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torsdag 22 april 2010

Broken heroes - I told u once (2005)

01. Sick
02. Wont pay your way
03. PC bastards
04. Police brutality
05. Skinhead rock 'n' roll
06. Overnight love affair
07. Traction bars 'n' mullets into
08. Traction bars 'n' mullets
09. Punk rock junkie
10. Why must the good die young (Version. 2)
11. Bulldog
12. My day
13. Everybody get stoopid (Jump for Oi!)
14. No friend o' mine
15. Smashing hippies
16. Hidden live track 1
17. Hidden live track 2
18. Hidden live track 3

Released by Street anthem records in 2005.

A damn ugly cd cover and damn confusing tracklist (had to actually split songs into half after ripping it and it created 50 songs for me haha). Same line-up as on the Toughskins split but with some intresting guest apperances i dont think many know about (more on that later).

This was supposed to be their more mature and advanced record but for me it was a big letdown. Nothing is bad and all members are tight on their instruments but i had really high hopes for this one and to be honest most good songs i already had on other releases. One great new track is PC bastards about....... PC bastards, and also Bulldog keeps up the tempo that i always loved BH for. Best tracks are Smashing hippies and the classic Skinhead rock 'n' roll that was the intro to the first Backstreets of American Oi! and this is a track that they have actually remade better then the original version. Another remade song is Why must the good die young that warps into some mad skatune in the end featuring Travis Nelson from Hub city stompers.
They have also thrown in 3 hidden livetracks (Understand, My day, No friend o' mine) on the record from some livegig where the drummer Quincy Kirk (from Murphys law) is performing alongside BH.

This record is good proof that musical development and good production dont always result in better music. After this release both Ryan Bamford and Brian Ramsey would leave the band.

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