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fredag 16 april 2010

Wave format anyone?

I have now put together the Stanton, downloaded the software needed and started ripping some of my old records (last 6 hours was spent ripping to be exact), a damn funny thing to do on a friday of from work (not). Since my speakers are broken im ripping deaf (i dont know how it sounds untill im done with the ripp) and since many bands do one side to play in 33 speed and the other side in 45 speed its a trial and error kind of project. Anyway i compared the quality on the ripps i did and found that the mp3's didnt stand a chance against the wav formats.
I decided that i will rip all vinyl into wav in the future. This results in way bigger files, a 7'' will come to about 70-80 MB instead off the normal 10-15 MB that it would be in mp3. Since storage-capacity isnt a problem for anyone with a somewhat new computer i hope you all are on my side on this one.
If not then comment and let me know if you would like it in MP3 instead.
//Bernando de Åliando

9 kommentarer:

  1. quality not mass production

  2. i second that. mp3 is only good at 320 kbit/s.

  3. Hi! I`m big fan of your blog!

    Maybe youcan try this
    It could make your edit easier.

    by the way,if you upload Arresting Officer,why not the New glory(ex-the Uprise).

    They made the classic peice too!
    Also the drummer of both bands now plays in NYHC band called Everyday dollars and they covers the song of the old Uprise classic!

    please check it out!

    love from Tokyo

  4. Thanks for the link 4-eyes.
    Yes i will upload New glory eventually. Since their record is quite common and somewhat easy to get ahold off they are not a priority though.
    Damn nice to see i got readers fom the old empire(thanks for giving us bands like Sledgehammer)

  5. You could just rip at 320 kbs also i don't think you can scrobble .wav files to last.fm but i might be wrong.. it doesn't matter anyways :p

  6. I perfer .mp3 so I can tag the ID3v2 data. But do it how you want to. I can convert em.

  7. I agree, converting is easy. Hell, put 'em up @128...I'm not gonna bitch about free shit. ;)

  8. I'm all for the lossless vinyl rips, but you should rip & then convert them to flac. Flac is still lossless but smaller than wav.

    And for anyone who argues mp3s vs. flac/lossless, it's all preference. There is a difference between flac & 320 mp3 on a good or high-end stereo system. Just 'cause you can't hear it doesn't mean it isn't there. Maybe the difference is immaterial for you, but that is your preference.

    I'd love it if you shared wav or flac vinyl rips. I'm happy you share to begin with. I have almost all the vinyl you've been sharing but I no longer have a record player and cna't rip the music myself. So I appreciate your efforts and will take whatever you upload. But if you ask me, I'd recommend flac/lossless files. People can always download & convert to mp3 themselves.

    - tdc

  9. and flac files are taggable.

    - tdc