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söndag 23 maj 2010

The perpetrators - Hated 7'' (1998)

01. Soldiers of victory
02. You scum
03. Sidewalk commandos
04. I stand alone

Released by RSN records in 1998.

A band from Columbia (which Columbia i dont know) that played hard and melodic Oi! in the late 90's. This is their only release and not much is known about them except what i can base from the backcover of the vinyl. Musically they remind me of a cross between Patriot, Templars and Lower class brats. Since i never had heard of this band before buying this 7'' i didnt expect much from them but damn was i surprised when i put it on. Just take the fact that they involve whistling (the poor mans piano) in the first song sets the standard directly haha. The second song is a Skrewdriver/Templars sounding song about some guy that appearently has crossed the band with lyrics like "You fucking scum, you fucking prick/I want to ripp your head of and shit down your fucking neck" yikes. The best song on the album is probably I stand alone with a catchy chorus and underdogg lyrics.
If anybody knows anything about this band then please contact me.

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  2. thx man
    i give 5/10, hehe, cheers from floodland