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måndag 31 maj 2010

Urban riot - On the streets (1998)

01. Factory song
02. Sign of the times
03. On the streets
04. 40 seconds
05. Fuck you
06. We hate everyone
07. Urban riot
08. Hard times
09. Class war
10. Last call
11. Skindergarten
12. Pulling on the boots (Romper stomper cover)
13. Last call (1995 Demo)
14. On the streets (1995 Demo)
15. Urban riot (1995 Demo)
16. Love it or leave it (1998 Demo)
17. Sign of the times (1998 Demo)
18. 40 seconds (1998 Demo)

Released by Trailer park records in 1998.

(Updated 13 April 2012: Uploaded the album again)

Even if Matt had left the band in early 1997 all these recordings are with him on vocals, except the bonus songs from their 1998 demo that has Milo singing. I like Milo's singing but i prefer Matt and the whole sound they had the first years. Its not as hard as their later songs and you can clearly hear the influences of early ska in the rhytm especially on the great track Hard times. The band that otherwise dont touch politcal stances with a 5-foot stick takes a bite at the WP scene with their song Fuck you and for a while you think that this record will have some serious political values but in the next song they state that they hate fags, commies, hippies and retards haha. Their goes their shot at ever getting signed to Insurgense records haha.
Last call is a great drinkingsong and is good both in the new and the 1995 demo version. Otherwise then that track and the early version of Love it or leave it (would later be remade for their 2005 album) the demotracks aint much to have but their free so what the hell.
(Stay clear of the awefull coversong from Romper stomper its the worst version i have ever heard.)

Urban riot (introduction)

Classic skinhead group from New York playing American Oi! as it should sound. The band is well known for its relaxed stance against all politics in the scene (though personally always a anti-rasicist band). Being a band of "mixed heritage" they never really had to show of their SHARP badges to get axcepted and never carred what peoples beliefs where. Ass their first bassplayer Joe said in an interview "If you happen to be racist, then fine, just don't preach your shit to me cos I don't believe in that. The way I see it, just hate everyone equally.".
The group was founded in early 1995 by Matt on vocals, Sam Baker on drums, Joe on bass and Chris Allas on guitar. They released a 3 song demo in 1995 and quickly became a household name in the east coast scene doing bigger shows then a group with as few songs as they had should do haha (CBGB, The pipeline etc.).
Somewhere around 1996 Joe from The krays played in the group but he was never on any of the recordings so dont know if you can even count him as a bandmember.
In 1997 Matt decided to leave the band and was replaced by Milo Morin and with this lineup they gave it another go and recorded their second demo. This time they hit jackpot and got signed for an album with Trailer park records ( the same that released the awesome Better scene then heard compilation in 1997 here Urban riot appears with 2 songs). This album was released in 1998 and included all their earlier demosongs as a bonus.
With this lineup they also released a 7'' through Fled records in 2000 and after that release the band whent through some lineupchanges and Derek O' Callaghan replaced Joe on bass and Shawn Robinson was added as a second guitarist. With new lineup they released a split 7'' with Maddog surrender in 2001 and also recorded their last record called Public enemies in 2004 (released by Headache in 2005). After that release their drummer Matt suffered from heart disease and had a kid. The band was without a drummer until he re-joined again after getting the OK from his doctor in 2006, after that the band struggled on for another year but eventually died out on its own.

A great band that always will have a place in US Oi! history thanks to their distinct rhytmic sound and also for being one of the bands that stayed true to punk through New Yorks 90's ska-revival into the 00's hardcore twist.

fredag 28 maj 2010

torsdag 27 maj 2010

Pure impact - Selftitled (2004)

01. Heartache
02. No empathy
03. Self medicated
04. On the tracks
05. In the dirt
06. Might as well
07. Never win
08. With my friends
09. Dead end
10. Dying awake

Released by Welfare records in 2004.

A punkrock band started around 2003 in Boston by Ian Clark and James Morrill of hardcore band Union made and Through censored vision. They got themselfs a drummer, a bass player and a couple of songs and before they knew what hit them they where playing at CBGB's and recording this album.
In 2006 they where supposed to release a 7'' but the band broke up before that happened Ian tried to reunite the band for a second full length a couple of months later but it didnt work.
After their breakup they where featured on Backstreets of American Oi! vol.2 (this is how i got to know about them) but after that not a word has been heard.

This is not really Oi! but more of a popfriendly streetpunk and if you are a fan off bands like Armed suspects you will probably like this.
The record starts of good with their track from the 2006 comp and goes on strong with Self medicated that has that radiofriendly sound like Green day and the likes. I am not often a big fan of this punk offspring but Pure Impact actually delivers some good (but soft) songs.
The sleeze goes on and its not until Never win that it really picks up to anything even resembling Oi!. Something that hit me when listening to this record is the very liberal weedlyrics that is hard to find in shortcropped bands today. It doesnt really bug me (since i dont mind lyrics about killing hippies and hanging illegal aliens this shouldnt bug me haha) or anything just seems wierd, in fact the only thing bugging me about this band and record is the fact that the songs (catchy as they might be) have all been done before and they dont really push the limits or stand out in anyway.

Various artists - Oi! dont pay the bills Vol. 1 (2008)

01. Broken heroes - Oi! dont pay the bills
02. Broken heroes - Park west diner
03. Broken heroes - Overnight love skaffair
04. Broken heroes - Cobra Kai
05. Stiff middle finger - What we want
06. Stiff middle finger - Made in America
07. Stiff middle finger - PC retards
08. The postals - Banned from the pubs
09. The postals - Fast forward
10. The postals - Going postal
11. Turnpike wrecks - Die
12. Turnpike wrecks - Obligatory Oi! song
13. The odd squad - Enemy of the state
14. The odd squad - Armed and ready
15. Maddog surrender - Anthem
16. Maddog surrender - Fuck'em up (After the fire cover)
17. The incited - Anthem
18. The incited - Call to arms
19. The barons - Raw deal
20.The barons - Kill your television
21. The barons - Part on

Released by Neck records in 2008.

A damn big release put out there mostly to advertise local bands. Neck records sent this to me for an upload on the page and that just shows that their dedication to the scene comes first and foremost.
Ok so it is free but is it any good? To be honest i must say that the lack of exclusive songs brings it down a bit but even if most of these songs can be found on the artists own demos and releases it holds a very high standard.
Starting out as a project to promote bands from Delaware its broader then that and first band out is the New Jersey boys in Broken heroes. Most off their songs on this comp are going to be released with some other songs on a split with Armed suspects later this year. Both Parkwest diner and Cobra kai are good songs but nothing like their early sound.
The next band is Stiff middle fingers and they deliver three songs that i have never heard by them before. They have developed a more r'n'r sound since their 2005 demo and also developed a more radical left stance but nothing to extreme so dont worry. They deliver two of the best songs on the comp but nowhere as good as for example Sabotage from their earlier demo..
The postals give three songs from their release the year before. Nothing new or fantastic here.
Turnpike wrecks have an exclusive song for the comp called Die, its ok but a bit to simple and childish for my taste.
Next band s called The odd squad and do a more straightup punkmusic. Dont really know much about the band or if they have any other releases but i will not feature them on my site.
Mmm and then there was the Maddog surrender. Their first song is a true skinhead anthem and probably the best one on the release. They also do a cover of After the fire (members from dutch Discipline and Badlands) and i really think they make the song better then the original version.
Both The incited and The barons end the album with songs from their full-lenghts and both bands deliver good punk (those off you following my blogg know of these bands and song already so i wont waste your or my time).

Being a collector i think its a waste of money to pick up a recordlabels mixtape when i can make one on my own, but this album being a promotional album for mostly unknown bands i will cutt it some slacks.
(Nerdfacts: The guy that did the coverart is the same guy playing piano on Raw deal with The barons. Damn i love that pianoguy.)

onsdag 26 maj 2010

Maddog surrender re-releasing their old record with new tracklist.

Maddog surrender released their first full-lenght on Neck records in 2008 and i was supposed to upload it for a free download. But just some weeks ago 4subculture released a re-release of this record and this time it comes with a booklet and all. There seems to be some tracklist changes though. They have removed the cover of Going down the bar by The wretched ones and added their cover of After the fire's song Fuck 'em up (that was featured on the Oi! dont pay the bills compilation).
The album is allready available through Bandworm records so pick it up. I will put my upload on ice for a year or two.

Maddog surrender & The offenders - Split 7'' (2006)

01. The offenders - You're a dick
02. The offenders - People who talk shit
03. The offenders - Roofers' song
04. The offenders - You got two gay dads
05. Maddog surrender - My youth
06. Maddog surrender - Lessons learned

Released by Whiskeybent records in 2006.

Maddog here teames up with a New Jersey based hardcore band playing that kind off "underoneminutetrashpunkcore" that i have never understood why anyone listens to. This band is also the starters of the recordlabel releasing the split if i understand everything correct and that just makes it even worse. I feel cheated out of my money and import costs on this record and not even an exclusive track by Maddog can make me feel better. Naming a song You have two gay dads is somethng that only bands like Antiseen and Anal cunt can get away with and ruins the whole record. (No i will not include any other releases by The offenders on my site.)

tisdag 25 maj 2010

Lyrics for Not my problem by Maddog surrender

You seen it on your tv and you heard it in the bars
Someone's always bitching about some other county's war
I dont even know where it is and nor do i even care
Why should i shed my blood for some foreign affair

Oi Oi not me, Its not my problem
Oh no not me, I'll just turn my head
Oi Oi not me, Its not my problem
Oh no not me, Its not my country!

War machines are rooling and the sky's are turning black
If their countys burning its no skin off my back
Let them kill each other and watch their bodies fall
When the smoke has cleared i will be laughing at them all

Oi Oi not me, Its not my problem
Oh no not me, I'll just turn my head
Oi Oi not me, Its not my problem
Oh no not me, Its not my country!

I aint no goddamn bigot and i aint no hippy
I just love my country and i think thats plain to see
I speak my mind and thats my right, no you cant take it away
But fighting for some foreign cause is driving me insane

Oi Oi not me, Its not my problem
Oh no not me, I'll just turn my head
Oi Oi not me, Its not my problem
Oh no not me, Its not my country!

måndag 24 maj 2010

Maddog surrender & Urban riot - Split 7'' (2001)

01. Maddog surrender - My youth
02. Maddog surrender - Not my problem
03. Urban riot - Here to stay
04. Urban riot - Shattered glass

Released by Street anthem records in 2001.

Like most others i first heard Maddog surrender when they did a great cover of Evil on the 2004 tribute album to 4-skins (a great album and good mix of artist on that whole release). I thought damn this is a band i have to get more of but this was all that there was. But a damn great album it was and i was happy to see the Oi! veterans of Urban riot on the other side.
Maddog surrender has my two favourite songs by the band on this release and Urban riot delivers one great (Here to stay) and one ok track on their side.
Best song on the whole release is Not myproblem, i like this early and rougher version off the song better then the one that was on the Neck release in 2008. I think mot people reading my blogg already owns this classic one in mp3 format but for you that also want a kickass Street anthem sticker and the real deal record in your hands its still available on Interpunk and Vinyl junkie for 3,50$.

söndag 23 maj 2010

Maddog surrender (introduction)

A slooowly moving Oi! band that has been around since 1999 but didnt release their first full-lenght untill 2008. They where formed in Betlehem, Pennsylvania by Brent on guitar and vocals, Tom on bass and Roger on drums.
Being a band with oldschoolers their influences are somewhat different then other bands (The minutemen, Descendents, The clash and many more) but still they play a very "updated" version of Oi!. They released a demo called 5 song stout that resulted in a split with Urban riot through Street anthem records in 2001. After this they did some tours, tribute albums and was supposed to release a record called Line em Up, knock em down through Street anthem (nobody seems to know what happened but it was never released).
In 2006 they appeared on their second split 7'' this time with the band The offenders. Two years later they got in contact with Kurt from Neck records and he helped them release their first full-length called Betlehem steel. Earlier this year 4subculture records re-released that same record but this time with some propper artwork and hopefully this is the start of a real carrer for this band cause they definetly decerve it.

The perpetrators - Hated 7'' (1998)

01. Soldiers of victory
02. You scum
03. Sidewalk commandos
04. I stand alone

Released by RSN records in 1998.

A band from Columbia (which Columbia i dont know) that played hard and melodic Oi! in the late 90's. This is their only release and not much is known about them except what i can base from the backcover of the vinyl. Musically they remind me of a cross between Patriot, Templars and Lower class brats. Since i never had heard of this band before buying this 7'' i didnt expect much from them but damn was i surprised when i put it on. Just take the fact that they involve whistling (the poor mans piano) in the first song sets the standard directly haha. The second song is a Skrewdriver/Templars sounding song about some guy that appearently has crossed the band with lyrics like "You fucking scum, you fucking prick/I want to ripp your head of and shit down your fucking neck" yikes. The best song on the album is probably I stand alone with a catchy chorus and underdogg lyrics.
If anybody knows anything about this band then please contact me.

lördag 22 maj 2010

Various artists - Whose country is this anyhow? 7'' (1993)

01. Warzone - Fighting for our country
02. Patriot - Fighting
03. Stormwatch - At war with peace
04. Critical beatdown - Decisions

Released by Under siege productions in 1993.

Im back with a bang after a really intense workweek. This record is one i have been trying to get ahold on for many years and just recieved it yesterday after buying it from a collector overseas.
This is one of those records that really sum up all i love (and some i hate) with American Oi!. First out is one of my love/hate bands that has done so much for the east coast scene and even if they are a hardcore band i know atleast i have always viewed them as a punkband. What i hate with Warzone is the fact that they and all other early CBGB hcskin bands invented that whole gangsterskinhead/toughguy attitude that seems to plague the majority of the American scene today (not naming any names). Anyway Fighting for our country is an ok track except for the psychotic woman yelling in the background (someone give that bitch some sedatives or something).
Track two is a song by the almighty Patriot and it is the best song on the whole comp. Eddie sounds a bit more aggressive here and the whole band is tight from start to finish. This song was later released on the classic Another dead generation in 1996.
Third track is by the (in 1993) newly founded Stormwatch and this song was released on the 1993 album by the same name. A good song but nothing exclusive.
Last track is by a young band that is completely new to me called Critical beatdown. They play some kind of Oi!core and to be honest its not really my cup of tea otherwise but this band have a good rhytm in downbeat that reminds me a bit about the band Da real deal.

Alltogether its a classic rarity that i am happy to now own and share to you guys (and girls perhaps). This comp was made in the beginning of the glory days of the American scene and to know that both Stormwatch, Patriot and some members of Warfare is active in the scene 17 years later really gives me some hope for the future.

fredag 21 maj 2010

New album from The broadsiders

A brand new 10'' from the southern kings in The broadsiders. This band has put out 2 excellent releases and a damn great split record and from what i have heard its still the same great rock n' roll sound. It will be released by Longshot music and Contra sometime in the following months.

tisdag 18 maj 2010

Brassic doing a Brutal Attack cover

Yet another clip (much to do at work this week, i will do some proper uploads this weekend). This one is from december last year and is shot at a Brassic rehersal. They cover one of the bands that has influenced them the most and its a nice little treat as we wait for their first album to come out (takes forever).

söndag 16 maj 2010

Turnpike wrecks performing Raise a glass

Another liveshot this time with Turnpike wrecks doing a liveperformance at a friends birthday party in 2008. They do a patriotic anthem that is one of my favourites called Raise a glass.

Broken heroes doing a cover of Motörhead.

Another liveshot but this time from a practice with Broken heroes earlier this year. They do a cover of the song Ace of spade and it is their bass player Reverend Stubbz doing the singing here. Good to know that if Kevin Meehan ever decides to leave the band again they have a great singer to fill the spott.

The barons performing Social disease

Just saw the footage that Gentlejones shot at the Condemned/Stormwatch/Barons show last week and the sound was terrible so here i upload an earlier shot of a liveshow with The barons. I just love to see their singer so happy when he performes (happy and drunk) and i would raughter see 10 shows with him on stage then some angry toughguy trying to show off.

Fighting chance - Party lies 7'' (2004)

01. Party lies
02. Blamed
03. The system

Released by Insurgence records i 2004.

Another great release by the lefty's in Fighting chance (take note that this is the real release ripped by me and not the fake one with 5 songs that was created somewhere on soulseek).
These songs are old ones that never got it on any off their full-lengths but these are no B-sides in any way. All 3 songs hold the same high quality as their previous releases.
Even if this album was released after both Mike and Ben had left the band they are featured on all songs and the sound is quite simulair to their first album.

The first track Party lies is probably the best and feels very antipolitical for such a polliticaly motivated band. It is followed by the crucified skin anthem Blamed and the record ends with the great revolutionary track The system.
To bad that this band ended. One of the few American skinhead bands on the leftwing that actually played hard music without mixing in to much hardcore.

lördag 15 maj 2010

Various artists - Cockney rejects greatest tribute 7'' (1997)

01. Bovver 96 - Oi Oi Oi
02. The authority! - Headbanger
03. First strike - Police car
04. The trouble makers - Flares n' slippers (Canada)

Released as a collaboration between DSS records and Longshot records in 1997.

3 great American bands and a damn good Canadian band doing covers of one of my favourite old British punkbands. Cant really go wrong there. Or can it?
The record starts of ok with Bovver 96 doing a cover of their most famous songs but as great as the original song is this one doesnt really do it any good. Jersey Diabla is a great singer but she fitts more on aggressive songs and it isnt really untill the chorus she sounds like she should.
Next song is performed by The authority! (the first lineup) and they are probably the only band on the 7'' that really captures the CR feeling in their song.
The third song is also the biggest letdown. First strike has always been one of my favourite American bands but their version of CR's Police car is far from good. I like the "retarded" style of singin that First strike has on their records but when you know how great the original song is with Stinky on vocals it just sounds retarded without the ""'s.
Last song is performed by a Canadian band called The trouble makers that i am a big fan of. They oftenly sing in French and has adopted much of their sound from Swedish bands like Enhärjarna, Ultima thule and Perkele. This time they sing classic Oi! in english and its somewhere there that they loose me.

Dont see the point in all these bands doing straight covers of Cockney rejects. It would have been so much better if the bands could have taken the songs and done something better or atleast experimented with the songs a bit. The way the songs are on this record is straight copies of the original songs but worse ones. Why couldnt The trouble makers have done the song in French and why didnt The authority! involve some piano in their version of Headbanger? It was their trademark around that time wasnt it?
This record has been sold out for some years now so you going out buying it is not a risk. Go down to your local vintagestore and pick up some old records by Cockney rejects if you want some good classic Oi! (i bought their The power & the glory in mint condition for under a dollar last month hehe clueless jazzfreak behind the counter).

torsdag 13 maj 2010

US of Oi! of Sweden Version 1.2 (information)

I added some new and futuristic features to the site to keep up with the kids of today.
First i added a new section called ¤Records you must own¤ that is basicly all the records i have given a full 10 point in the review. This doesnt mean that these records are more important for the history of the scene (for instance the Moonstomp record only got 9 points and i gave The barons full-length 10) its just a display of my favourite records. Around new year i was probably a bit doped up on the holiday spirit and gave away 10 pointers like if they where welfare checks while other records might have deserved them better but whats done is done (ill be less generous in the future).
Another thing is the red marked songs on the tracklists when i upload an album. Same thing here its basicly just me highlighting my favourite songs on the record and it might be fun for you to check if we have the same songs.

I also update my wanted list every now and then so please check if you have any of those records i will be willing to pay or trade for them (on the bottom of the page).

Pist'n'broke - The last call 1992-1996 (1998)

01. Skinheads for life
02. A new day
03. I've been
04. Fridays children
05. Ireland
06. My girl
07. Pist'N'Broke
08. Punch the clock
09. Old hangover
10. Twenty to one
11. No hope in hell
12. Out with the boys
13. Pist'N'Broke (V.2)
14. Living in the ghetto (live)

Released by Vulture rock in 1998.

A great band hailing from the streets of Detroit. The band was founded by Scotti Lyons on vocals, Jon Hill on bass, Ben Marcell on guitar, Gabe Heiss on sax and PT on drums. They where one of the few American Oi!-bands that used sax in liveshows and on their recordings. Very classic Oi! sound mixed with ska and rock influences. They had their first deal in 1993 in form of a 8 song cassette released by Sonic aggression called Detroit. A year later they released a EP called A new day with better versions of some of their 1993 songs (also this one on Sonic aggression). After these recordings Jon left the band and was replaced by Josh D on bass.
In 1995 they released their "last" release called American drinking songs and later patred ways in 1997. They had a bit of a ressurection in 2005 but it wasnt until 2009 they really made it official by touring with The business on their US tour. They are today active with a brand new lineup (Scotti is the only original member) and a new record that will be called Absolutely recked and it will contain 5 new songs and some old re-recorded.

This record is basicly a discography album released after the band broke up and contains all their old songs (except for some that was released on compilation but i will upload those compilations in the future).
Tracks 1-7 are from their first cassette recording (though mastered and are all off high quality), tracks 8-13 are from their American drinking songs and track 14 is a live version of a song that was also on their 1993 cassette.

First out on the LP is one of the best tracks called Skinhead for life with classic football drums and a typical antipolitical skinheadmessage. After this track they loose me with some soso songs bu then Ireland hits me. I have never understood the facination you Americans have with your Irish roots and all other things pirate but this song is superb all the way through. They should get 10/10 just for the fact that they made a Eerie song without mixing in folkmusic or tales of the sea and drunkardness. After this track the great songs just keep rolling in from the skainfluenced song Pist'N'Broke to the aggressive and revengefull street-anthem called Twenty to one.
I am damn psyched on hearing their new recordings and hear if the police ever caught that Richard Werstine character.

The authority! - On glorys side (2000)

01. The voice
02. Two sides
03. Gunman
04. Quittin' time
05. Beer & blood
06. Tomorrow's kids
07. Just exist
08. On glory's side
09. Guns of Navarone (cover)
10. The right
11. Lesson learned
12. Teenage authority
13. Barstool breakout
14. Hard life
15. Where has it gone

Released by Outsider records in 2000.

A brand new sound and old guitarist now singing but in no way lacking musically. Billy carries the job well and its always fun when a guy hiding away as guitarist (or like The service that found their singer in their old roadie) steps forward and does the job this good. The sound is less gutter and more singalong friendly then thir old sound (and saidly lacking pianoplay in the songs).
The first song called The voice is based on the spoken word song that was on their earlier record and also one of the best songs of the albums. Other great tracks are On glory's side, Hard life, Gunman and a great cover of the old song Guns of Navarone. Even if i like their older record better this is a classic that everybody needs to hear.

tisdag 11 maj 2010

The authority! - The fight 7''

01. The fight
02. The end

Released by 77 RPM records sometime inbetween 1999-2001 (the record has a misprinting in the sleeve so it only says Recorded in Jul... and the rest is cut out).

This album has the same lineup as on their 2000 release and somewhat of the same sound (though these 2 tracks are both way cathier).
There is really nothing to dislike with this record. Great quality on the songs with some really catchy choruses (especially The end) and a simple but greatlooking cover.

måndag 10 maj 2010

The authority! - Who knows? (1997)

01. March in time
02. 99
03. 655321
04. Who knows?
05. God bless the workingclass
06. Put in the boot
07. The voice
08. Public service
09. Dying plea
10. Where has it gone
11. Boot boy blues
12. Smash it up
13. Saturday's lanes
14. Let's break the law
15. Swill
16. The authority!

Released by GMM records in 1997.

Another great band from the golden era of American Oi!. They where formed out in OC, California back in 1993 and released 2 full-lengths and a 7'' before parting ways around 2000. The band had 2 "era's" and almoust two completly different sounds. This first record had their original members but after the release the singer left to focus on his family and kids and in stepped Billy (that plays guitar on this record) to pick up the mic. They then picked up a bit more commercial sound and im think i am one of the few that actually likes this first record the most.

14 songs and 2 spoken word songs on one and the same record one might think that most would be below average but that is far from true on this release. They mix and experiment with different instruments using both harmonica and piano (oh yeah) on several songs without making it sound cheesy in that Frankie Flame way.
When i first heard the record some years ago i liked the songs God bless the workingclass and Public service the best but after a couple of hundred listens i have found several other favourites like the antipolitical song Smash it up handing out smacks both left and right. Other clear favourites is the drinkingsong Swill (piano!!!!!) and the actually funny track Put in the boot (piano!!!!!) with lysics like "She just wouldnt come no matter what i do, so i pulled out the dick and i put in the boot!".
Even if their later releases had more clear vocals and better recordingquality this is the best The authority! if you ask me.

söndag 9 maj 2010

The old souls - Rock and roll curse (2008)

01. Grim reaper flies
02. Old souls reborn
03. Take me
04. Fuck decency
05. Under jolly rodger
06. Un Italia!
07. Voks gone insane
08. Pitchfork mob
09. Lost at sea
10. Born in decadence
11. Rock and roll curse

Released by Pure impact records in 2008.

This is a controversal upload since its a sideproject by Tom and Roy from the WP band Final war. It has no racist lyrics and is way toned down in the political department and if the members are nazis or not i dont really give a damn. Sure this is uber patriotic and rightwinged but so is 70% of all the "accepted" skinheadbands from America.
I say pat on the back to Tom and Roy for doing some more laid back stuff.

Roy plays both guitar and bass (also does backup vocals) and Tom plays drums. Doing the vocals is a new guy called Ben and what i know he has no ties to the WP scene (wiihooo another point on the political acceptance chart).
I have never been a fan of American hatebands like Final war or their sound but this is more of a streetpunk sounding record. Musically its great and if you didnt know that Tom and Roy played in the band you wouldnt even raise your eyebrows to the lyrics that are both versatile and free from most political garbage.
Some tracks like the awkwardly bad songs Voks gone insane and Un Italia! makes me wonder what they where thinking when they recored this album but songs like Grim reaper flies, Born in decadence and Under jolly rodger are all great songs that can easily get stuck in your head.
Its not free from politics and definetly nothing for PC listeners but an ok album that i would say download instead of buying.

torsdag 6 maj 2010

Patriot & Fatskins - Split 7'' (1998)

01. Patriot - Contempt of court
02. Patriot - Where are they now? (Cock sparrer cover)
03. Fatskins - Needin' a dentis
04. Fatskins - Sound of the streets

Released by 90 Proof in 1998.

It took some time and money to get my hands on this record but it was well worth it.

Both Patriot and Fatskins deliver 2 exclusive tracks that are all of high quality.
Contempt of court is great your typical Patriot song but on the Cock sparrer track they really show what great musicians they are. For once a modern skinheadband actually does the track right and it was way over my expectations.
Fatskins (more by them later) is a band that i have never really been a big fan of mainly because of the way ther singer delivers the vocals but it offers a damn great (and funny) song called Needin' a dentist.
I am glad i didnt give up on finding it and i hope you all are as glad for the free download.

onsdag 5 maj 2010

The service - American graffiti 7'' (1994)

01. American graffiti
02. Dead end/Someday

Released by Iron block records in 1994.

First of all thanks to Luke B for helping me find this record. Had been looking for it for some time now.

This is the first record ever that The service released and yet again i get reminded of the great vocals that Spanky blessed the scene with.

The first track ws later re-released and its one of my favourite but on the B-side its 2 exclusive tracks (though they are played as one five minute long song). Both are rough tracks with Oi!Oi! choruses and i cant really see how the band could stay away from re-releasing these tracks on their later albums.
A top album up ther with the rest of The service stuff.

söndag 2 maj 2010

Alleged bricks & V.P.R. - Split 7''

01. Alleged bricks - Necessary evil
02. Alleged bricks - Fuck you
03. V.P.R. - Your problems
04. V.P.R. - Things could be better

Released by Torque records somewhere between 2003 and 2005 (Nothing on the record tells when recorded or released. Not on the record, the sleeve or the cover.)

One of the 7'' that they released through Torque in their earlier days (the other one was a split with Spitfires United and all those songs where later featured on their full-length so i wont upload it).

You can hear that they have developed when comparing this early version of Necessary evil with their lter version. I had to check my pitch several times to see if it was correct. Daaaaamn slow first song but then it picks up with a 9/11 war-anthem called Fuck you. Also having a singer that sounds like a bulldog version of the cockie monster really fits these aggressive songs.

V.P.R. is a straight hardcoreband but i actually like them (the last song atleast). This band has Chris on bass that also he plays in Spitfires United and used to play in The suspects (damn inbreed DC scene hehe). Since V.P.R. is a straight up hardcore band i wont include their records on my site so look elsewhere.

Alleged bricks - Place your blame (2006)

01. The pain
02. No more
03. Dig your grave
04. Virtue
05. Defence
06. Back pack
07. Locked up
08. Obscene
09. Blank stares
10. Dead man's grave
11. Necessary evil
12. Dont bother me (Bad brains cover)
13. Flesh & bone
14. Hard way

Released by Street anthem records in 2006.

A Oi!-core band formed in Washington around 2000 by TJ Mahoney (used to play in Spitfires United) on lead vocals and guitar, Jim Vengeance on lead-guitar and vocals and Dan Brick on bass. The first drummer they had was Kent Stax (one of the founders of DC's Scream and The suspects) but since he was busy playing drums in Spitfires united and Iron cross at the time he wasnt an official member until 2002. This lineup has lasted all the way and even if they are not longer active we all know that this isnt the last we have heard of Kent Stax.

This band is one of those that grows on you. First time i heard them on their split with The barons i was annoyed by TJ's vocals ut when you learn to like it and get the image of the cockie monster out of your head you realise how versatile and unique the band is. Not only versatile cause they have two singers but the fact that even if all their songs are Oi!-core or hardcore they add something speciall to most songs (take the chorus for Defence as example).
Its easy to hear the influences of early eastcoast hardcore especially on the Bad Brains cover (where Jim Vengeance takes the vocals) but even if you dont like American hardcore you should give it a chance (you will like this record the more you hear it).

Condemned 84 in the big apple.

Weel noone else seems to promote these gigs so i guess ill do it here from Sweden. Directly after the gig in Delaware Condemned 84 will move on to New York. This is one of those shows where the main act aint the most intresting. Oxblood shows that they can overcome anything and struggles on without Kevin by their side. The never resting Oi!-corers in Fed Up! will also play and probably most intresting of all the one of my favourite bands Skin disorder plays a reunion after being split up for way to long. If youlive in NY there is not really any reason for you to miss this show.

lördag 1 maj 2010

Lyrics for Raw deal by The barons

Spent my last hundred dollars on a woman and a pint of beer.
Spent the last days of my life, you know i'm trying to get the hell out of here.
The boss he's got me by my hackles. Got me working overtime.
But there's only one place for me and thats here in this dirty old bar. Yeah!

Ive been working all my fingers to the bone
Got nothing to call my own
I'll be long gone when this city starts to rust
I'm sitting here waiting for the buss X2

Sitting in this bar tonight having a drink with my best friends.
Telling the same old stories man, hoping that they never end.
Standing in front of my mirror, hoping my reflection never changes.
But i've only got time on my side. Hope i never run out of change.

Its a raw deal, but its better then most
All my lifelong friends, the new ones i have made
So if you got the time to buy another round
Here in this dirty bar tonight, we're gonna buy another round!
Here in this dirty bar tonight, we're gonna buy another round!
Here in this dirty bar tonight, we're gonna buy another round!

Traveling down this lonely road, who am i looking for?
Man if i had another drink you know i'd be face down on that floor
Man if i had a million dollars you know i'd be on that dusty road
But there's only one place for me and thats here in this dirty old bar. Yeah!

Its a raw deal, but its better then most
All my lifelong friends, the new ones i have made
So if you got the time to buy another round
Here in this dirty bar tonight, we're gonna buy another round!
Here in this dirty bar tonight, we're gonna buy another round!
Here in this dirty bar tonight, we're gonna buy another round!

The barons - American beer drinking songs (2008)

01. Party on
02. Mercury is rising
03. Social disease
04. 2 fast 2 live
05. Thats what the fuck (i'm talking about)
06. Booze, sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll
07. Kill your television
08. Johnny's alright
09. Break it down
10. Screws 2 you
11. Raw deal
12. 3 more pints
13. Friday night rock 'n' roll
14. The barons theme

Released by Motherbox records in 2008.

A new drummer and brand new recording equipment.
This is the best "partyalbum" i have heard from US in a while. Many lyrics are far from positive but most leave you with that creepy hippything when your mouth turns into a smile and if you mix these songs with alcohol my guess is your in for a sweaty night.

First two tracks are both ultimate partysongs and damn great tracks at that. They bring back my favourite track Social disease from their split with Alleged bricks and thanks to the high production value of this new recording it shines in a whole new light.
Another great track is the instrumental anthem Break it down that i by accident left on repeat on my I-pod at work for 2 hours without noticing (stocking boxes with a forklift aint all that challenging work and you can bassicly be half asleep when you do it).
Best track on the album is Raw deal. Its blazing punkrock about taking what life gives you and doing the most with it. Great lyrics mixed with piano (damn i love that) and great guitarplay i can easily say its one of the best songs of 2008.
Is it all good? No the album has some flaws and its mostly on the tracks where they go more rock 'n' roll then punk as on tracks like Johnny's alright.
If you like bands like Loose skrews and need a great record for the weekend this is it.
This album is still pretty new so i will leave directlinks to stores that still have it in stock. Remember if you like it then support the artists.
Pure impact
Dim records
Motherbox online store