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lördag 17 april 2010

Limecell - Lager leeches 7'' (1994)

01. Got it made
02. What heppened?
03. Dishes
04. Looking forward to nothing

Released by Black hole records in 1994.

The second release by the band and a bit nicer then most of their other earlier releases. The album starts of great with the track Got it made (has that typical Limecell sound) but slows down on the second track (actually checked my pitch to se if had the right speed on the turntable). All in all a good record but kind of soft comparred to their Crack hooker and Sefltitled 7''s.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Some lyrics of "DISHES" : "I Don't Wanna Do The Dishes, I Just Want To Sit And Listen To My Stereo".This was in my head the entire year of 1994. I bought this 7'' through Headache records if i'm correct and I never understood why the entire oi!/punk community at the time didn't make these guys world famous. By the way, you are probably the only blog in the world that offers music from this great band. Remember the other Anthem "You're Not Punk You're Dirty [hilarious stuff} All praise to the might LIMECELL, Corehead666, Holland

  2. I second you on this. Band never got the respect they deserve. I found out about them because they had members from Arresting Officers.