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söndag 18 april 2010

Varios artists - The south philly streetfight 7'' (2001)

01. Limecell - The lariat
02. Serial killers - Abdullah the butcher
03. The bad vibes - Invader #1 must die (Cocknoose cover)
04. TCCIR - The body rules

Came as a free gift with issue 19 of the magazine Carbon 14.

Ok so an American punkrock/wrestling/redneck magazine gave this away as a free gift and somehow a guy from the Netherlands got ahold of it. Later on his wife wanted him to get ridd of some old records from the garage and it ended up in this greedy Swede's little hands. All bands are from Philly and all songs on the record are either tributes or disses to wrestlers (dont know even one of them). Im not the slighest intrested in wrestling or the culture that comes with it but punksongs about wrestlers seems to be right up my alley judging from this record (even if that announcer before every song disturbes the hell out of me).
Limecells contribution is actually the worst song on the record (and not the reason to why i bought it).
Second track is by the legendary horror-rockers in Serial killers (where underground heroes in the 80's). They play early punkrock and make a tribute to some unbeatable guy named Abdullah with lyrics like "he is big, he is bad, he is black and he is mean" haha. This band doesnt fit in on my site but you can download one of their albums on this blogg, you wont regret it.
Third track is by punkrockers The bad vibes and their covering a track by my alltime redneck favourites Cocknoose. As much as i love Cocknoose i must say they actually do the song better then the original. (if you like this song you can download The bad vibes entire "career" for free at the bands website)
Last but not least its The cosmic commander's intergalactic rockestra's turn. The singer off this band is the "announcer" before the other tracks and from what i understand he is a wrestlermanager by the name of... The cosmic commander of wrestling. They play rock'n'roll and they play it good and if The cosmic commander manages as good as he sings i would watch out for his boys in the ring.
Even if this record doesnt really fit in on a blogg about Oi! i just had to upload it. A must have!

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