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torsdag 22 april 2010

Broken heroes & Weekend warriors - Beer guts & drunken sluts (2003)

01. Broken heroes - Rich mans war
02. Broken heroes - Two faced
03. Broken heroes - Media blowout
04. Broken heroes - 100% class
05. Broken heroes - My day
06. Broken heroes - Someones gonna die tonight (Blitz cover)
07. Broken heroes - Life long thug
08. Broken heroes - Understand
09. Weekend warriors - Just cause for a revolution
10. Weekend warriors - 13 hours a day
11. Weekend warriors - Back at it again
12. Weekend warriors - Lets drink
13. Weekend warriors - This is the law
14. Weekend warriors - Date rape richie
15. Weekend warriors - My own change of pace
16. Weekend warriors - Streams of whiskey (The pogues cover)

Released by Street anthem records in 2003.

The first new material by Broken heroes since they appeared on a compilation in 1999. New lineup since Chip left the band right after the recordings for Media blowout in 1993 (he wasnt actually in the band when the record was released and is missing in the inside photo) and Scott filled the spot for some years before Ryan Bamford (one of Tims friends from Blank 77) took over.
This album is split with the Pittsburgh band Weekend warriors that play classic punkrock/Oi! mixed with a touch of Irish culture. (I will upload this bands discography later on).

This album has always been Broken heroes worst release in my opinion and as bad as i think Irish influences in punk is Weekend warriors actually pulls it of without sounding cheesy and actually saves this record from catastrophy.
Nothing on Broken heroes side sounds really tight and Kevin sounds tired and lost when singing i mean when releasing 7'' in you early 20's its ok if it fits the sound but this is a real propper studio album and he should have had some time to rise above their earlier stuff but this is actually worse. Their cover of Blitz is painfull and i know they could have one it so much better. Good tracks of the buch is their old Media blowout and Understand that somehow never was remade when Fintzy took over the vocalduties(except in a live version on their full-length).

Weekend warriors serves a couple of hits on their side and my favourite is 13 hours a day that sports a great chorus. Other great tracks are Date rape Richie and the Pogues cover Streams of whiskey and with the whole band singing along it creates an intresting version.

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