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lördag 10 april 2010

Turnpike wrecks - Be more good (2006)

01. Welcome to New Jersey
02. Sailin' with the captain
03. Reap what you sow
04. King for a day, slave for a lifetime
05. We only came for the beer
06. The obligatory Oi! song
07. The titty song

Selfreleased by the band in 2006.

New jesey band consisting of Pete (vocals), Joe (guitar), Ed (bass) and Dave (drums). The band was created in 2004 by Pete and Joe and after a while the rest of the members joined. The band is close friends with the ska band Hub city stompers and actually helped the band record half the songs on their Dirty Jersey album. The today deceased Eddie Shots was a come and go member during liveshows until the unfortunate event in 2008. Band is still somewhat active but its been a while since i heard anything new from them.

A selfreleased/produced mini-cd of high potential. The boys are no musical geniuses but they play the instruments good enough to pass above many other American bands.
This is plain and simple Oi! and actually reminds me a bit of their friends Hub city stompers sideproject Steel toe solution. Even if i would have hoped they had served only good songs when its only 7 songs on the cd both Welcome to New Jersey and We only came for the beer is well worth the download.

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