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torsdag 29 april 2010

The barons & Alleged bricks - East coast street rock 'n' roll (2007)

01. Alleged bricks - District
02. Alleged bricks - Give and take
03. Alleged bricks - Disgrace
04. The barons - 3 more pints
05. The barons - Johnny's alright
06. The barons - 2 fast 2 live
07. The barons - Social disease

Released by Neck records in 2007.

The first record i ever bought with either of the bands. Barons are here teaming up with the Washington band Alleged bricks (i will uploadthis band right after The barons) but even if both bands are great its far from a solid release. Alleged bricks stand for the better "side" with 2 good tracks called District and Disgrace both are fast and fitts TJs voice perfectly. The barons gives 4 tracks that all where re-recorded for their 2008 release. All songs are alright (even if Social disease is the only one that amde it into my i-pod) but their 2008 versions are way better so this release is basicaly just for collectors or Alleged bricks fans.

After this release Dan would leave The barons for the Odd Squad (he is already credited as "Dan from Odd squad" in the inlay off the cd). After this release Neck records would focus more on releasing records then on makig coverart and booklets and as a matter of fact this is the only Neck release i have bought that came with a diamond-case (as far as i can remember).

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  1. wow, nice suprise - Alleged Bricks - wait for more, tnx man for your work