up paypal links on their site. Faggoty "punk for profit" that need to get themselfs a dayjob.
Good songs by a good band but put on vinyl by some guy that deserves a beating.

måndag 18 november 2013

Brassic - Voice of Freedom CD (2010)

01. Infestation
02. Warriors
03. Pride
04. Fuck LA (Lonesoldier cover)
05. Hated & proud
06. Fight to win
07. Evil has landed (Arresting officers cover)
08. Time for change
09. Benders
10. Voice of freedom

Released by Hostile Class Productions in 2010.

Thanks to Hostile Class Productions for sending it to me back in 2010.

The band is currently in the works of releasing a new record in the form of a 4-song 7'' and with Mongo back from service in Iraq and a new guitarplayer i hope to get some more frequent releases from this band.

I dubbed this the "Best album of 2010" in 2010's Year in review so me celebrating it might not come as a big surprise to those who have been following the site through the years. I love it the few people that have heard it here in Sweden love it and 6 years on since the band started it seems only Americans seem to have a problem with the band. They must since this damn band is one of the most slept on bands of today on their hometurf. The band tours Europe and South America but seem to get very little love from their N-A friends. Most of you yanks i have spoken to have had either of two issues with them (1) the band is to political or (2) the bands lyrics are to cliché. The last reason is quite laughable if you look at the lyrics about working class, drinking, tattooes and "Spirit of 69" being sung by the biggest headlining US acts today. If anything Brassic brings back the violent undertone's of 90's and 80's Oi! that got me into the music in the first place. Shit is just to damn comfortable and candycoated these days so thank good for this album bringing a bootparty and stirring shit up.

Right from the first track Infestation it's easy to understand some might have issues with the bands politics. Infestation tackles the failed integration that exists in many states today and since Brassic hails out of LA it's not hard to understand where they got the inspiration from. Lyrics like "It's a black and white complication/Mixed up culture, mixed up situation/There's not much more i can say or do/We gotta pull together, i'll leave that up to you" shines light on a subject few other bands dare speak of in fear of being branded racists when just highlighting the obvious.

Warriors and Pride are quite simulair in their message. Skinhead anthems like in the old days all done to some of the best R'n'R today. Gotta love the guitars on Warriors.

Hated & proud was one of the last songs to be recorded and shows Brassic doing a bit faster punk. Even though i like their slower R'n'R songs they pass the test and deliver an anti-social and bareboned fightsong.

Fight to win and Voice of Freedom are by far the best songs on the album. The first one reminding me about the sound Brutal Attack had on their first album and the last one delivering an apathetic view on modern democracy with lyrics like "People we elect don't represent shit/They don't care until the're living in it/What of our empire that we gave away?"

Only song i have an issue with on the album is the song Benders. Not because i cant respect other peoples politics or because i dont give a shit whoever anyone else wants to fuck or because one of my sisters is a lesbian. It's just a childish song and as much as i like the rest of the album i have a hard time enjoying this song. A bit to much even for me

This bands lyrics might be punch in the face to some folks but Oi! is not supposed to be nice or fit for radio. It sure as hell aint supposed to cater for one specific political mass and thats why i fucking love Brassic and their stiff middle finger to everything correct and clean within the scene. Hopefully they keep on doing their own thing in the future to and as much as some of you out there will continue to secretly despise them i will keep on supporting one of the few bands worthy of support.
 (i also added the coverart from the LP in the upload)
Or buy it at:
Infestation (live at Live & Loud 2012)
Performing with member from Wrecking Dead on guitar and without Skinner on drums (no he has not gotten fat)

fredag 15 november 2013

Youth Defense League - Voice of Brooklyn LP + Bonus 7'' (2005)

01. New glory
02. Old glory
03. Soldier of fortune
04. The boys
05. Blue pride
06. Turncoat
07. Skinheads 88
08. Youth of America
09. The end
10. Turncoat (Original)
11. Youth of America (Original)
12. Skinheads 88 (Original)
13. Old glory (Outake version)
01. United stand
02. The banner
03. Skins for skins
04. Espionage

Released by Vulture Rock Records in 2005.

The grand finale for the YDL releases and what a finale it is. An LP with some of the best soundquality i have ever heard and a bonus 7'' featuring the bands first demo. The discography album from 1999 might contain more songs but the selection of songs on this release is just perfect (even though i miss The Banner but the bonus EP makes up for that). 13 tracks featuring a "brand new" song called Soldier of fortune which sums up everything i love about slow sounding US Oi!. This was truly a uality release and reminds me about how much i miss Vulture on the scene. They always seemed to pick up the stuff nobody else would tough and make it sparkle like a fucking teenage vampire in direct sunlight. The sound is superb and it looks way more fuckable than most modern releases could even dream about.

The most complete album by one of the most legendary band added with a bonus EP in classy mustard/orange. The record is sold out from most stores but if you manage to get ahold of it then keep it close at all time.

söndag 10 november 2013

Youth Defense League - American History CD + Promo 7'' (1999)

01. Intro
02. The boys
03. Youth of America
04. The banner
05. Turncoat
06. Some place else
07. Blue Pride
08. The end
09. Violence in our minds (Last resort cover)
10. Intro
11. Skinheads 88
12. The boys
13. Blue pride
14. Old glory
15. The end

01. Intro
02. Skinheads 88
03. The boys

Released by Vulture Rock Records in 1999

Most who follow the site know what i think about live-recordings being put on actual releases. This time around i can understand the initiative since this band is fucking legend and only a handful of old farts ever saw them live and experienced the real deal. My issue with liverecordings is that it only catches the sound which i guess only few go to gigs to experience. Only reason to go to a gig in my experience (something i hardly never do anymore except when it's something close to home) is to experience the feeling that a good liveband can deliver to a captive collective giving their all to support the band. If the sound was what i wanted then i would probably stay at home putting on a record and drinking cold beer without some spiky bastard kicking my legs to shit. No actually good band is ever better live than on record in my oppinion so since the records don't capture the atmosphere i see no reason.

Some songs are a bit differant than on studio recordings and some are actually really good even on this live-cd much thanks to the superb recording of YDL whose liveperformance i have come to understand used to be quite audio-chaotic.

Added the promo-ep that was given away at around this CD-release. Same songs, same sound quality but a bit of that sparkly vinyl-thingy to go with it.

fredag 8 november 2013

måndag 4 november 2013

YDL performing Turncoat (1988)

Youth Defense League - St CD (1999)

--Skins for skins demo 1986--
01. United stand
02. The oath (The banner)
03. Youth of America
04. Espionage
05. Skins for skins
06. Deathwish
--Skinheads 88 demo 1988--
07. Skinheads 88
08. Turncoat
09. Youth of America
10. Blue pride
11. The boys
--American Pride 7'' 1990--
12. Skinheads 88
13. Youth of America
14. Turncoat
--Old Glory 12'' unreleased--
15. Old glory
16. New glory
17. S.O.F.
--Livesongs from CBGB's--
18. Voice of Brooklyn (Skrewdriver cover)
19. The end

Released by New Glory Records (Sunwheel Records) in 1999.

An unofficial release by the same label that brought us releases from questionable acts like Johnny Rebel.
As a discography record this is the most complete but i have always prefered putting on the Voice of Brooklyn LP when listening to this band. That record was released in 2005 and sort of sorts out the garbage but anyway let's stick to this record for now.

Record starts of with the bands first demo with Rob on vocals that i uploaded yesterday. Two great songs but not really the best stuff by the band.
Tracks 07-11 covers the bands strongest release with Nick on vocals. The name Skinheads 88 can be confusing for some folks that are unaware about the songs original release year which was 1988. Back in those days PC-laws where still not in effect and people with "the wrong" politics didnt have to hide their faithin mathematic formulas like today. Long story short, the Skinheads 88 is about skinheads standing strong in 1988 NOT "Skinheads Heil Hitler" like some folks would have you believe. Anyway this cassette is probably the best stuff ever released by the band.

Tracks 12-14 was the band only proper release as a band and was released as "American Pride" through Oi!-Core records in 1990. Songs from their Skinheads 88 demo finally got a release but something went wrong in the creation of this EP since the songs actually sounds way better on the demo-cassette.

Tracks 15-17 was supposed to be released as the bands second release straight after "American Pride 7''" and had the workingtitle "Old glory". Something went wrong and the 12'' EP never got released until Vulture Rock Records picked it up in 2000 so at the release of this CD they where still unreleased and unknown by most people. New Glory is a smashing fucking song and probably the best stuff the band has ever recorded.

Finishing of the record are two live-songs from CBGB's recorded in 1988. The end can be skipped but the bands take on Skrewdrivers song Voice of Britain can't be ignored. Excellent song and a surprisingly good recording taking in the fact that it was recorded by a young YDL on a chaotic CBGB concert.

Not the best "aftermath record" with YDL but well worth your money if you can find it for sale today (which i doubt). I added the cd's complete coverscans since it's basically impossible to find tioday.

söndag 3 november 2013

Youth Defense League - Skins for skin DEMO 1986

01. United stand
02. The banner
03. Youth of America
04. Espionage
05. Skins for skins
06. Deathwish

First official release (even though it was a demo) by the band in the form of a cassette and some of the few songs out there with the bands original singer Rob doing the vocals. It's a demo but the quality is great. Most of these songs where on later comp-releases but the demo's best song The Banner only appears on this cassette with (1) the original name (2) Rob on vocals and (3) this sound quality combined so i thought i would upload it anyway. I have always liked Nick's way of singing better than Rob so i have never really cared much for this demo as a whole. Still interesting to hear the band in their youth.