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måndag 4 november 2013

Youth Defense League - St CD (1999)

--Skins for skins demo 1986--
01. United stand
02. The oath (The banner)
03. Youth of America
04. Espionage
05. Skins for skins
06. Deathwish
--Skinheads 88 demo 1988--
07. Skinheads 88
08. Turncoat
09. Youth of America
10. Blue pride
11. The boys
--American Pride 7'' 1990--
12. Skinheads 88
13. Youth of America
14. Turncoat
--Old Glory 12'' unreleased--
15. Old glory
16. New glory
17. S.O.F.
--Livesongs from CBGB's--
18. Voice of Brooklyn (Skrewdriver cover)
19. The end

Released by New Glory Records (Sunwheel Records) in 1999.

An unofficial release by the same label that brought us releases from questionable acts like Johnny Rebel.
As a discography record this is the most complete but i have always prefered putting on the Voice of Brooklyn LP when listening to this band. That record was released in 2005 and sort of sorts out the garbage but anyway let's stick to this record for now.

Record starts of with the bands first demo with Rob on vocals that i uploaded yesterday. Two great songs but not really the best stuff by the band.
Tracks 07-11 covers the bands strongest release with Nick on vocals. The name Skinheads 88 can be confusing for some folks that are unaware about the songs original release year which was 1988. Back in those days PC-laws where still not in effect and people with "the wrong" politics didnt have to hide their faithin mathematic formulas like today. Long story short, the Skinheads 88 is about skinheads standing strong in 1988 NOT "Skinheads Heil Hitler" like some folks would have you believe. Anyway this cassette is probably the best stuff ever released by the band.

Tracks 12-14 was the band only proper release as a band and was released as "American Pride" through Oi!-Core records in 1990. Songs from their Skinheads 88 demo finally got a release but something went wrong in the creation of this EP since the songs actually sounds way better on the demo-cassette.

Tracks 15-17 was supposed to be released as the bands second release straight after "American Pride 7''" and had the workingtitle "Old glory". Something went wrong and the 12'' EP never got released until Vulture Rock Records picked it up in 2000 so at the release of this CD they where still unreleased and unknown by most people. New Glory is a smashing fucking song and probably the best stuff the band has ever recorded.

Finishing of the record are two live-songs from CBGB's recorded in 1988. The end can be skipped but the bands take on Skrewdrivers song Voice of Britain can't be ignored. Excellent song and a surprisingly good recording taking in the fact that it was recorded by a young YDL on a chaotic CBGB concert.

Not the best "aftermath record" with YDL but well worth your money if you can find it for sale today (which i doubt). I added the cd's complete coverscans since it's basically impossible to find tioday.

10 kommentarer:

  1. Dude, I dig your blog but your claim that Skinheads 88 refers to the year the song came out is plain false. I’ve been listening to Skinhead/Oi! music since 1984 and I have yet to hear a Skin band chanting the year a song came out in their chorus yet I have heard countless bands chanting 88 in their songs. 88 is nothing new and it’s not just HH it also stands for the 88 words from Mein Kampf referring to the white race. It is a symbol that came out of the prison system going back decades. Like you pointed out earlier Nick was friends with Skrewdriver, Brutal Attack and Blood & Honour etc…he knew full well what 88 means. Not many people outside of B & H knew what it meant back then and yes it was 1988 so it got past Link records but don’t try to re-write history buddy.

    1. Any comment that starts with "I dig your blogg but.." should get an instant "don't read it anymore" from me but since you have been "listening to Oi! since 1984" i feel the need to answer it with something more.

      I can name around 20 songs where they chant the year in association with skinhead and if you've been listening to Oi! since 1984 you most certainly been listening to some of them yourself. I am in no way trying to re-write history, you are. I hope to god that people believe the band who themself claimed it stated the year of "skinhead comeback" instead of you. Fun thing how i commented on retards discussing the band being nazi's in my introduction and it didnt take more than 2 uploads before the first one commented.

  2. OK not sure why complimenting you on your blog is grounds for dismissal but anyway…I am good friends with YDL’s guitarist Claude (Seen in one of the photos you posted of them…the one where you give the band introduction, he’s the one wearing the hat) we have spoken about the topic before at length and he has suggested otherwise about the origins of the song. My take on it is yes it was the year but it was a play on that as well as 88 as a symbol. It’s pretty obvious if you think about it….they were an American RAC band as well as B & H sanctioned by Ian Stuart himself, they played under Nazi type flags…how in the world could it not mean HH? I am certainly not trying to rewrite history guy, I was there. I put out a zine in the 80’s called Skinhead Power…I reviewed their 7”ep when it came out. Not gonna argue back and forth with you but name one song (Not 20) where a band is chanting the year of the song in the chorus with Skinheads. I’m not talking about mentioning a year in a lyric or song title but actually chanting it in the chorus the same way 88 gets chanted.

    1. Just one song? "Loyalty - 99 Skinheads"

      You didnt compliment me on my site but claimed i tried to rewrite history by claiming the song Skinheads 88 wasnt about hailing the fuhrer. But lets look at the facts.

      (1) The band themselfs claim it's not about fascism in a recorded message.
      (2) You have spoken to a member that claimed it was about fascism.

  3. I couldn’t find any song by Loyalty called 99 Skinheads but did find one called Skinheads 99 by Freikorps but the chorus sounds like “Skinheads not all Nazi’s” again I said not just a date in a song title but chanted in the lyrics. I will give you that one anyway since this is pointless. I never said the band member I spoke to claimed it is about fascism, he eluded to it being a play on both meanings. Going by the band’s politics I don’t see how it can be any more obvious. I don’t know what recorded message you are talking about but I do know the band like to keep their past shrouded in mystery so I will respect that and leave this topic alone. I told you I dig your blog but you made a mistake, it’s not an insult to your blog at all. I think it’s great that you are offering up music for people to download. You just happened to open up a discussion about a highly controversial band so naturally you are going to get feedback that you may or may not agree with. Enough said. Good luck with the blog.

    1. "90's skinheads, 90's skinheads, 90's skinheads, 1990's skinheads" Not the best chorus but thats how it goes. Wierd that you have never stumbled across any others like it through the years. There are more out there.

      The issue i had with your original comment and this last one is that somehow you are take assumptions as facts. You hear the soing and see their politics and even though the band has never stated that the song is just that you take for granted that the song is fascist and that anyone who claims the opposite is deluded and "spreading lies".

      I don't expect anything from the shit i post since this is not a magazine and you are not a paying customer. If you would have anything but assumptions and quick connections of dots i could have accepted it because i don't know all but to flat out call someone a lier when not knowing yourself is just ridiculous

  4. I certainly never said you are deluded or a liar or spreading lies. You are entitled to your opinion about their song. All I am saying is it is not all about fascism or all about the year. It is a little of both. I am not basing this on an interview I read or heard but through interaction with the band themselves.

  5. "...It will be our new nation, built by blood and brawn
    And for years to come this will be our marching song
    Take it for granted as the same old story
    We’ll hang ‘em high as we hail new glory..."

    Bam! It just makes you wanna go and smash some hippies in. One of the best songs to come out of the American skinhead underground.

  6. Thanks for the upload Bernie.