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fredag 15 november 2013

Youth Defense League - Voice of Brooklyn LP + Bonus 7'' (2005)

01. New glory
02. Old glory
03. Soldier of fortune
04. The boys
05. Blue pride
06. Turncoat
07. Skinheads 88
08. Youth of America
09. The end
10. Turncoat (Original)
11. Youth of America (Original)
12. Skinheads 88 (Original)
13. Old glory (Outake version)
01. United stand
02. The banner
03. Skins for skins
04. Espionage

Released by Vulture Rock Records in 2005.

The grand finale for the YDL releases and what a finale it is. An LP with some of the best soundquality i have ever heard and a bonus 7'' featuring the bands first demo. The discography album from 1999 might contain more songs but the selection of songs on this release is just perfect (even though i miss The Banner but the bonus EP makes up for that). 13 tracks featuring a "brand new" song called Soldier of fortune which sums up everything i love about slow sounding US Oi!. This was truly a uality release and reminds me about how much i miss Vulture on the scene. They always seemed to pick up the stuff nobody else would tough and make it sparkle like a fucking teenage vampire in direct sunlight. The sound is superb and it looks way more fuckable than most modern releases could even dream about.

The most complete album by one of the most legendary band added with a bonus EP in classy mustard/orange. The record is sold out from most stores but if you manage to get ahold of it then keep it close at all time.

2 kommentarer:

  1. once again you given us a class oi band from the golden age, many thanks for this, i had these years ago but lost them.
    happy days.

  2. Soldier of Fortune = simply one of very best songs ever!!! YDL finally up here, YES!!! One of the best bands of all times!!! Call this two discs my own, love this release. And yes, with what you've written about Vulture is true, really a missed record label.