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lördag 1 maj 2010

The barons - American beer drinking songs (2008)

01. Party on
02. Mercury is rising
03. Social disease
04. 2 fast 2 live
05. Thats what the fuck (i'm talking about)
06. Booze, sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll
07. Kill your television
08. Johnny's alright
09. Break it down
10. Screws 2 you
11. Raw deal
12. 3 more pints
13. Friday night rock 'n' roll
14. The barons theme

Released by Motherbox records in 2008.

A new drummer and brand new recording equipment.
This is the best "partyalbum" i have heard from US in a while. Many lyrics are far from positive but most leave you with that creepy hippything when your mouth turns into a smile and if you mix these songs with alcohol my guess is your in for a sweaty night.

First two tracks are both ultimate partysongs and damn great tracks at that. They bring back my favourite track Social disease from their split with Alleged bricks and thanks to the high production value of this new recording it shines in a whole new light.
Another great track is the instrumental anthem Break it down that i by accident left on repeat on my I-pod at work for 2 hours without noticing (stocking boxes with a forklift aint all that challenging work and you can bassicly be half asleep when you do it).
Best track on the album is Raw deal. Its blazing punkrock about taking what life gives you and doing the most with it. Great lyrics mixed with piano (damn i love that) and great guitarplay i can easily say its one of the best songs of 2008.
Is it all good? No the album has some flaws and its mostly on the tracks where they go more rock 'n' roll then punk as on tracks like Johnny's alright.
If you like bands like Loose skrews and need a great record for the weekend this is it.
This album is still pretty new so i will leave directlinks to stores that still have it in stock. Remember if you like it then support the artists.
Pure impact
Dim records
Motherbox online store

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