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onsdag 28 april 2010

The barons - Demo (2006)

01. Bottom of my glass
02. Decisions
03. Haunted trailer
04. Screws to you

Selfreleased in 2006.

The first material ever recorded by the band and as all real demo's its lacking in the soundquality (though this demo actually has better quality then many studiorecordings by other bands today). It was recorded in a garage in Delaware by Michael Lovett that also would record their future albums (and also play piano on my favourite Barons track Raw deal).
The lineup for this demo was Dusty Huellemeier on vocals (used to sing in Road to ruin), Wes Hickman on lead guitar, Roger Hall on rhytm guitar, Kurt beers on bass and backup vocals (check out the interview i did with him here) and Dan Hoster on drums (would later go on to play drums in Odd squad). This lineup is still today except for Dan that left to play in his other band but Ed Reiss JR that also used to play in Road to ruin took over the drumseat.
All songs are exclusive in their own way since these are the only versions of the songs with Dan still on drums.

Starting of the demo is my favourite and is about a subject that The barons seem to know well, namely drinking and the consequenses that sadly comes with it. It has that rocking feeling and i really love the drums as simple yet genious they might be.
All songs are good and the only one i have a problem with is the psychobilly influenced track Haunted trailer. Except for some good old Meteors psychobilly often gives me severe headaches and itchy spots in my genital area and this track is no exception. I guess its the whole "spooky" and mumbly vocals they often come with.
I am sure glad The barons took the right path cause if they would have started wearing corpse-paint and posing around tombstones i would probably not have reviewed their demo now.

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