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måndag 24 maj 2010

Maddog surrender & Urban riot - Split 7'' (2001)

01. Maddog surrender - My youth
02. Maddog surrender - Not my problem
03. Urban riot - Here to stay
04. Urban riot - Shattered glass

Released by Street anthem records in 2001.

Like most others i first heard Maddog surrender when they did a great cover of Evil on the 2004 tribute album to 4-skins (a great album and good mix of artist on that whole release). I thought damn this is a band i have to get more of but this was all that there was. But a damn great album it was and i was happy to see the Oi! veterans of Urban riot on the other side.
Maddog surrender has my two favourite songs by the band on this release and Urban riot delivers one great (Here to stay) and one ok track on their side.
Best song on the whole release is Not myproblem, i like this early and rougher version off the song better then the one that was on the Neck release in 2008. I think mot people reading my blogg already owns this classic one in mp3 format but for you that also want a kickass Street anthem sticker and the real deal record in your hands its still available on Interpunk and Vinyl junkie for 3,50$.

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