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måndag 19 april 2010

Strikers - Demo and EP (1998-2000)

01. Last man standing
02. Breakout!
03. The ride
04. Semper fi
05. Tuffguy
06. Reckless youth
07. Follow the leader
08. Dont forget the struggle (Warzone cover)

Demo selfreleased in 1998 and the selftitled 7'' released by Vulture rock in 2000.

(Update April 7 2012: Uploaded the album again.)

A 4-piece band from Westfield in Massachusetts playing hardcore influenced Oi!. I bought their selftitled 7'' from 2000 and realised that the songs on that record was the exact same as on their demo. Not only that it only included four of the original eight songs they had also excluded my two favourite tracks on it. So clear to say i regret ever buying this record. With that said its not in any way a bad group. They somewhat remind me of Youthful offenders but with a bit less aggression in their songs.
The tracks that made in onto the 7'' are The ride, reckless youth, last man standing and semper fi. With the exception of Semper fi these where all my least favourite tracks from the demo. Best tracks are Tuffguy (love that Swedish spelling) and the awesome anthem Breakout! that reminds me of the fact that i still live in a little town in the middle of nowhere (and with nowhere i mean nowhere not Westfield nowhere).

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