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söndag 11 april 2010

The revolt - Strength thru American Oi! (1997)

01. Skinhead warfare
02. Fed up
03. Aggro
04. For America
05. Shout out loud
06. American Oi!
07. Pride
08. Your obcene
09. Working class anthem
10. Boots go marching in (this track was not on the release just a bonus i threw in there)

Released by Vulture rock in 1997.

Band from Californa featuring members from The family and LA bootboys (both being "streetcrews" not bands). They originaly formed in 1994 and would record most of these songs in 1995 and it was never released until a year after the band broke up. Original members where Tim on vocals, Reaper and Spider both on guitar, Tyson on drums and Jenapher on bass though she was replaced by Witts during the last active year.
A band from the "golden age" of American Oi! playing the Oi! sound that i probably like the most. Main reason this band stopped playing in 96' was due to a documentary that FOX news did on the culture (will upload this next) that resulted in the band being banned from most venues i California and basicly branded them as riotstarters within the punkscene.

This record does not only sport one of the best album covers but also contains some of the best skinhead anthems from the 95' era. If i have to pick a favourite track from the album it has to be Shout out loud that is one of those tracks that sums upp the US Oi! sound for me. Other great tracks are For America and Your obscene but to be honest this album dont have a single bad track.
I also added a track that i found on the internet about a year ago called Boots go marching in (not a Condemned 84 cover). Dont know where this track comes from or if it was ever on any official release but since this was the only release by the band my guess is its a compilation track.

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