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söndag 3 november 2013

Youth Defense League - Skins for skin DEMO 1986

01. United stand
02. The banner
03. Youth of America
04. Espionage
05. Skins for skins
06. Deathwish

First official release (even though it was a demo) by the band in the form of a cassette and some of the few songs out there with the bands original singer Rob doing the vocals. It's a demo but the quality is great. Most of these songs where on later comp-releases but the demo's best song The Banner only appears on this cassette with (1) the original name (2) Rob on vocals and (3) this sound quality combined so i thought i would upload it anyway. I have always liked Nick's way of singing better than Rob so i have never really cared much for this demo as a whole. Still interesting to hear the band in their youth.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for this, great to here some of the old stuff like this.Always liked this band from the golden days of oi!.
    keep it coming

  2. Long time no talk, hope all is well. I have a very strange YDL question I have the red vinyl single "Skinhead 88/The Boys" now I have heard that this was part of a live LP. Do you know if this is correct and if so, do you have the LP?


    Brian Guy

    1. Sure is. The vinyl came in red and blue (and white i think) and was only available with that Vulture Live record as a promotional EP. Will upload both of them next time.