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söndag 18 april 2010

Limecell & Savage 3-D - Split 7'' (1996)

01. Limecell - Gingerbread man
02. Limecell - Part of the herd
03. Savage 3-D - Turned off
04. Savage 3-D - Under your thumb

Released by Ruff-nite records in 1996.

Limecell really took some time on creating this cover. I mean they baked the cockies and then arranged them in sadistic ways you just gotta love dedication like that haha.
Limecells side is great and both tracks are 100% exclusive to this split. Their second song Part of the herd is an instant classic with hard slamming drums and great lyrics to match.
The B-side is split with an American female fronted punkrock band by the name of Savage 3-D. Never heard of them before i bought this split and to my knowledge this is the only release they ever did. Not really my thing and the singer really bugs me going from up and down in voice like some bad copy of early Nirvana. They also thought it was a great idea to put an echo on her singing everytime she yells. Not a good idea.

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