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söndag 18 april 2010

Limecell & The blurters - Stay pissed! 7'' (1999)

01. Limecell - Piss test
02. Limecell - Daily grind
03. Limecell - Crack hooker (live)
04. The blurters - Combo scam
05. The blurters - Porn star
06. The blurters - Public toilet (live)

Released by Snapshot records in 1999.

A low quality release on an Australian record company with a major name in the Australian punk scene The blurters. Not much to have on Limecells side more then 1 exclusive track (Daily grind) and a live version of the old classic Crack hooker. The blurters on side B is a great band and 2 of the members that where on this release later started the skinhead band Bulldog Spirit. Porno star is a great track that gives voice to every horny teen boys dream of one day being a pornstar (oh was it just me that had that one?). Thinking off putting together an Aussieofoiofsweden site anyone intressted haha.

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