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lördag 17 april 2010

Limecell - Just plain pissed! 7'' (1995)

01. Rat fink
02. Just plain pissed!
03. Alien baby

Released by Ruff-nite records in 1995.

This was actually the first release ever by Ruff-nite records that would go on to release records by such groups as Antiseen and also the Swedish group Demons.
This was their fourth 7'' and they are here again on their a bit faster rougher sound. Both Rat fink and Just plain pissed! (in a live version) would later go on to be released on full-lengths but not their B-side Alien baby. It is easy to see how since its a bit to experimental and way to much "guitar masturbation", my guess is that it was mostly a song to fill out this record.

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  1. great work - thanks man
    i need more agressive music for bad mornings!!!
    cheeers from Poland