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söndag 23 maj 2010

Maddog surrender (introduction)

A slooowly moving Oi! band that has been around since 1999 but didnt release their first full-lenght untill 2008. They where formed in Betlehem, Pennsylvania by Brent on guitar and vocals, Tom on bass and Roger on drums.
Being a band with oldschoolers their influences are somewhat different then other bands (The minutemen, Descendents, The clash and many more) but still they play a very "updated" version of Oi!. They released a demo called 5 song stout that resulted in a split with Urban riot through Street anthem records in 2001. After this they did some tours, tribute albums and was supposed to release a record called Line em Up, knock em down through Street anthem (nobody seems to know what happened but it was never released).
In 2006 they appeared on their second split 7'' this time with the band The offenders. Two years later they got in contact with Kurt from Neck records and he helped them release their first full-length called Betlehem steel. Earlier this year 4subculture records re-released that same record but this time with some propper artwork and hopefully this is the start of a real carrer for this band cause they definetly decerve it.

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